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Liberty and Union

This book by Professor David Herbert Donald, published in 1978, provides us his interpretation of the Civil War and Reconstruction. He writes, “In studying the years from 1845 to about 1890 as a whole, I have become convinced that these important economic, social, and ideological conflicts can best be understood as special instances of a […]

Calculating the Value of the Union

This book by Professor James L. Huston is an excellent look at the economic origins of the Civil War. In the Preface he tells us, “My initial starting point several decades ago was that the source of the conflict had to be economic, for the basic function of slavery was to provide cheap labor. Tying […]

Seven Myths of the Civil War

This book, edited by Professor Wesley Moody, contains seven essays, each of which center on a specific myth surrounding the Civil War. The Introduction tells us, “One common and reasonable criticism of modern historians is that we overspecialize. In the case of the Civil War, we often over-sub-specialize, and this can lead to problems in […]

James Madison and the Constitution

Here’s Professor Akhil Reed Amar speaking at the James Madison Memorial Foundation on whether James Madison was truly the Father of the Constitution. Along the way he completely blows the phony constitutional claims that there could be a unilateral secession from the United States out of the water. The video’s description reads, “Yale law professor […]

How President Buchanan Deepened Divisions Over Slavery Before the Civil War

I came across this article about James Buchanan. It tells us, “When James Buchanan gave his inaugural address on March 4, 1857, he was remarkably optimistic that the United States’ debate over slavery was about to end. Knowing that the Supreme Court would soon rule against Dred Scott—a man who’d escaped enslavement in the south only to be recaptured in the north—he […]

Constitutionalism in the Approach and Aftermath of the Civil War

This book, edited by Professors Paul D. Moreno and Johnathan O’Neill, is a collection of essays in honor of Professor Herman Belz. The editors tell us, “This collection of essays examines American constitutionalism from the founding to the Progressive era. At its center is Abraham Lincoln’s statesmanship on slavery and secession. Additional essays consider issues […]

The Mississippi Secession Convention

This book by Timothy B. Smith looks at the delegates and the actions of the Mississippi Secession Convention. He tells us, “While certainly the climax of the secession movement, the convention was nevertheless also the birth of another era of Mississippi politics. The secession question was finished with the passage of the ordinance on January […]

Civil War Institute Fall Program Day One

The Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College kicked off its fall field program tonight with an outstanding lecture by Professor Judkin Browning of Appalachian State University on North Carolina in the Civil War. Professor Browning dispelled several myths that have grown up surrounding North Carolina’s participation in the war. One of these was the myth […]

Why Two Minutes of Lost Footage From The Civil War Are So Important

I came across this article from 2015 regarding the 25th Anniversary release of a new DVD set for the Ken Burns The Civil War miniseries. The article says, “As part of the promotion, the producers released a tiny snip of outtake footage from the cache of bonus material included in the new DVD—just two minutes […]

England, the United States, and the Southern Confederacy

This book by Dr. Fitzwilliam Sargent, written in 1864, was written to explain the United States’s position in the Civil War to the English populace with the goal of increasing English support for the United States. He writes, “In England, while some of all classes have comprehended from the first the true nature of the […]