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Lessons of Reconstruction: A Panel Discussion

Senator Bernie Sanders hosted this discussion about Reconstruction with Professor Eric Foner, Professor Keeanga-Yamahata Taylor, and Professor Cornel West. It highlights how many of the issues of Reconstruction are relevant to today’s world.

States Are Dropping the Ball On Reconstruction Education

The folks at the Zinn Education Project produced this report on the state of Reconstruction education in our country today. Spoiler alert: we’re not doing so well. “Even as ongoing crises with obvious links to the Reconstruction era continue to reinforce its significance today, most people living in the United States know shockingly little about […]

‘The Lost Cause in Some Ways Won the Civil War’

This is a pretty good interview with Dr. Keri Leigh Merritt comparing Reconstruction with Trumpism. Here are some highlights: “I think what’s happening today definitely has its roots in the mid–19th century. And obviously, we’re not the only historians to say this, or to be saying it for the last five years; as you were […]

The Past, the Promise Episode 33: Season II, Episode IV: Ulysses S. Grant and the Ku Klux Klan Act

This is an outstanding podcast featuring interviews with Professor Yohuru Williams and Dr. Megan Kate Nelson on US Grant and the KKK Act during Reconstruction. Dr. Jeffrey Engel and Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky host the podcast. The episode’s writeup tells us, “But what happened after the Union shattered? It’s not easy to put the pieces of […]

The Romance of the Reunion

This book by Professor Nina Silber derives from her dissertation. She tells us, “This book is about [the] conciliatory culture that blossomed in the late nineteenth century [between the sections of the country]. More specifically, it is about the idea of reunion as it was imagined, and occasionally acted upon, mostly by northerners and especially […]

Arizona Republican Idiots Dream Up Their Own Racist Version of Reconstruction

A Twitter account calling itself “Republicans United of Arizona” shows its complete historical ignorance by creating a fabricated version of Reconstruction that also shows the account’s racism. It begins with this tweet: As longtime readers of this blog know, this rendition has no basis in fact when it makes the claim about what Reconstruction was; […]

Ulysses S. Grant and the Electoral Crisis of 1876-77

Here is a great essay by Professor Brooks D. Simpson regarding the role President Ulysses S. Grant played in the election that resulted in Rutherford B. Hayes being elected. He tells us, “contemporary observers recognized that the President played a critical role in shaping the course of events during the electoral dispute. Unlike some other […]

The Dunning School is Alive and Well and Living Among the Ignorati

So conservatives don’t have a racism problem you say? This article contradicts you. Helen Andrews of The American Conservative, whose sole training in history is a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, year unknown, resurrects the discredited, racist Dunning school of Reconstruction historiography. She writes, “The wholesale reinterpretation of history around a left-wing narrative about race, […]

The Reconstruction Era

Here’s a discussion about the Reconstruction era with Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. The video’s description reads, “Former Charleston, South Carolina Mayor Joseph Riley and professor Kerry Taylor co-taught a course at The Citadel military college looking at why a new African American history museum is being built in the city. They were joined by Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates […]

The Legacy of Black Reconstruction

This article by Professor Robert Greene discusses the classic work on Reconstruction, W. E .B. Du Bois’s Black Reconstruction in America. Professor Greene writes, “it was Du Bois’s attempt to ‘demolish the lie about Negroes in their most important and creative period of history.’ According to the dominant telling, depicted in popular works like Birth of […]