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Civil War Petersburg

Here’s Will Greene at the 2021 Pamplin Park symposium giving a great talk on the First Offensive at Petersburg. Unfortunately, his microphone cut out a few times early in the talk. The technical folks were able to fix it, though. The video’s description reads, “Former Pamplin Historical Park Executive Director Wilson Green talked about Civil […]

Myth: Grant Stopped the Prisoner Exchange

Here’s an article from the folks at the Andersonville Historical Site busting the neoconfederate lie that Grant was responsible for ending the prisoner exchange during the Civil War. It tells us, “The prison exchange system, codified on July 22, 1862 by the Dix Hill Cartel, called for equal exchanges of all soldiers captured, and these […]

Was James Longstreet the “Best Man” at Ulysses and Julia Grant’s Wedding?

Take a look at this article from Nick Sacco and the US Grant National Historic Site. It’s excellent. It tells us, “The first recorded claim of Longstreet as Grant’s best man dates back to a 1905 book entitled Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer, written posthumously by Gilbert Moxley Sorrel, a Brigadier General who was […]

Ulysses S. Grant, Slavery, and the “Hiring Out System” in St. Louis

Here is an outstanding post on the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site blog from Nick Sacco, a superb historian with the National Park Service. Nick has done superior detective work to show Ulysses S. Grant’s having rented enslaved people while he was trying to succeed at farming in Missouri. In the post he provides […]


Here’s another hilarious contribution from Atun-Shei Films correcting lost cause lies. He doesn’t really understand what Lee was doing and how Lee’s strategy was the best the confederates could put up, but other than that it’s pretty good. The video’s description reads, “Checkmate, Lincolnites! Debunking Lost Cause myths – as well as more benign common […]

Whip the Rebellion

This book by George Walsh is a military biography of Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War. His purpose is to trace Grant’s rise to command of all US armies in the Civil War and his victory in accepting Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. Apparently it’s a companion to Mr. Walsh’s earlier Damage Them […]

Generals Grant and Lee Reconsidered

In this video, BGEN and Professor Ty Seidule, MGEN Dana Pittard, and GEN David Petreaus discuss Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E Lee. The video’s description reads, “To mark the 199th anniversary of Ulysses S. Grant’s birthday, the Grant Monument Association hosted a discussion about Grant and Lee’s legacy. Retired Generals David Petraeus, Dana Pittard and Ty Seidule discussed military bases named […]

Ulysses S. Grant’s Post-Presidency Life and Memoirs

Here’s Chris Mackowski giving a presentation at the 2021 Emerging Civil War Virtual Symposium on Ulysses S. Grant’s post-Presidential life. The video’s description reads, “Chris Mackowski is the author of Grant’s Last Battle: The Story Behind the Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant. He talked about his book, which recounts Grant’s life post-presidency, including his financial ruin […]

The Civil War in the West

This book by Professor Earl J. Hess is an overview of the campaigns fought in the Cis-Mississippi Western Theater. Professor Hess makes the case that the war in the West was different from the war in the East, not only in geography but also in the way it was fought, and the men who fought […]

Keys to Grant’s Generalship

Professor Peter Campbell, a political scientist at Baylor University, mined Ulysses S. Grant’s Memoirs to identify what he believes are the keys to Grant’s generalship and has published this essay with his findings. He writes, “As great as the literary merits of Grant’s memoir may be, the focus in this essay is on appreciating the […]