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African American Life in Philadelphia

Here’s Professor Judy Giesberg of Villanova University again speaking about African-Americans in Philadelphia in the Civil War Era and in Reconstruction. This is a good presentation. The video’s description reads, “Judith Giesberg talked about what life was like for African Americans in Philadelphia during and after the Civil War. She described how many former slaves took out […]

14th Amendment Enforcement and U.S. Military

Here’s Professor Michael Vorenberg of Brown University giving a presentation to the U.S. Capitol Historical Society on the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the enforcement of the 14th Amendment. He gets into the war powers of Congress and how Congress continued exercising war powers long after not only Appomattox but also Andrew Johnson’s 1866 […]

Reconstruction and Civil Rights

Here’s Professor Eric Foner of Columbia University speaking at the U.S. Capitol Historical Society’s 2017 symposium. The video’s description reads, “Eric Foner talked about the challenges of establishing civil rights for freedmen in the Reconstruction period and beyond. This talk was part of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society’s annual symposium.” This is a truly outstanding presentation. […]

Horatio Bateman’s “Recontruction” Engraving

Here is Professor Brook Thomas of the University of California-Irvine’s English Department giving us an analysis of the “Reconstruction” engraving produced by the artist Horatio Bateman. The video’s description reads, “Professor Brook Thomas talked about the imagery and context of Horatio Bateman’s 1867 engraving called ‘Reconstruction.’ The highly detailed work is a utopian allegory of […]

John Bingham and the 14th Amendment

This is a discussion regarding John Bingham, the congressman who framed the 14th Amendment. It’s a pretty dry discussion among several law professors and a U.S. Representative, but it does have some good information. The video’s description reads, “On the centennial anniversary of John Bingham, historians and scholars discussed his life and career. The late congressman […]

How the Civil War Shaped the Modern Constitution

Here’s Judge Thomas Logue giving a presentation during Alumni Week at Dickinson College [he’s an alumnus of the Dickinson Class of 1977] on the Civil War as a Constitutional crisis and how the war affected the Constitution. The video’s description says, “Judge Thomas Logue (Dickinson College Class of ’77) of the Florida Court of Appeal […]

Reunion Without Compromise

This book by Michael Perman considers Southern views of Presidential Reconstruction and the early years of Congressional Reconstruction. In the Preface, he tells us, “The post-war status and position of the Confederacy’s political leadership was what Northern policy-makers believed reunion and reconstruction were all about. Should the post-bellum South continue to be led by the […]