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Four Influential Civil War Military Wives

Here’s Candice Shy Hooper talking about her book, Lincoln’s Generals’ Wives: Four Women Who Influenced the Civil War for Better and for Worse. This is a pretty good discussion. Unfortunately, the interviewer botches several details. Hooper does correct a couple of them. Hooper does misunderstand the Frémont situation a bit, I think she misunderstands Mary Lincoln, […]

Lunch and Learn: Susie King Taylor’s Civil War

Here’s a fine presentation on Susie King Taylor from the American Civil War Museum’s Kelly Hancock. Susie King Taylor was an African-American woman who married a USCT soldier and wrote her memoirs after the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “Susie King Taylor was the only African-American woman to publish a memoir about her wartime […]

C-SPAN Posts Videos of CWI 2016 Day Three

I wrote about the third day of CWI 2016 here. You can see the panel on “Lessons Learned by the U.S. Military from the Civil War” here: The conversation on “The Reconstruction of Southern Womanhood” is here: The panel discussion on Reconstruction Era historical sites is here: You can see Scott Hartwig’s […]

Interview: Lincoln’s Generals’ Wives

This is another interview on Civil War Talk Radio. Host Gerry Prokopowicz interviews author Candice Hooper on her book about “Four women who influenced the Civil War–for better or worse. She discusses Julia Grant, Ellen Sherman, Nelly McClellan, and Jessie Fremont, who played roles in the Civil War through their interactions with their husbands. This […]

Civil War Conversation: Loreta Velasquez- The Confederate Kardashian

Here’s an absolutely outstanding talk by William C. “Jack” Davis on Loreta Velasquez, who claimed to have been a woman posing as a male confederate soldier named Lt. Harry Buford in the Civil War. He’s done a prodigious amount of research on this woman, whose real name we don’t know and likely will never know. […]

Sacred Trust 2016 Day Two

Here are the lectures from the second day of the Sacred Trust talks this year at the Gettysburg National Military Park. Pamela Toler started off with the story of nurses in the Civil War. Unfortunately the video quality was lacking for most of the video. Eric Campbell of the Cedar Creek & Belle Grove National […]