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Civil War Institute Fall Program Day One

The Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College kicked off its fall field program tonight with an outstanding lecture by Professor Judkin Browning of Appalachian State University on North Carolina in the Civil War. Professor Browning dispelled several myths that have grown up surrounding North Carolina’s participation in the war. One of these was the myth […]

Why Two Minutes of Lost Footage From The Civil War Are So Important

I came across this article from 2015 regarding the 25th Anniversary release of a new DVD set for the Ken Burns The Civil War miniseries. The article says, “As part of the promotion, the producers released a tiny snip of outtake footage from the cache of bonus material included in the new DVD—just two minutes […]

England, the United States, and the Southern Confederacy

This book by Dr. Fitzwilliam Sargent, written in 1864, was written to explain the United States’s position in the Civil War to the English populace with the goal of increasing English support for the United States. He writes, “In England, while some of all classes have comprehended from the first the true nature of the […]


Here’s a pretty good conversation with Professor Robert Elder about the life of His Satanic Majesty, John C. Calhoun based on his new book about Calhoun. The video’s description reads, “Baylor University history professor Robert Elder recalled the life of Vice President, Secretary of War, and Confederate advocate John Calhoun. This was a virtual event hosted […]

CWTR Episode 1719: Secession on Trial: The Treason Prosecution of Jefferson Davis

Here’s an excellent conversation between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Professor Cynthia Nicoletti, on the case of United States v. Jefferson Davis.

Secession on Trial

This book by Professor Cynthia Nicoletti is an outstanding addition to the scholarship surrounding Jefferson Davis’s indictment and the machinations around his treason trial. Neoconfederates and Davis partisans from the late 19th century have sown so much disinformation about these events Professor Nicoletti’s careful analysis of the evidence does much to dispel the myth that […]

Virginia at War 1861

This book book of essays edited by Professor James I. Robertson and William C. “Jack” Davis is a wonderful contribution to scholarship about the Civil War and about the Civil War in Virginia. The first essay, By Dr. Bud, is “The Virginia State Convention of 1861.” He writes of the results of the election of […]

History Happy Hour- Virginia’s Secession Crisis

Here’s Mark Greenough, the Virginia State Capitol Historian, discussing Virginia during the Secession Crisis. His prepared presentation is fine, but he goes off the rails during the Q&A. Virginia did not reserve a right to secede, and New England did not attempt or even threaten to secede. The video’s description reads, “After Lincoln’s election, Virginians […]

Self-Pity of the Defeated and ‘Lies Agreed Upon’: The Lost Cause and Memory of the American Civil War

This is a great classroom discussion on the lies of the lost cause. The video’s description reads, “Lone Star College-Kingwood, in association with the Center for Civic Engagement, provides thought provoking discussions on the campus common read ‘Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)’ by Carol Tavris and Elliott Aronson. The Self-Pity of the Defeated […]

The 1526 Project: Horrors in Florida’s Black History You Didn’t Learn in School

I found this article today. It outlines some of the oppression African Americans faced in Florida from its earliest history. We learn, “The New York Times‘ groundbreaking ‘1619 Project‘ examined the legacy of slavery on the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved Africans to America’s 13 original colonies. But slavery existed in the Spanish colony of […]