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An Ohio English Teacher Went to Fight in the Civil War and Got His First True Taste of Battle

To break through the formidable Southern defenses during the Vicksburg siege, mines were dug beneath several redans and packed with explosives. Depicted here is the June 25 Union attack through the crater left by one of those explosions at Fort Hill. Now we have this article from Civil War Times magazine. “On May 20, 1863, […]


This article contains an interview with Donald Miller concerning his book on the Vicksburg campaign. Regarding his research, Miller says, “I visited 62 archives and uncovered well over 1,000 letters from soldiers who were not abolitionists but were eager to liberate slaves in order to destroy the Confederacy’s military economy and punish the South for […]

Grant Rises in the West

This book is a reissue of what had been Volume Four of Kenneth P. Williams’s Lincoln Finds a General. That multivolume work had been planned for seven volumes, but Williams only completed five volumes. This particular edition has a perceptive and highly useful introduction penned by Professor Brooks Simpson. Professor Simpson tells us [This was […]

The Civil War in the West

This book by Professor Earl J. Hess is an overview of the campaigns fought in the Cis-Mississippi Western Theater. Professor Hess makes the case that the war in the West was different from the war in the East, not only in geography but also in the way it was fought, and the men who fought […]

CWTR Episode 1711: The Union Assaults at Vicksburg: Grant Attacks Pemberton, May 17-22, 1863

This is a pretty good discussion between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Dr. Timothy Smith on Grant’s assaults on the confederate lines at Vicksburg.

Finding the Source With Gary Gallagher

Professor Peter Carmichael, Director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, led this wonderful conversation with himself, Dr. Ashley Luskey of the CWI at Gettysburg College, and Professor Gary Gallagher in a Facebook Live event. Here it is on C-SPAN:

The Civil War; Interview with Ed Bearss

This is the full-length Ken Burns interview with Ed Bearss done for Burns’s miniseries, “The Civil War” on PBS. The description reads, “This is raw footage of an interview that Ken Burns conducted with Civil War historian Ed Bearss on July 14, 1986. In this interview, Bearss demonstrates his expansive knowledge on the events of […]

1863 Battle of Champion Hill

Here’s historian Tim Smith giving a very good presentation on the Battle of Champion Hill at the 2019 Pamplin Park seminar. The video’s description reads, “Civil War scholar Timothy Smith explored the 1863 Battle of Champion Hill, part of the Vicksburg campaign. He discussed how General Grant’s leadership contributed to a Union victory in this […]

Civil War Talk Radio Episode 1613: Vicksburg: Grants Campaign That Broke the Confederacy

Here’s a nice interview between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Professor Donald Miller on Dr. Miller’s latest book. Dr. Miller, I think, is off on the so-called “Yazoo Bender” [I believe Brooks Simpson has the best view on it], but otherwise this is pretty good.

Recovering the USS Cairo

Here is the indomitable Edwin C. Bearss at the 2019 Longwood University symposium discussing the recovery and raising of the U.S.S. Cairo. Ed was intimately involved in that operation, and he has several photos to add to his recollections and reflections. He delivers this talk as only Ed Bearss can deliver a talk. The video’s […]