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Joseph R. Davis’ Brigade on July 3 – Anniversary Battle Walk with Ranger Matt Atkinson

Here’s Ranger Matt Atkinson conducting an outstanding [as usual] battle walk on July 3, 2018 following the steps of Joseph Davis’ brigade during the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge.

A reckoning over the North’s role in slavery

I came across this article in the Boston Globe. Of course, anyone who understands our colonial history knows every one of the original 13 colonies had slavery. Northern states abolished slavery on their own, sometimes immediately, sometimes gradually. By 1860 the only Northern state with slaves remaining was New Jersey, which was in the final stages […]

The Retreat of Confederate Heritage in New Mexico

I came across this article regarding confederate markers along I-10 in New Mexico. “Officials of the state Department of Transportation now believe they have removed the last remaining memorials to Confederate President Jefferson Davis from Interstate 10 rest areas in New Mexico. The New Mexican reported earlier this summer that the state quietly took down several markers from […]

Silent Sam’s History

Professor James Leloudis of the University of North Carolina wrote this op-ed piece in the News & Observer. He writes, “For more than a century, Silent Sam stood as a sentinel of white supremacy that lent dignity and respectability to systematic mob violence. This is the larger issue of law and order that is at stake […]

Silent Sam No Longer Stands

This issue is not going away anytime soon. In this article from the Chronicle of Higher Education we learn, “Since at least the 1960s, the monument has faced sporadic, often lonely, calls for removal. Those calls gained urgency last summer after a deadly weekend in another college town, Charlottesville, Va., where white supremacists marched, ostensibly […]

The Racist Legacy of Many Confederate Monuments

“Silent Sam” isn’t the only one. Charlotte, North Carolina has this confederate monument: Note: “Accepting the arbitrament of war, they preserved the Anglo-Saxon civilization of the South, and became master builders in a re-united country.” What this says is after the Civil War, confederate veterans across the South were white supremacist terrorists, and it celebrates […]

The Phony History on a Confederate Monument

For those who think removing confederate monuments is erasing history, the question must be, what kind of history do you think is “erased?” This is the Alexander County Confederate Monument in Taylorsville, North Carolina. Let’s see what kind of “history” it “teaches.” It claims R. E. Lee was opposed to slavery. We’ve already considered this […]

“Taking Down History”

When some people hear about monuments being removed, or even toppled, it’s as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow they’ll bleat about “taking history down” or “removing history.” What kind of “history” is being “removed?” I’ve blogged about this subject before. This plaque is on the side of the “Silent Sam” monument at the University […]

A World on Fire

This is a very good book from Dr. Amanda Foreman. It discusses the relationship between Great Britain and the American Civil War, discussing not only the diplomats on both sides of the Atlantic, but also the government officials conducting foreign policy on both sides and a number of British subjects who volunteered to fight in […]

More On Silent Sam and Julian Carr

In the wake of a crowd pulling down the confederate monument on the University of North Carolina Campus known as “Silent Sam,” historians and journalists have been busy writing and revisiting writings. Let’s start with Julian Carr, the wealthy industrialist and former confederate who delivered a dedication address for the monument in 1913. This article […]