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They Only Love Their Ancestors Who Fought For Slavery

The Gift That Keeps On Giving never fails to disappoint.  Here we have an instance of an individual who “loathes” one of his ancestors who fought against treason.  Why?  ” My reason is simple, this particular soldier was from East Tennessee and yes I know that alot [sic] of people in East Tenn loved the USA but Tennessee […]

With Porter on the Mississippi

This was Karlton Smith’s presentation, on February 17, about Union Naval operations in the Vicksburg Campaign.  Unfortunately, Karlton’s heavy accent made it difficult for me to follow in some points, so I’ll need to supplement my sketchy notes quite a bit. In his memoirs, Ulysses S. Grant wrote, “The navy under Porter was all it could […]

Once More Into the Breech, Dear Friends

Brooks Simpson has expanded his remarks regarding Hari Jones and Kate Masur.  As usual, his observations are incisive.  Brooks suggests that Masur has not been given a fair reading.  Above all, I’d like to be fair, so first I wanted to revisit my original comments on her critique based on my viewing of the movie, […]

Lone Star Lunacy

Some slight edits. You know, I really wonder if these folks are serious or if they’re intentionally part of the gag.—texas?xrs=playershare_twitter If they’re serious it’s a sad commentary on Texas.  That this clown had 225,000 other idiots voting for him is amazing.  Sure, it’s a small percentage of the total number of people in […]

A Choice Interpetation of Interpretive Choice

When my take on something differs with Brooks Simpson’s take, I immediately ask myself where I went wrong.  Of course, no two people will agree on everything, but I greatly respect Brooks’ knowledge and judgment, and if I’m going to disagree with him, even slightly, then I’m going to take a second, third, or perhaps […]

Reconstruction and Readmission

There was a question in a discussion group I’m on regarding the readmission of former confederate states during Reconstruction.  This is something easily confused.  There’s apparently some interest in it thanks to Mississippi’s recent completion of its ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment.  Some folks have asked if ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment was required, and […]

Ambrose Burnside the Victorious General

I know many of you are now saying, “Whaaaaaat??”  But it’s true.  In 1863, Ambrose E. Burnside conducted a hugely successful campaign in East Tennessee.  This campaign was the topic of Ranger John Hoptak’s presentation on Saturday, titled, “Burnside vs. Longstreet in East Tennessee:  The Fall 1863 Knoxville Campaign.”   As one would expect, it […]

“We Shall Be Wiped Out of Existence”

This was part of the title of Chuck Teague’s presentation on Sunday, February 10, at Gettysburg National Military Park as part of the 2013 Winter Lecture Series.  The full title:  “We Shall Be Wiped Out of Existence:  From Calamity to Crisis:  Oliver O. Howard Out of Chancellorsville and Into Gettysburg.” Chuck talked about three books […]

Do They Love Their Ancestors Or Not?

Let’s set aside, for the sake of argument, the question of whether someone can actually love a person who lived 150 years ago.  Neoconfederates often proclaim their love for their ancestors while denying historical truth about them. Tonight I attended a fine lecture given by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Senior Editor at The Atlantic.   He made […]

60 Minutes on Lincoln

In case you missed it, here’s the “60 Minutes” report on the movie, “Lincoln.” Sure, Lesley Stahl is amazed about things most people who read about Lincoln already know, but it’s very nice to see the vignettes from the movie.