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The Heart of Hell

This book by Jeffry D. Wert looks at the fight for the Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania Court House. This part of the Civil War saw truly savage combat for an extended amount of time. “For the tens of thousands of Yankees and Rebels who fought at the Mule Shoe salient, the ceaseless nature of the […]


In 1860, Ulysses S. Grant was a complete failure. He had resigned from the US Army as a captain, had failed as a farmer, was reduced to selling wood on the street, having to pawn his watch to buy Christmas presents for his children. He had to suffer the humiliation of having to work for […]

Seven Myths of the Civil War

This book, edited by Professor Wesley Moody, contains seven essays, each of which center on a specific myth surrounding the Civil War. The Introduction tells us, “One common and reasonable criticism of modern historians is that we overspecialize. In the case of the Civil War, we often over-sub-specialize, and this can lead to problems in […]


This article contains an interview with Donald Miller concerning his book on the Vicksburg campaign. Regarding his research, Miller says, “I visited 62 archives and uncovered well over 1,000 letters from soldiers who were not abolitionists but were eager to liberate slaves in order to destroy the Confederacy’s military economy and punish the South for […]

The Summer of 1864 – Dr. Simpson – Arizona State University and Author

This episode of The Civil War Center podcast features Professor Brooks Simpson giving us outstanding information on Ulysses S. Grant and the Overland Campaign through Petersburg. The episode’s description reads, “Today, Dr. Brooks Simpson of Arizona State University joins us to discuss the summer of 1864. Dr. Simpson has written many books on the Civil […]

Grant’s Presidency – the good, the bad, and the legacy with U.S. Grant park ranger Nick Sacco

This is an episode of the Civil War Center podcast featuring historian and Ulysses S. Grant expert Nick Sacco on the presidency of U.S. Grant. Nick is one of the rising stars of the National Park Service and an excellent historian. The podcast episode’s description reads, “Nick Sacco is a park ranger at the Ulysses […]


I found this essay by Professor Stephen West. We learn, “Speaking in New York City in 1878, Frederick Douglass had a warning for white northerners about how they remembered the Civil War. ‘Good, wise, and generous men at the North,’ Douglass observed, ‘would have us forget and forgive, strew flowers alike and lovingly, on rebel […]

Saving Yellowstone

Here’s Dr. Megan Kate Nelson discussing her book, Saving Yellowstone, which looks at Yellowstone National Park during Reconstruction and later. The video’s description reads, “Megan Kate Nelson looked at the federal debate and passage of the 1872 Yellowstone Act, which established the world’s first national park. This was a virtual program hosted by Smithsonian Associates in Washington, D.C.” […]

Ulysses Grant Bicentennial Dinner

Here is video from the dinner commemorating the 200th birthday of Ulysses S. Grant. It features a conversation between David Petraeus, Ronald C. White, and Ron Chernow. Frankly, I think it would have been much better had the conversation been between Frank Scaturro and Brooks Simpson, with those other three gentlemen in the audience. The […]

Lincoln’s Generals

This book of essays edited by Professor Gabor Boritt seeks to analyze the relationships between Abraham Lincoln and five of his top generals. As Professor Boritt tells us, “This book takes a hard look at the interaction of five leading generals with their Civil War commander-in-chief. The choice of the five lieutenants no doubt colors […]