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The 15th Amendment Was Ratified 150 Years Ago, but the Fight to Protect Black Voters Continues

This article by freelance journalist Jameelah Nasheed typifies the occasional series at Teen Vogue covering aspects of US history from a nonwhite perspective. It’s good to see this magazine taking on such excellent topics. It starts with a pretty good summary fitting the right to vote with Reconstruction. “On February 3, 1870 — 150 years ago […]

Gary Gallagher – “Was Reconstruction a Lost Moment?”

I always look for and enjoy lectures by Professor Gary Gallagher. He’s always terrific. This is another outstanding lecture from Dr. Gallagher. The video’s description reads, ” ‘Was Reconstruction a Lost Moment? Understanding the Connection Between Union War Aims and Postwar Realities’ Lecture sponsored by the UCLA Center for Liberal Arts and Free Institutions (CLAFI) […]

Teaching Reconstruction

This is a panel at the 2019 Southern Historical Association Meeting on teaching Reconstruction history. Professor Aaron Sheehan-Dean of LSU moderated. The panelists were Profesor David Prior of the University of New Mexico, Professor Dana Byrd of Bowdoin College, Professor Amy Murrell Taylor of the University of Kentucky, and Professor Learotha Williams of Tennessee State […]

Justice Joseph Bradley and the Fourteenth Amendment

This is Professor Pamela Brandwein of the University of Michigan’s Political Science Department speaking about Justice Joseph Bradley and his dissent in the Slaughterhouse Cases and his view of the 14th Amendment. The video’s description reads, “University of Michigan Politics Professor Pamela Brandwein discussed Justice Bradley’s dissent in the Slaughterhouse Cases, which concerned New Orleans butchers’ right […]

The Second Founding

Here’s Professor Eric Foner discussing the Reconstruction Amendments. As always, he’s excellent. The video’s description reads, “Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Eric Foner talked about his book, The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution, in which he looked at the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments added to the Constitution during the Reconstruction Era.”


Here’s an excellent episode of “Backstory” with Professor Eric Foner discussing the Reconstruction Amendments with host Professor Edward Ayers. You can access the program here.

Civil War Talk Radio Episode1606: Private Confederacies

Here’s a really good interview on “Civil War Talk Radio” between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz of East Carolina University and guest Professor James Broomall of Shepherd University and the Director of the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War regarding Dr. Broomall’s latest book, Private Confederacies: The Emotional Worlds of Southern […]