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Grand Army of the Republic Veterans and Integration

Here’s Professor Barbara Gannon speaking about the Union veterans group, the Grand Army of the Republic, after the Civil War and how they remembered the war. This is another presentation from this past summer’s symposium at Pamplin Park featuring a group of all women historians. The video’s description reads, “Author Barbara Gannon talks about her book, The […]

Andrew Johnson

Here’s Professor Annette Gordon-Reed discussing the life of Andrew Johnson, one of the worst presidents this country has had. This is an excellent presentation. The video’s description reads, “Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annette Gordon-Reed presents a biography of the 17th president of the United States, Andrew Johnson (1865-1869). A Southern Democrat who remained aligned with the Union, Johnson was Abraham Lincoln’s […]

The 1868 Florida State Constitution

Here’s a discussion with Professor Robert Cassanello of the University of Central Florida and Julian Chambliss, a professor of English at Michigan State University about the 1868 Florida Constitution and its impact on Reconstruction in that state. There is some really good information here. You can access the podcast here.

Amerikan Rambler Podcast Episode 117: John C. Rodrigue

In this episode, host Colin Woodward talks with Professor John C. Rodrigue about his career, about historians he’s known, about Abraham Lincoln, and about Reconstruction. If you’re not interested in the personal aspects of Professor Rodrigue’s life and career, you can skip the first fifty-six minutes of the conversation. You can access the podcast here.

Crucible of the Civil War

This is a very good book of essays edited by Edward L. Ayers, Gary W. Gallagher, and Andrew J. Torget. Essentially, one might say it’s a collection of essays produced by the history graduate program at the University of Virginia. Each of the contributors either is/was a professor at UVa or received their Ph.D. at […]

America’s First Great Struggle for Racial Equality: 2018 National Book Festival

Here’s Brooks Simpson and Isabel Wilkerson discussing their most recent books with journalist Clarence Page at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. The video’s description reads, “Brooks D. Simpson presents ‘Reconstruction: Voices from America’s First Great Struggle for Racial Equality’ and Isabel Wilkerson presents ‘The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s […]

The 14th Amendment and Birthright Citizenship

Our tin-plated wanna-be dictator phony patriot, phony Christian, white supremacist president says he is thinking of ending birthright citizenship for children of immigrants who are in the United States without authorization via an executive order. You can see the story here. “President Trump plans to sign an executive order that would remove the right to citizenship […]