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The Last Lincoln Republican

Here’s Benjamin “Todd” Arrington discussing his book, The Last Lincoln Republican, about James A. Garfield. The video’s description reads, “If President James Garfield had not been assassinated, would he have pursued post-Civil War Reconstruction policies intended by Abraham Lincoln? Benjamin Arrington addressed that question in a virtual talk hosted by the White House Historical Association. Mr. Arrington is […]

The Abolitionist’s Journal

Journalist James Richardson discusses his book, which is the journal of his ancestor, George Richardson, an abolitionist who participated in the Underground Railroad, served as a chaplain in a USCT regiment in Tennessee, and after the war taught in a school for freed people in Texas. He makes a couple of, let’s say questionable, statements, […]

The Record of Murders and Outrages

This short book from Professor William Blair discusses the effort by the US Government, primarily the Freedmen’s Bureau, to document the racist terrorism inflicted by former confederate soldiers and other white southerners against African Americans and white Republicans in the former rebel states. As he writes, “The thousands of pages that makEve up the records […]

PBS “The Neutral Ground”: The Lost Cause

This excerpt from the PBS program, “The Neutral Ground,” looks at the beginnings of the lost cause lie. You can access the video here.

The Long Shadow of the Civil War

This book by Professor Victoria Bynum looks at anticonfederate southerners living in the confederate states and their struggle against confederate authority. She tells us, “The Civil War home front schisms presented in this book demonstrate the extraordinary power of kinship, family, and community in people’s lives. In protecting what was closest to them–loved ones, land, […]

Reexamining the Reconstruction era with Kidada Williams: podcast and transcript

This is an outstanding discussion between Chris Hayes and his guest, Professor Kidada Williams, about Professor Williams’ new book, I Saw Death Coming: A History of Terror and Survival in the War Against Reconstruction. You can access the podcast and its transcript here.

CWRT Episode 1904: The Record of Murders and Outrages: Racial Violence and the Fight over Truth at the Dawn of Reconstruction

Here’s an excellent interview between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Professor William Blair on Professor Blair’s recent book, The Record of Murders and Outrages.

The Second Founding

This excellent book by Professor Eric Foner discusses the Reconstruction Amendments, which are the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. He tells us, “The Civil War and the Reconstruction period that followed form the pivotal era of American history. The war destroyed the institution of slavery, ensured the survival of the Union, and set in motion […]

Clinton Massacre Of 1875: Four Days Of Violence Ushered In ‘Mississippi Plan’ To Halt Black Vote

I found this article from 2021 discussing the Clinton Massacre during Reconstruction. “A parade, political speeches about the upcoming November election, a barbecue picnic, music and ice cream: Sept. 4, 1875, dawned clear and promised Black residents of the idyllic Mississippi college town of Clinton, Mississippi, a fine day to enjoy the Republican Party rally on […]

The Complicity of the Textbooks

I found this essay by Professor Eric Foner. “Like most works of history, W.E.B. Du Bois’s Black Reconstruction in America concludes with a bibliography listing primary and other sources consulted by the author. Most of the groupings are unexceptional—for example, monographs, government reports, and biographies. But Du Bois’s first and largest category comes as a shock to […]