Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Sacred Trust

The Gettysburg Foundation sponsors a series of lectures and book signings each year around this time (the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg) called The Sacred Trust.  Here is the press release for this year’s event, the eighth annual Sacred Trust.  Today is Day Two, and I’m heading there in a little while.  Yesterday was […]

Historians and the Internet

I don’t consider myself to be a historian.  It seems really presumptuous.  I’ve seen folks on the internet claiming they’re historians.  “Yeah, I just wrote a post on an internet group about history, so that makes me a historian.”  Maybe in the loosest sense of the word, but I think a historian does something useful […]

Getting Started

I started being a student of the war as a result of taking a university class on the Civil War.  I lucked into taking what I think is the best early, if not first, step.  I think it’s necessary to take a class because someone has organized the material into a framework that makes it […]

Student of the War

I’m a student of the American Civil War.  I’ve been a student of the war since September of 1976.  This blog is an attempt to explore the aspects of being a student of the war, to perhaps give advice to others starting on the journey, and to bring to light some of the things I’ve […]