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2023 Fortenbaugh Lecture

The Robert Fortenbaugh Lecture is held each year on November 19 and sponsored by the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. The CWI has announced the details for this year’s lecture. “The 2023 Fortenbaugh Lecture, The State of Civil War Military History, will be a roundtable discussion featuring Gary Gallagher (University of Virginia); Lorien Foote (Texas A&M University); […]

The Private Lincoln: Examining His Most Personal Reflections

This interview with Ronald C. White appeared in the September, 2021 issue of America’s Civil War magazine. Senior editor Nancy Tappan conducted the interview. [begin quote] ACW: Nicolay and Hay sometimes categorized Lincoln’s notes as fragments. Why? RCW: Because many appear to begin or end in the middle of a sentence. Some end with a […]

History With David Rubenstein: Manisha Sinha

Here’s an excellent discussion with Professor Manisha Sinha on Reconstruction. The video’s description reads, “Historian Manisha Sinha discusses the historical significance of America’s evolution during the period of Reconstruction following the Civil War, which saw a transformation of the American nation from a slaveholding republic into an interracial democracy, all alongside the rise of industrial […]

Civil War Journeys, Geography, and Photography

Here’s Garry Adelman giving a great presentation at Virginia Tech’s Civil War Weekend. The video’s description reads, “Historian Garry Adelman used stories and Civil War photography to talk about the ways people experienced the war depending on where they were and how they traveled. The Virginia Center for Civil War Studies at Virginia Tech University […]

History With David Rubenstein: H.W. Brands

In this discussion, Professor H. W. Brands discusses the American Revolution and the conflict between the Patriots and the Loyalists during the Revolution. The episode’s description reads, “Pulitzer Prize finalist H.W. Brands examines the deep-seated divisions that made up the American Revolution before the war—between Loyalists and Patriots, families, friends, and neighbors.” You can access […]

Eager For a New Take on the Civil War? A Historian Explores the Gritty Fighting Culture of Sherman’s Troops

This article comes from the February, 2023 issue of Civil War Times magazine. “William T. Sherman’s legacy probably is linked more to 15th U.S. Army Corps than any other unit or army he would command during the Civil War. Still today, more than 160 years later, Sherman and the ‘Diabolical 15th’ continue to spur wrath […]

Sacred Trust 2023

The Gettysburg Foundation posted the schedule for this year’s Sacred Trust series of lectures at the Gettysburg National Military Park. It kicks off with a musical program on the evening of June 30. The July 1 schedule is: 9:30 a.m. | “Small but Important Riots: The Cavalry Battles of Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville – Thirty […]

CWI Fellow Carly Jensen ’24 Interviews Dr. Megan Kate Nelson

In this interview, Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College Fellow Carly Jensen talks with Dr. Megan Kate Nelson about Dr. Nelson’s scholarship and a preview of what Dr. Nelson will be presenting at this year’s conference. The video’s description reads, “CWI Fellow Carly Jensen ’24 interviewed Dr. Megan Kate Nelson. Dr. Nelson will be a […]

Military Historians Are People, Too! S3E11 Lesley Gordon

This is a terrific interview with Professor Lesley Gordon. You can access the podcast here.

Military Historians Are People, Too! S1E3 Lorien Foote – Texas A&M University

This podcast about military historians is really good. The podcast’s description reads, “Join military history professors Brian Feltman and Bill Allison as they chat with fellow military historians, public historians, scholars of war and society, and other exciting people about history, the historical profession, and life in general on Military Historians are People, Too” In […]