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Gordon Rhea on A House Divided. S. 2 ep. 17

Here’s Gordon Rhea appearing on the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop’s “Author’s Voice” talking about his book, On to Petersburg, which ends his series on the Overland Campaign. The video’s description reads, “Here is part of the interview with Gordon Rhea by Bjorn Skaptason, originally live streamed on November 1, 2017. Unfortunately, the first half of the […]

Dr. Bud

I was very sad to read of yesterday’s passing of Dr. James I. “Bud” Robertson. We students of his liked to call him, “Dr. Bud.” Stories here, here, and here. Dr. Bud was at the very top of the Civil War History profession. It is no exaggeration to say we former students of his loved […]

American Rambler Episode 149: John Sacher

Here’s a conversation between host Dr. Colin Woodward and his guest, Dr. John Sacher. This is a pretty good conversation about the history profession and Dr. Sacher’s research on conscription in the confederacy. You can access the podcast here.

Civil War Talk Radio Episode 1608: The Fight for the Old North State

Here’s a nice conversation between host Dr. Gerald Prokopowicz and guest Hampton Newsome on the Civil War in North Carolina.


Here’s an excellent episode of “Backstory” with Professor Eric Foner discussing the Reconstruction Amendments with host Professor Edward Ayers. You can access the program here.

The Rogue Historian Episode 068: Disability, Masculinity, and War with Sarah Handley-Cousins

Here’s host Dr. Keith Harris speaking with his guest, Dr. Sarah Handley-Cousins. This is really a good discussion about a topic students of the Civil War normally don’t look at. You can access the podcast here.

American Rambler Episode 148: Matt Hulbert

This is a terrific conversation between the host, Dr. Colin Woodward, and guest Dr. Matt Hulbert. It’s a great discussion regarding academic publishing, guerrilla warfare in the Civil War, and Dr. Earl Hess’s controversial article in Civil War History as well as who would you rather have dinner with, Robert E. Lee or Nathan Bedford Forrest. […]