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African American Life in Philadelphia

Here’s Professor Judy Giesberg of Villanova University again speaking about African-Americans in Philadelphia in the Civil War Era and in Reconstruction. This is a good presentation. The video’s description reads, “Judith Giesberg talked about what life was like for African Americans in Philadelphia during and after the Civil War. She described how many former slaves took out […]

Civil War-Era Women and Volunteerism

Here’s Professor Judy Giesberg giving a class on women during the Civil War and their volunteer efforts. This is a pretty good class. The video’s description reads, “Professor Judith Giesberg talked about the ways northern middle-class women volunteered during the Civil War. She focused on Louisa May Alcott’s time as Civil War nurse chronicled in her book, Hospital Sketches.” //

African American Heroines of the Civil War

This is C. R. Gibbs discussing the activities of several African American women in the Civil War era. The video’s description reads, “C.R. Gibbs talked about the achievements of several African American women of the Civil War period, focusing on individuals he says have been overlooked. Mr. Gibbs told the stories of black women who […]

2017 Civil War Institute Day Three

Day Three is in the books. We started off with a round table discussion on George Gordon Meade. The participants were Brooks Simpson, Scott Hartwig, Jennifer Murray, and John Hennessy. This was a pretty good discussion, moderated by Pete Carmichael. They started off by considering why Meade is forgotten. Scott Hartwig identified three factors: Dan […]

Lincoln Family After the Assassination

Here’s Professor Catherine Clinton speaking at the 2016 Lincoln Forum Symposium about what happened to the Lincoln Family after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. This is an excellent presentation. The video’s description reads, “Catherine Clinton talked about what happened to President Lincoln’s family after his assassination. She discussed Mary Todd Lincoln’s struggles with debt and difficulty in […]

Mary Surratt: Guilty or Not Guilty (Lecture)

Here’s Ranger Karlton Smith giving a lecture as part of the Gettysburg National Military Park’s 2017 Winter Lecture Series. This one is on Mary Surratt, who was executed for being part of the conspiracy that resulted in the murder of President Abraham Lincoln. The video’s description reads, “In 1865, Mary Surratt became the first woman […]

Varina Davis, Southern Women and Civil War

Here’s Professor Joan Cashin discussing Varina Howell Davis, the second wife of confederate president Jefferson Davis. This is really an excellent presentation with a lot of good information. The video’s description reads, “In celebration of Women’s History Month and in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War, the Arkansas Women’s History Institute […]