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Unflinching Heroism: The United States Colored Troops at New Market Heights

Here’s Jimmy Price discussing the USCT of the Army of the James in their attack on New Market Heights near Richmond, VA. The video’s description reads, “The first 12 Congressional Medals of Honor awarded to African American soldiers were earned at a battle fought near Richmond. Some were free men fighting to prove that African […]

U.S. Colored Troops in the Civil War

Here’s Professor Roger Davidson of Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland giving a lecture on Emancipation and the United States Colored Troops in the Civil War. This is really an excellent class. The video’s description reads, “History Professor Roger Davidson discusses Emancipation and U.S. Colored Troops during the Civil War. Professor Davidson explains how African Americans […]

Benjamin Butler Message to Robert Ould

Colonel Robert Ould was the confederate commissioner for prisoner exchanges. Major General Benjamin F. Butler performed that role for the United States Army. On August 27, 1864 Butler sent a message to Ould which contains the reason why exchanges were halted by the Federals, leading to the overcrowding of prison camps on both sides. In […]

Eric Foner on the Civil War and Reconstruction Part Two

Here’s the second part of the course.  This section has 56 videos, again most of them around 10 to 11 minutes long. Professor Foner is most definitely not a military historian, and this section, which supposedly covers the war, is notable for the paucity of discussion of battles and military factors of the war.  If […]

2010 Virginia Sesquicentennial Signature Conference

The 2010 conference was held at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia, with the theme, “Race, Slavery, and the Civil War:  The Tough Stuff of American History and Memory.”  There were three sessions and you can see them here: Session One: “Historians discussed the experiences of both enslaved and free blacks during the Civil War. After […]

The 22nd USCT Enters Richmond

I came across this article about the 22nd USCT being one of the first units to enter Richmond on April 3, 1865.  The article tells us, “A majority of them were free men from New Jersey who had taken the battle against slavery right into the heart of the rebelling states. Almost unknown today, they […]

Army Life in a Black Regiment

This book, by Thomas Wentworth Higginson, is the conference book for the 2014 Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College.  Higginson was an abolitionist associated with John Brown who commanded the First South Carolina Volunteers, which later became the 33rd USCT. In reading this book I was struck by two things.  First, that Higginson referred to […]