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Open Phones on the Reconstruction

Here’s a discussion with Professor Kate Masur of Northwestern University regarding Reconstruction. She took calls from viewers following the airing of a panel discussion on Reconstruction held in Beaufort, South Carolina. Advertisements

Slate Academy and Reconstruction

Slate Academy has a series on Reconstruction that is pretty good. You can start checking it out here.

U.S. From Reconstruction to the Progressive Era

Here’s Professor Peter Kastor of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, giving a pretty good lecture on the US from Reconstruction to the Progressive Era. The video’s description reads, “Professor Peter Kastor talked about how the United States changed from the post-Civil War Reconstruction period to the Progressive era in the early 20th century. He highlighted […]

Custer’s Trials

This is a wonderful book by T. J. Stiles. It was a pleasure to read, both because it was engagingly written and because the author doesn’t confine himself to simple biography but instead places the subject within the context of the times, giving us in essence a history of the part of the United States […]

Ex Parte McCardle

The citation for this case is 73 US [6 Wal.] 318, followed by 74 US [7 Wal.] 504. In Mississippi in 1867, by order of Maj. Gen. E. O. C. Ord and Maj. Gen. Alvin C. Gillem, William H. McCardle, a newspaper editor in Vicksburg, Mississippi, was arrested on charge of “publishing libelous editorials that […]

African American Life in Philadelphia

Here’s Professor Judy Giesberg of Villanova University again speaking about African-Americans in Philadelphia in the Civil War Era and in Reconstruction. This is a good presentation. The video’s description reads, “Judith Giesberg talked about what life was like for African Americans in Philadelphia during and after the Civil War. She described how many former slaves took out […]

14th Amendment Enforcement and U.S. Military

Here’s Professor Michael Vorenberg of Brown University giving a presentation to the U.S. Capitol Historical Society on the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the enforcement of the 14th Amendment. He gets into the war powers of Congress and how Congress continued exercising war powers long after not only Appomattox but also Andrew Johnson’s 1866 […]