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September Surprise

This book by Dennis Frye is a look at Robert E. Lee’s Maryland campaign. That summer, Lincoln was dealing with the slavery issue. He was a proponent of emancipation followed by voluntary colonization, but financing it would be a challenge. “Relocation costs concerned the president, but even more troubling was the escalating price of the […]

1862 Virginia Peninsula Campaign

Here’s Professor Paul Quigley of Virginia Tech giving an excellent talk on the soldier experience of the Peninsula Campaign. The video’s description reads, “Virginia Center for Civil War Studies director Paul Quigley talked about the soldier experience during the 1862 Peninsula Campaign, a Union attempt to capture the Confederate capitol of Richmond. The Virginia Center for Civil […]

National Park Service Announces Schedule for Gettysburg 160th Anniversary

The National Park Service announced the schedule of their programs for the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Daily Ranger Guided Programs & Events (July 1 – 3, 2023) David Wills House Museum (Open 1 p.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday – Monday)Explore the home of David and Catherine Wills and visit the place where Abraham […]

Lessons Learned from the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864

This article comes to us from the September, 2021 issue of Military History magazine. “By the summer of 1864 the three-year Union naval campaign to blockade Southern ports and choke off the Confederacy was at its zenith. Mobile, Ala., was one of only two major ports—along with Wilmington, N.C.—left to the Rebels. Tennessee-born David Glasgow Farragut […]

Joe Hooker Was an Ineffectual General, But Does He Deserve Credit for Transforming the Union Cavalry?

This article by Scott Hartwig comes from the May, 2023 issue of America’s Civil War magazine. “The Army of the Potomac’s cavalry received a much-needed reorganization when Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker assumed command of the Union’s largest army in the winter of 1863, transforming from a collection of mounted brigades to a formal Cavalry Corps. […]

‘Why? I Mean, We Won’: The Century-Long Battle Over This Confederate Flag

This April, 2023 story deals with the captured 28th Virginia battle flag in Minnesota’s possession. “Nearly 160 years later, a fight remains between the North and the South and it’s not over state’s rights or slavery. It’s over a flag. ‘This is a story about one of those intense little ghost battles that continue to spin […]

Sacred Trust 2023

The Gettysburg Foundation posted the schedule for this year’s Sacred Trust series of lectures at the Gettysburg National Military Park. It kicks off with a musical program on the evening of June 30. The July 1 schedule is: 9:30 a.m. | “Small but Important Riots: The Cavalry Battles of Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville – Thirty […]

Tactical Arrogance: British Military Disasters In The Wilderness, 1755-1777

This is Professor David Preston discussing British disasters during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution caused due to their underestimating their opponents and overestimating their own tactical situation. The video’s description reads, “Defeat is a possibility in almost any undertaking. Understanding how to turn failures into lessons learned is a key contributing […]

Kill Zone: Union Artillery at the Battle of Stones River

This article appeared in the March, 2021 issue of America’s Civil War magazine. “Braxton Bragg seemed satisfied as a bloody day of combat wound down outside Murfreesboro, Tenn., on December 31, 1862. The Army of Tennessee commander was confident that when dawn broke on New Year’s Day, his opponent, Union Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans, would […]

The Civil War Center Podcast: The Summer of 1864

This podcast has a terrific interview with Professor Brooks D. Simpson on the Overland Campaign. The episode’s description reads, “Today, Dr. Brooks Simpson of Arizona State University joins us to discuss the summer of 1864. Dr. Simpson has written many books on the Civil War and is currently a professor at the university. In this […]