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Aerial America: Here’s Why the Battle of Vicksburg Was So Important

This is from the Smithsonian Channel. It gives us some great aerial views of Vicksburg and its surrounding area, even though the script could use some tweaking. You can see it here.

Vicksburg Animated Map

The Civil War Trust recently announced they’ve completed work on their animated map of the Battle of Vicksburg. You can access it here. These are excellent tools for us students of the war.

The Civil War: Episode 4 – Simply Murder (1863) | Ken Burns Documentary

Episode Four includes the Battle of Gettysburg.  I think it is no understatement to say the treatment of Gettysburg in this episode is horrid.  Anyone who listens to this as their introduction to the Battle of Gettysburg will not just have a necessarily incomplete understanding, which can be forgiven because the episode has a time […]

Ed Bearss Interview

Here’s an interview with Ed Bearss telling about how he and his team found the USS Cairo.

The Cultural and Natural Resources of Vicksburg

This is Ranger Virginia DuBowy talking about the various natural and cultural resources in and around the Vicksburg National Military Park.  This is part of the 2014 Licensed Battlefield Guide Seminar.  We learn about the various wild life, flowers, and fauna in the area as well as the USS Cairo and other cultural resources of […]

The Art of Commemoration

This is Ranger Ray Hamel giving a presentation on the monuments and memorials in the Vicksburg National Military Park.  This is another part of their 2014 Licensed Battlefield Guide Seminar.

Occupation and Reconstruction at Vicksburg

Here’s Ranger David Slay presenting a lecture on the occupation of Vicksburg and Vicksburg in Reconstruction.  One of the questioners is very confused.  He doesn’t know the Illinois black codes were repealed in 1865 and thinks they lasted long after the Civil War. Here’s the outline of the presentation: Preamble. A. Dunning School 1. Gone […]