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Interview: Engineering Victory: How Technology Won the Civil War

Here’s in interview on Civil War Talk Radio hosted by Professor Gerry Prokopowicz of East Carolina University with Thomas Army, author of Engineering Victory: How Technology Won the Civil War. This is a very interesting interview with some good information and a perspective we don’t often consider.

Trains at War

Here’s the episode of Civil War Journal that covered the use of trains in the Civil War.

Railroads and the Civil War

This is Dr. Christopher Gabel, a member of the Department of History of the US Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  From the description:  “Christopher Gabel talked about the importance of railroads and steam-powered locomotives to the Union and Confederate armies during the U.S. Civil War. Professor Gabel explained how railroads made […]

General Robert E. Lee’s Horse Supply

Here’s an excellent article by Charles W. Ramsdell from the July, 1930 issue of the American Historical Review concerning Robert E. Lee’s problem of supplying horses and mules, thus affecting the mobility of his army.