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1864 Civil War Overland Campaign

Here’s Brian Matthew Jordan of Sam Houston University giving a lecture on the 1864 Overland Campaign. You can tell he’s one of David Blight’s students. He’s absorbed Professor Blight’s lecture style. The video’s description reads, “Sam Houston State University professor Brian Matthew Jordan taught a class about the Civil War’s Overland Campaign, which took place […]

The Gleam of Bayonets

I recently reread this book by James Murfin. It covers the Maryland Campaign of 1862, centering on the Battle of Antietam. The book is dated, originally released in 1965, but it is one of what had been the few monographs that had been available on the battle. In his Foreword, Murfin wrote, “Lee invaded Maryland in […]

Sixteenth Maine at Gettysburg

This is a pretty good video from Maine Public Broadcasting on the 16th Maine at the Battle of Gettysburg. Their brave sacrifice on July 1, 1863 has become the stuff of legend. You can access the video here.

The Second Bull Run Campaign

This book by David G. Martin is a nice introduction to and overview of the Second Bull Run [aka Manassas] campaign. After the end of Jackson’s Valley Campaign, President Abraham Lincoln “saw the error of his ways, the fact that the lack of a unified command structure in the Shenandoah Valley area had been one […]

Return to Bull Run

This excellent book from John Hennessy is the best book on the Second Bull Run [Manassas] campaign in August of 1862. It’s deeply researched, well sourced, and engagingly written. It’s filled with terrific information, not just about the battle but about the participants as well. For example, we learn this about Union Major General John […]

The Battle of Franklin, TN | The Ramay – Macatee Lecture Series at Historic Granbury Opera House

Here’s Professor Steven Woodworth of TCU giving an excellent talk on the Battle of Franklin. The video’s description reads, “Ramey-Macatee Lecture Series featuring Dr. Stephen Woodworth speaking on Gen. Hood and Gen. Granbury and their roles at The Battle of Franklin, TN. Dr. Stephen Woodworth, Professor of History at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, […]

Debacle at Balls Bluff: The Battle that Changed the War (Lecture)

Here’s Supervisory Ranger Chris Gwinn giving a typically excellent presentation as part of the 2017 Gettysburg National Military Park’s Winter Lecture Series. This presentation covers the Battle of Balls Bluff. The video’s description reads, “On October 21st, 1861, Union and Confederate forces fought a bloody battle outside of Leesburg, Virginia. The Union defeat that resulted […]