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Mike Huckabee Shows His Ignorance

I saw this article earlier. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee shows he’s completely unreliable when it comes to writing anything truthful–at least about history. He claims, “In this era when we scour history to make it politically correct, even people’s bones are declared evil, dug up and banished.” Well, no. That’s a complete lie. But […]

U. S. Marine Corps Begins to Divest Itself of Symbols of Treason and Racism

The Commandant of the Marine Corps, General David Berger, ordered in February that the Corps remove all confederate paraphernalia from its bases. As this article tells us, “The question of whether Confederate symbols represent heritage or hatred has been vexing for the U.S. military. In January 2016, the Marine Corps refused to allow a man with […]

New Monument News

There is good news on the monument front. This article by Professor Michael Nelson, a political scientist at Rhodes College, states “The Conservative Case for Moving Forrest’s Bust.” Regarding the Nathan Bedford Forrest bust in the Tennessee State Capitol, Professor Nelson writes, “The standard debate on the bust runs along familiar ideological lines.  Conservatives say the […]

Some Movement on the 1619 Project Controversy

We’ve had some interesting developments regarding the arguments over the 1619 Project. First, we saw this article from Professor Leslie Harris of Northwestern University. Titled “I Helped Fact Check the 1619 Project. The New York Times Ignored Me,” Professor Harris zeroes in on the weakest part of the opening essay, the assertion that “one of […]

The 15th Amendment Was Ratified 150 Years Ago, but the Fight to Protect Black Voters Continues

This article by freelance journalist Jameelah Nasheed typifies the occasional series at Teen Vogue covering aspects of US history from a nonwhite perspective. It’s good to see this magazine taking on such excellent topics. It starts with a pretty good summary fitting the right to vote with Reconstruction. “On February 3, 1870 — 150 years ago […]

The History of the Confederate Flag and What It Represents

This is an excellent piece from freelance journalist Jameelah Nasheed in Teen Vogue of all places. The article tells us, “During the Civil War, the Confederacy had three official iterations of its flag — none of which resembled the flag we now think of as the Confederate flag. The flag — a red background with a blue St. Andrew’s Cross and 13 […]

Those Doggone Liberal Revising Revisionists

It seems some conservatives are again upset about what they believe is being done in schools. This article from the New York Post details some of the current complaints. It tells us, ” ‘Today we talk as if it’s all about college and career readiness,’ education scholar Michael J. Petrilli told The Post. ‘But going back […]