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History of Impeachment

Here’s a discussion about the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, the near-impeachment of Richard Nixon, and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Historian Jon Meacham discusses the Andrew Johnson impeachment. The video’s description reads, “The co-authors of Impeachment: An American History talked about the only three presidential impeachment proceedings ever conducted: those involving Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. Participants were […]

Reconstruction and Jim Crow Laws

Here’s Dr. Henry Louis Gates at the National Constitution Center talking about Reconstruction and moving on to the Jim Crow era. It’s pretty good. The video’s description reads, “Historian Henry Louis Gates talked about Reconstruction, which lasted from the end of the Civil War until 1877, the amendments passed during this time to promote equality for African […]

The Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant

This outstanding book comes to us from the pen of Professor Charles W. Calhoun, the Thomas Harriot College Distinguished Professor of History emeritus at East Carolina University. Professor Calhoun dispels myths that have grown up around the Grant Presidency because he didn’t parrot what other historians said about Grant. Instead, he went back to the […]

Reconstruction, one of the most misunderstood chapters in American history

By now, many of you may have seen the very good new documentary on Reconstruction hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably heard of it. Here is a story from “CBS This Morning” which aired prior to the documentary. ” ‘It was a time of unparalleled hope,’ said Harvard […]

Professor Buzzkill: Jesse James and the Civil War

This is actually Jesse James and the Civil War and Reconstruction. This is a very good podcast discussion based on T. J. Stiles’ outstanding book, Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War. This episode’s description reads, “Was Jesse James a famous ‘western outlaw’ or is the story more complicated than that? Listen as Professor […]

Ulysses Grant’s Failed Attempt to Grant Native Americans Citizenship

Continuing the theme of Ulysses Grant’s birthday, we consider this article from Smithsonian. The article tells us, “Grant maintained that the millions of Catholic and Jewish immigrants pouring into the country should be welcomed as American citizens, as should the men, women, and children just set free from slavery during the Civil War. And, at […]

Rethinking President Grant

Ulysses S. Grant was born April 27, 1822. To help celebrate his birthday, I give you a two-part look at Grant’s presidency from National Review. Part One is here, and Part Two is here. The article tells us, “If history is just current events plus time, then biased and unfair history is bad journalism plus time. […]