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Allen Guelzo’s Walk Through the Civil War, Part 2

  Hat tip to Brooks Simpson.  Dr. Guelzo is a great lecturer.  I have two sets of his DVDs from The Teaching Company.

Lincoln’s Code: The Laws of War in American History

This is a terrific book.  Its main subject is the Lieber Code, promulgated by Abraham Lincoln as General Orders No. 100 which, while approved on April 24, 1863, was released in May of that year.  The author, John Fabian Witt, puts the Lieber Code in its historical perspective, discussing the evolution of the Laws of War and […]


Too bad I don’t have a clip of Alex Trebek saying it. Here are some smaller items of interest. First, as promised earlier, here’s Steven Hahn’s Fortenbaugh Lecture from earlier this month. Next up, Susan Schulten writes about the maps used in “Lincoln.” Speaking of Lincoln, here’s Allen C. Guelzo’s review. Matthew Pinsker weighs in […]

Did the States Reserve a Right to Secede?

You’ve no doubt read this claim before.  Someone makes the claim that Virginia, New York, and Rhode Island reserved a right to secede in their ratification of the US Constitution.  A look at the ratifications of each of those states shows clearly such a claim is baseless. Let’s take Virginia:  “Do in the name and […]

The Art of Wars

Art is a friend of us students of the war.  The biggest reason for this is that it helps us visualize what happened.  Some artists drew during the war itself, and later turned their sketches into paintings.  Folks like Alfred Waud, his brother, William,  Winslow Homer, Edwin Forbes, and Conrad Wise Chapman created images that are […]

The Heritage Instead of History Crowd Shows Their Ignorance Again

I found this gem on the group Brooks Simpson calls, “The Gift That Keeps On Giving.”  My comments in brackets [] and underlined. Just a few things I’m sure Spielburg didn’t mention in his movie… ——————– [An admission he hasn’t seen the movie (setting aside the fact that he can’t spell Spielberg’s name correctly) and […]

More Comments on Spielberg’s Lincoln

The media, including the internet generally and the blogosphere in particular, has been positively buzzing with reactions to the new movie, “Lincoln,” directed by Steven Spielberg.  My own comments are here. Kate Masur had some critical comments on the portrayal of African-Americans in the movie here.  Answering Masur fairly decisively, in my opinion, is Hari Jones […]