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American Students Barely Know Anything About Reconstruction

I came across this essay by Rotimi Adeoye of the ACLU looking about how American students don’t get educated about Reconstruction the way they should. “Schools need to be a whole lot more honest with America’s students. If we don’t teach students about the past, we aren’t equipping them with the tools to succeed in the future. […]

Civil War Institute Day Three

Our first activity today was a panel discussion on James Longstreet featuring Jeffry Wert, Professor Carol Reardon, and Professor Gary Gallagher, moderated by Professor Peter Carmichael. Professor Reardon made the point that the Civil War generation had little concept of what strategy actually was. The consensus seemed to be Longstreet was an excellent corps commander, […]

Civil War Institute Day Two

Most of today’s activities were filmed by C-SPAN. I’ll post the videos once they air. We began with concurrent sessions. I chose to attend Peter Vermilyea’s presentation on the Pipe Creek Plan. His position is that Meade developed the Pipe Creek Plan as a contingency plan, and he did a very good job with it. […]

Civil War Institute Day One

The Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College began its summer symposium today. Our first presenter was Jake Wynn of Visit Frederick giving a well received presentation on “The Bloody Work at the Field Hospital.” We learned contrary to popular belief, use of anesthetics in the Civil War was common. In fact, anesthetics were used in […]

Rehearsal for Reconstruction

This award-winning book by the late professor Willie Lee Rose, published in 1964, looks at the Port Royal Experiment at the Sea Islands in South Carolina. In the book’s introduction, Professor C. Vann Woodward writes the Port Royal Experiment “was in effect a dress rehearsal for Reconstruction acted out on the stage neatly defined by […]

The Failed Promise

Here’s Professor Robert Levine discussing Reconstruction, Frederick Douglass, and the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson. The video’s description reads, “Robert Levine talked about the Reconstruction Era following the Civil War and the lives of Frederick Douglass and President Andrew Johnson. This virtual program was hosted by the National Archives.”

Saving Yellowstone

In this presentation, Dr. Megan Kate Nelson situates the early days of the Yellowstone National Park within the context of the end of the Civil War and within Reconstruction. The video’s description reads, “Megan Kate Nelson looked at the federal debate and passage of the 1872 Yellowstone Act, which established the world’s first national park. This […]

The Importance of Studying Reconstruction to Understand the Civil War

Here’s the second episode of my friend and blogging colleague Pat Young’s new podcast. The Reconstruction Amendments are a lot more important than many Americans realize, and Pat goes into their meaning and effect as part of this podcast. He also discusses the violence of the period. The episode’s description reads, “The Civil War was […]

Constitutionalism in the Approach and Aftermath of the Civil War

This book, edited by Professors Paul D. Moreno and Johnathan O’Neill, is a collection of essays in honor of Professor Herman Belz. The editors tell us, “This collection of essays examines American constitutionalism from the founding to the Progressive era. At its center is Abraham Lincoln’s statesmanship on slavery and secession. Additional essays consider issues […]

Reconstruction and Its Legacy in the News

We’ve had some Reconstruction coverage in the media, and we can begin with this article, telling us what Martin Luther King, Jr. had so say about it in light of Dr. W. E. B. Du Bois’s book, Black Reconstruction in America. Here’s an excerpt of what Dr. King said in a speech he delivered on […]