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Jefferson Davis as a Representative of Civilization

This was the 1890 Commencement Address W. E. B. DuBois delivered at Harvard University [see here]. Dr. DuBois begins, “Jefferson Davis was a typical Teutonic hero; the history of civilization during the last millennium has been the development of the idea of the Strong Man of which he was the embodiment. The Anglo-Saxon loves a […]

Conversation with Historian Allen Guelzo

Here are historians Gary Gallagher and Allen Guelzo having a wonderful discussion running the gamut from R. E. Lee to treason trials. The video’s description reads, “Historian Gary Gallagher talked with Lincoln and Civil War scholar Allen Guelzo about his previous work on President Abraham Lincoln as well as his current project on Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Mr. Guelzo highlighted President […]

Interpreting the Civil War for the Public

Here’s a panel discussion of authors in the Emerging Civil War book series. The discussion’s quality is a bit uneven at times, but overall it’s pretty decent. The video’s description reads, “Authors and public historians talked about how to make the Civil War era relatable to modern audiences. They discussed the state of Civil War studies and battlefield […]

Updating Charlottesville and Historians on Monuments

The Washington Post published this autopsy of police (non)action in Charlottesville. It seems their plan went awry when the white supremacists took a route the police hadn’t planned on. Also, while the Governor suggested they ban weapons and backpacks, the police decided not to take that precaution. Finally, a video surfaced showing one of the white supremacist […]

Two Podcasts with Colin Woodward

Historian Colin Woodward hosts the “Amerikan Rambler” podcast, and as part of his podcast he interviews historians. He’s recently conducted two great interviews with John Hennessy, Chief Historian at the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania National Military Park and Professor Allen C. Guelzo of Gettysburg College. Each interview is just under two hours long. You can get to the […]

Historians Provide Context for Confederate Monuments

Historians have been busy. My friend and fellow blogger, Megan Kate Nelson, put together a group of links to historians commenting on the confederate monument issue here. Noted Lincoln author Harold Holzer has a piece in the New York Daily News. He writes, “There’s nothing wrong with removing truly offensive statues that elevate traitors in public space. […]

Why Understanding Civil War Monuments Matters

Here’s a discussion on confederate monuments and the role historians play in explaining them with my friend and blogging colleague Kevin Levin and Professor Daina Ramey Berry of the University of Texas at Austin. You can access it here.