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African American Life Historical Interpretation

This is a discussion among historical interpreters at Colonial Williamsburg regarding their portrayal of African American life in colonial times. The video’s description reads, “Colonial Williamsburg historical interpreters talked about portraying 18th century African American life. Colonial Williamsburg hosted this event.”

Lincoln’s Spies

This is Douglas Waller talking about his book, Lincoln’s Spies. The presentation leaves a bit to be desired, and from what I’ve seen from this presentation, there are better books around. Still, he does have a few things to contribute. The video’s description reads, “Historian Douglas Waller talked about his book, Lincoln’s Spies: Their Secret War to Save […]

American Rambler Episode 144: Stephanie McCurry

In this excellent episode, host Dr. Colin Woodward speaks with Dr. Stephanie McCurry about her career and her research. The description of the podcast episode tells us, “A native of Northern Ireland, Stephanie McCurry moved to Canada while in high school before settling in the United States. She studied under renowned slavery scholars Eugene and […]

Phinizy Lecture by historian Stephanie McCurry

Here’s Professor Stephanie McMurry giving a lecture at the University of Georgia on “Reconstructing a Georgia Woman’s Life Among the Ruins.” It’s about Gertrude Thomas, a slave-owning woman in Georgia.

Women Suffragists and Abolitionists

Here are Professors Catherine Clinton, Kate Masur, and Thavolia Glymph at the National Constitution Center discussing women suffragists and abolitionists. The video’s description reads, “Historians Thavolia Glymph, Catherine Clinton, and Kate Masur discussed the impact of women suffragists and abolitionists during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia and Drexel University’s Vision 2020 co-hosted this event.” […]

Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office

Here is Jake Wynn, Director of Interpretation at the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office discussing Clara Barton’s life and her contributions to helping the Union soldiers who were suffering on the battlefield. This was part of the 2019 Longwood University symposium. The video’s description reads, “Jake Wynn is the director of interpretation at the Clara Barton […]

The Tubman Command

This is novelist Elizabeth Cobb discussing Harriet Tubman at the launch of her new novel. The video’s description reads, “Elizabeth Cobbs talked about her book, The Tubman Command: A Novel, in which she recounted Harriet Tubman’s service as a nurse, spy, and cook, for the Union Army during the Civil War.”