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Images of President Lincoln in the U.S. Capitol

Here’s Harold Holzer speaking to the U.S. Capitol Historical Society on the images of Abraham Lincoln, and the stories surrounding them, in the U.S. Capitol. The video’s description reads, “Harold Holzer talked about the creation of and meaning behind the many paintings, sculptures, and photographs of President Lincoln now on public display in the U.S. […]

Book Discussion Podcasts Available

The Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) has podcasts of its book discussion program, “PA Books,” available for free. You can access them here. While the history books encompass more than the Civil War, the war does have a significant presence here.

Confederate Heritage Advocates Don’t Know History

Well, longtime readers know we’ve discussed this before, many times. As you know, I have a very low opinion of the intellect, knowledge, and honesty of these folks [see here]. We now have some objective results that confirm this low opinion of them. The authors of a new study report, “those who support the public […]

How the Civil War Shaped the Modern Constitution

Here’s Judge Thomas Logue giving a presentation during Alumni Week at Dickinson College [he’s an alumnus of the Dickinson Class of 1977] on the Civil War as a Constitutional crisis and how the war affected the Constitution. The video’s description says, “Judge Thomas Logue (Dickinson College Class of ’77) of the Florida Court of Appeal […]

153rd Anniversary of the Battle of Cool Spring

Yesterday, July 15, 2017, I was back in the Old Dominion, always a great thing, to attend the commemoration of the 153rd Anniversary of the Battle of Cool Spring. You’re forgiven if you’ve never heard of this battle. It doesn’t always get brought up in discussions of the 1864 Shenandoah Valley campaign, and usually if […]

Civil War and Emancipation Policy

In this class from the course on the Civil War and Reconstruction, Georgetown University history professor Brian Taylor discusses how the Union’s emancipation policy came about during the war. The video’s description reads, “Professor Brian Taylor talked about the military strategy and political policy goals of emancipation during the Civil War. He spoke about how […]

Lincoln, Slavery, and the Dred Scott Case

Here’s Professor Allen C. Guelzo of Gettysburg College conducting a class in his course on the Civil War Era. In this class he introduces Abraham Lincoln and discusses Lincoln’s views on slavery and the infamous Dred Scott Supreme Court decision. The video’s description tells us, “Professor Allen Guelzo talked about Abraham Lincoln, his views on […]