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Partners in Command

This book by Professor Joseph T. Glatthaar starts out as a fairly conventional study with the standard interpretations of individuals such as Abraham Lincoln and George B. McClellan, but as we get into it we see it has some additional nuggets that make it worthwhile. In describing the book, Dr. Glatthaar writes, “As American military […]

Gordon Rhea on A House Divided. S. 2 ep. 17

Here’s Gordon Rhea appearing on the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop’s “Author’s Voice” talking about his book, On to Petersburg, which ends his series on the Overland Campaign. The video’s description reads, “Here is part of the interview with Gordon Rhea by Bjorn Skaptason, originally live streamed on November 1, 2017. Unfortunately, the first half of the […]

Ulysses S. Grant’s Second Petersburg Offensive

Here’s Wil Greene at the 2019 Emerging Civil War symposium giving a presentation on Grant’s Second Petersburg Offensive. The video’s description reads, “A. Wilson Greene analyzed Ulysses S. Grant’s lesser-known second Petersburg offensive, which took place in June 1864 as Union forces attempted to capture Petersburg, Virginia, before Confederate General Robert E. Lee could reinforce his lines […]

What About Ulysses S. Grant and Impeachment?

I found this article postulating today’s Democrats should “heed” Ulysses S. Grant when it comes to impeachment. The author claims, “Most commentators keep comparing Trump’s impeachment crisis to Richard Nixon and Watergate, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky or even a lesser-known President, Andrew Johnson. But if his critics want to justify booting Trump out of office, here’s […]

The Rogue Historian Episode #70 Immigration, the Civil War, and Blogging Reconstruction

Here is an outstanding podcast discussion between host Dr. Keith Harris and Patrick Young, Esq., who writes The Reconstruction Era Blog. They get into blogging, Reconstruction, the recent Earl Hess article, and Ulysses S. Grant and his General Orders Number Eleven. Give it a listen. You can access the podcast here.

The Rogue Historian Episode #64 Exploring Public History with Nick Sacco

Here’s an excellent conversation at the Rogue Historian podcast between host Keith Harris and guest Nick Sacco of the US Grant Historical Site in St. Louis, MO. This is really terrific. You can access the podcast here.

Author Discussion on the Civil War and the South

This is a pretty good discussion from the 2019 Mississippi Book Festival with four authors discussing their books. The authors are Dr. Jacquelyn Hall of UNC-Chapel Hill, on three sisters born in the 1880s and 1890s in Georgia who came to grips with the legacies of slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, the Lost Cause, […]