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John Buford at Gettysburg

Here’s historian Eric Wittenberg leading an excellent tour of sites related to Brigadier General John Buford’s actions at Gettysburg.

Civil War Institute Fall Program Day Three

The third and final day of the Civil War Institute’s fall program was a terrific experience. We began with Ranger Dan Vermilyea discussing the North Carolina monument. He discussed the unveiling of the monument and the speeches at the unveiling. The monument was draped with the American Flag prior to its unveiling. Next, Supervisory Ranger […]

Civil War Institute Fall Program Day Two

Day Two began our field programs. We started out following the 26th North Carolina in its attack on the 24th Michigan of the Iron Brigade. Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey began the program. We were on the grounds of the Harman Farm, and Dr. Luskey told us the rest of the story of how Emmanuel Harman […]

The Civil War in the Western Territories

This book by Ray C. Colton looks at the actions in the territories that became the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Most of these actions were the result of a confederate invasion into the territories. “Confederate leaders planned to annex a corridor from the Rio Grande in Texas to the Pacific Coast […]

#MoreHistory2021 at Gettysburg

Today, September 18, was the #MoreHistory2021 event. Gettysburg National Military Park participated. The first location was at Tour Stop 6, Pitzer’s Woods, near the Mississippi and Louisiana monuments. Rangers Chris Gwinn and Barbara Sanders were there with some primary sources. Included was an excerpt from Mississippi’s Declaration of Causes for Secession, identifying protection of slavery […]

Former Friends – Union General Hancock and Confederate General Armistead

In this presentation, Tom McMillan discusses what he found out about the relationship between Major General Winfield Scott Hancock and the confederate brigade commander Lewis Armistead. The video’s description reads, “Author Tom McMillan told the story of how the Civil War divided two former friends, Union General Winfield Scott Hancock and Confederate General Lewis Armistead. The Gettysburg Heritage […]

The Peach Orchard at the Battle of Gettysburg

Here’s Jim Hessler giving a presentation based on his latest book. He wrote the book on Sickles at Gettysburg, and this presentation seemed like a rehash of that book. I was hoping he’d get more into the troop movements and the actual fighting and what happened during the attack. Instead, it was about Sickles. Still, […]

CWTR Episode 1732: Meade at Gettysburg: A Study in Command

Here’s a really good discussion between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Kent Masterson Brown, on Mr. Brown’s latest book, Meade at Gettysburg: A Study in Command.

Antietam National Battlefield 2021 Battle Anniversary Schedule

The good folks at the Antietam National Battlefield have published their 2021 anniversary schedule. Thursday, September 16th Prelude to Battle – A battlefield hike that will look at the events that unfolded throughout the afternoon and evening of September 16, 1862. Meet at the New York State Monument, 6pm, for this 90 minute hike. Friday, September […]

Finding the Source, with Kenneth Noe: Weather, Climate, and the American Civil War

Here is an excellent conversation between Professor Peter Carmichael, Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey, and Professor Ken Noe on Professor Noe’s latest book, The Howling Storm, dealing with the effects of weather during the Civil War.