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Pickett’s Charge: The Second Wave

Here’s Ranger Troy Harman from this past year’s winter lecture series at the Gettysburg National Military Park giving a compelling case for the second wave of Pickett’s Charge.

Michael McDonnell, The History of History Writing

In this Ben Franklin’s World podcast, host Liz Covart speaks with historian Michael McDonnell of the University of Sydney on historiography and how historians use it in their work, as well as why it’s important for us students to understand it. Here’s what we’ll learn: What You’ll Discover Charles-Michel Mouet de Langlade Langlade’s Native American […]

Happy Birthday to the National Park Service

The National Park Service is 100 years old. I encourage everyone to celebrate by visiting a national park. While you’re there, thank a ranger for all they do.

Civil War Alabama

Here’s a pretty good interview on Civil War Talk Radio with Christopher Lyle McIlwain  on his book about the Civil War in Alabama. This is actually the first of two planned volumes. Host Gerry Prokopowicz and Mr. McIlwain do a great job in this discussion. This is a sorely needed update of a study of the […]

Armed Racists in Houston Block NAACP Offices–Guess What Their Preferred Symbol Is

You guessed it. We get the story here, here, here, and here of armed racists brandishing weapons and confederate flag symbols of white supremacist hatred staged a protest outside the Houston National Association for the Advancement of Colored People headquarters. “Roughly 20 people showed up on Sunday, some with the red flag and assault rifles, […]

Podcast: Nina Silber on Reunion and Reconciliation

Here’s a fantastic discussion with Professor Nina Silber on her partly historiographical article in the June 2016 issue of the Journal of American History regarding Reunion and Reconciliation. She discusses the latest scholarship on reunion and reconciliation and gives us some terrific insights. She’s been thinking about what reunion meant and the difference between reunion and […]

Richard Brookhiser, Founders’ Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln

Here’s another Ben Franklin’s World podcast. Host Liz Covart talks with Richard Brookhiser about the life and views of Abraham Lincoln. Here’s what we’ll learn, according to the podcast’s website: What You’ll Discover How historians research ideas When and how Lincoln first encountered the legacies of the founding fathers Which founders most influenced Lincoln and […]

The Landscape of Civil War Commemoration

Here’s an interesting map showing the growth of Civil War monumentation in the US in the years after the Civil War. You can access it here.  

Peter Drummey, How Archives Work

If you’re a serious student of the war, or any aspect of history, or even if you’re an aspiring historian, you’ll need to eventually find your way into some archives to do research. In this podcast, Liz Covart interviews Peter Drummey, an archivist and the Stephen T. Riley Librarian at the Massachusetts Historical Society. According to […]

Andrew Johnson’s Legacy Still The Center Of Debate

I came across this story regarding the legacy of one of the worst presidents, in my opinion, this country has ever had. In this story we learn, “Many historians adopted a negative view of the ex-president in the years that followed the Civil War, mostly for his handling of Reconstruction. Historian William Dunning, a leader […]