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Gettysburg 360

Enjoy this from the Civil War Trust. It gives panoramic views of the major spots at the Gettysburg Battlefield.  If you’ve never been to Gettysburg, this will give you an idea of what the place looks like.

V-A-F-L-A-G-G-E-R spells “Incompetent”

I knew that most of the flaggers had an IQ equal to the outside temperature in Boston on a winter day.  But surely, not even they could have been this dumb.  I mean, really. Andy Hall has some great views of the flag after it was raised here. If the goal was for people to […]

The Day Is Here

So this is the day the confederate flag is supposed to go up next to I-95 south of Richmond. Some are still expressing their opinions in opposition to this. Some folks are concerned for public safety as a result of this. I don’t think there’s anything to be worried about.  While there has been considerable […]

The Union War

Lost Causers try to minimize the centrality of slavery to the war.  They will say ridiculous things like slavery had nothing to do with the war.  We all know they don’t know what they’re talking about.  Over the past forty years, scholarship has shown without a doubt that slavery was central to the confederate war […]

Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Confederate Flag

Ta-Nehisi Coates has a very powerful essay at The Atlantic’s website, here. He starts off with some comments on Jody Rosen’s interview with Brad Paisley which delved into the reactions against Paisley’s duet with LL Cool J, Accidental Racist. Next he gets to the meat of his essay.  Paisley may have had good intentions, but […]

What’s Behind The Gift That Keeps On Giving?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving calls itself the Southern Heritage Preservation Group.  Of course, they’re not interested in preserving southern heritage.  They’re solely concerned with glorifying the confederacy. Why, you may ask? Perhaps this post tells us why. One member posted a news story from Fox News that told about sororities at the University […]

Donald Stoker on Strategy in the Civil War

This is an excellent presentation. He has a few conclusions that are sure to be considered controversial: 1.  The best Union strategist was George B. McClellan 2.  The best confederate strategist was Braxton Bragg 3.  The campaign against Vicksburg was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and had the wrong objective.

How Do You Secede From a Document?

Another neoconfederate makes a colossally dumb claim:  “Lastly, Article VII absolutely and without question, confirms the right of secession. This is because Article VII was the method of ratification chosen to enable the States to secede from the Articles of Confederation.” First, let’s dispose of the moronic claim that Article VII confirms the mythical right […]

Yes, John Bell Hood Was Much Maligned and Misunderstood

I just finished reading Stephen Hood’s book, John Bell Hood:  The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of a Confederate General. This book is an enjoyable read.  Stephen “Sam” Hood’s thesis is that historians have not treated General Hood well.  In some cases historians have made assertions about Hood that are not supported by any evidence.  In other […]

A Book With No Credibility — Chapters 14 and 15

We’re finally to the end of this source of tinder for your fireplace. Adams claims, “Some Northerners erroneously believe that Lee was fighting to perpetuate slavery.  They don’t know that he was against slavery; that he opposed secession and loved the Union.”  [p. 214]  For opposing secession, Lee became a secessionist very quickly.  He didn’t […]