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Grant and Lee

This book is a result of Major General John Frederick Charles Fuller’s comparative study of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee and their generalship. You can download and read this book for free here. This is an important book because this study led to a change in the author’s outlook as a result of […]

Timothy B. Smith on A House Divided S. 3 ep. 18

Here’s Dr. Timothy B. Smith, a prolific Civil War historian, discussing his work with Bjorn Skaptason of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop. The discussion centers on Dr. Smith’s latest works, The Real Horse Soldiers and The Decision Was Always My Own.

Union General Grant Crosses the James River in 1864

This is Edward Alexander speaking at the 2018 Emerging Civil War blog Symposium on Grant’s crossing of the James River in 1864. The video’s description reads, “Author Edward Alexander talked about Union General Grant’s 1864 maneuvers to cross the James River as part of the Petersburg-Richmond Campaign. He compared General Grant’s decisions to General George McClellan’s […]

Ulysses S. Grant as Union Army General-in-Chief

Here’s Chris Kolakowski giving a presentation at the 2018 Emerging Civil War blog’s annual symposium. The video’s description reads, “Historian Chris Kolakowski talked about the events leading up to President Abraham Lincoln naming Ulysses S. Grant as general-in-chief of the Union Army in 1864 and how Grant’s command style differed from his predecessors. This talk was part of […]

The Orange Cheeto Expounds on the Marble Man

Donald Trump has said quite a few bizarre things. He now thinks he knows something about American history. As usual, he’s delusional. [See stories here, here, and here] ” ‘[Ohio] also gave you a general who was incredible. He drank a little bit too much. You know who I’m talking about right? So Robert E. Lee […]

President Grant’s World Tour

Here’s a discussion with historian Ryan Semmes on Ulysses S. Grant’s world tour following his presidency. This is a pretty good discussion. The video’s description reads, “Ulysses S. Grant was president from 1869 to 1877. After serving two terms, he took a world tour with his family.American History TV spoke with Ryan Semmes of Mississippi State University about the former […]

Union General Ulysses S. Grant and Espionage

Here’s Dr. William Feis speaking at the National Civil War Museum on Ulysses S. Grant’s intelligence system in the Civil War. This is an excellent presentation, based on his book, Grant’s Secret Service: The Intelligence War from Belmont to Appomattox. The video’s description reads, “Military historian William Feis talked about his book, Grant’s Secret Service: The Intelligence […]