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Repealing the Corwin Amendment

Today we saw this story coming out of Maryland. The Corwin Amendment was an attempt to head off secession by codifying within the Constitution what was the prevailing interpretation at the time, that slavery’s status was a state concern, not a Federal concern, and that the Federal Government had no power to affect slavery in […]

The Army of Northern Virginia in 1864

This was a presentation by Ranger John Heiser as part of the Gettysburg National Military Park’s 2014 Winter Lecture Series.  Like all the rangers here, John does an outstanding job.  We are really fortunate to have a dedicated group of men and women who have a passion for both history and for helping the general […]

Hanging Captain Gordon

This is Ron Soodalter speaking to the Abraham Lincoln Institute, telling the story of Nathaniel Gordon, the only slavetrader to be hanged, and an exception to Lincoln’s pardoning men who were condemned to be executed.

The Army of the Potomac From Brandy Station to Petersburg

This was a presentation by Scott Hartwig as part of the Gettysburg National Military Park’s 2014 Winter Lecture Series. Scott really gives a great presentation.  He’s knowledgeable, completely professional, has an outstanding delivery, and does a great job in preparing his talks.  If you ever have a chance to see one of his presentations, I […]

Congratulations, Scott Hartwig

Scott Hartwig, Supervisory Historian at Gettysburg National Military Park, retired from the National Park Service January 3, 2014.  I’m late in marking this event, but I really didn’t have the right words at the time. I figure the best thing to do is to let Scott speak for himself with this blog post and also […]

Going to the Worst Possible Source

Someone at The Gift That Keeps On Giving, aka The Southern Heritage Preservation Group, asks a question: Mr. Smith, obviously arguing the factually incorrect position that slavery had nothing to do with the war, comes up against one part of the mountain of evidence that contradicts him–the mountain of evidence he’s obviously never come into […]

Gettysburg July 1: The Opening Clash

This is a battle walk with Ranger Eric Campbell.

Allen Guelzo on Lincoln and Obama

One of my favorite historians talking about Lincoln’s legacy and what it means for politics today. Watch it here.

Civil War Memory and the Lost Cause

This is Anne Sarah Rubin’s lecture at the University of Maryland Baltimore County on Civil War memory and the development of the Lost Cause myth, from C-SPAN.  You can view it here.

New Improvements Coming to Little Round Top

Katie Lawhon, spokesperson for the Gettysburg National Military Park, has this posting in the park’s blog. She tells us, “This project will provide an adequate pedestrian circulation system that keeps visitors off of the fragile natural environment and removes tripping hazards. The natural landscape will be rehabilitated which will improve the natural resources. Site drainage […]