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The Civil War Generalship Coin

I’ve been thinking about how we view Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, and I’ve hit upon the idea that the two men are two sides of a single coin. Just about any quality one can identify in one leader that makes that man a superlative general can be found in the other leader. […]

Custer’s Trials

This is a wonderful book by T. J. Stiles. It was a pleasure to read, both because it was engagingly written and because the author doesn’t confine himself to simple biography but instead places the subject within the context of the times, giving us in essence a history of the part of the United States […]

Ron Chernow on Ulysses S. Grant with General (Ret.) David H. Petraeus

Here’s a conversation between David Petraeus and Ron Chernow on Chernow’s new book on Ulysses S. Grant. I’d like to see a conversation between Chernow and a Civil War historian one of these days, preferably a Grant scholar. This conversation is a bit unsatisfying. The video’s description reads, “Ron Chernow on Ulysses S. Grant with […]

Q&A with Ron Chernow

Brian Lamb of C-SPAN interviews biographer Ron Chernow on his new book, Grant. The interview focuses more on Grant’s writing his memoirs than most other parts of his life, though not exclusively. The video’s description reads, “Ron Chernow talked about his biography of Civil War General and former President Ulysses S. Grant, which focuses on his final […]

John Marszalek & Charles Calhoun on A House Divided. S. 2. ep. 11.

Here’s a terrific interview with Charles Calhoun, author of the book, The Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant, and John F. Marszalek, editor of The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant: The Complete Annotated Edition. This interview is under the auspices of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc., of Chicago, Illinois.

September 28, 2017: Smith Lecture in Civil War History – Joan Waugh

Here’s Professor Joan Waugh of UCLA giving the 2017 Richard Smith Lecture in Civil War History at Ohio Wesleyan University. She discusses the legacy of Ulysses S. Grant. This is a very good lecture.

General Robert E. Lee’s North Anna River Defense

Here’s Chris Mackowski giving a presentation on Lee’s actions [and inactions] at the North Anna River as part of the 2017 Emerging Civil War Symposium. The video’s description reads, ” Chris Mackowski, author of Strike Them a Blow: Battle Along the North Anna River, talked about General Robert E. Lee’s North Anna River defense. This talk was […]