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American Rambler Episode 144: Stephanie McCurry

In this excellent episode, host Dr. Colin Woodward speaks with Dr. Stephanie McCurry about her career and her research. The description of the podcast episode tells us, “A native of Northern Ireland, Stephanie McCurry moved to Canada while in high school before settling in the United States. She studied under renowned slavery scholars Eugene and […]

Factually! Episode 10: Skewed Civil War Stories with Christy Coleman

Here’s a discussion between the host of Factually!, Adam Conover, and Christy Coleman, CEO of the American Civil War Museum. It’s a pretty good conversation, though I found Mr. Conover’s voice to be grating after time. You can access the Podcast here.

2019 Civil War Institute Day One

June 14, 2019 was the first day of this year’s Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College Summer Conference. The CWI conference is the best five days of the year for a Civil War student. Five glorious days in Gettysburg with top historians and tours of the Gettysburg battlefield and a bus ride to tour another […]

The Rogue Historian Episode #59 The Free State of Jones with Victoria Bynum

This is a really outstanding conversation between host Dr. Keith Harris and guest Dr. Victoria Bynum centering on southern unionists, Newt Knight, and the Free State of Jones. You can access the podcast and the accompanying links here.

Leading by History Ep. 15 – The Black Confederate Soldier – Myth or Reality?

Here’s a terrific conversation on the relatively new podcast, “Leading by History,” with Kevin Levin discussing the black confederate myth. You can access the podcast here.

Professor Buzzkill Episode #309 – Why We Need a New Civil War Documentary

Here’s a good conversation between Dr. Kerry Leigh Merritt and Dr. Joseph Cohill, aka “Professor Buzzkill” on Dr. Merritt’s call for a new Civil War documentary, considering the Ken Burns series is now almost thirty years old. They get into Burns’s overreliance on Shelby Foote as well as what a new documentary might include. You […]

The Rogue Historian Episode #44 Yes, It Is Time for a New Civil War Documentary – with Keri Leigh Merritt

Here’s a very good conversation between Dr. Keith Harris and Dr. Keri Leigh Merritt focusing on her call for a new Civil War documentary, considering the Ken Burns miniseries is over twenty years old and scholarship has progressed tremendously in the intervening  years. You can access this podcast here.