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Was Robert E. Lee a Woman Whipper?

This article is based on the testimony of Wesley Norris, a formerly enslaved person at Arlington who was under Robert E. Lee’s management after George Washington Parke Custis died. It starts with the basic facts. “On March 26, 1866, the New York Daily Tribune published a shocking account of Robert E. Lee’s actions in 1859 […]

The SCV Keeping the Black Confederate Myth Alive

I came across this story out of Virginia, where a group of heritage instead of history types from the SCV are pushing the black confederate myth in a trip to Petersburg to the grave of Dick Poplar, whom they refer to as a black confederate soldier. According to them, he was “A black Confederate who, […]

Supporting the Confederacy Means Fallacious Thinking and Bad History

With the renewed movement against confederate iconography has come renewed defenses of those symbols. The defenders of those symbols are forced into a whitewashing and fallacious thinking in order to make their case. Here’s one example. The author makes the patently ridiculous claim that, “The campaign against Confederate heritage is really a campaign against American […]

A Confederacy of Dunces

AKA, the Trump Administration. The latest idiocy comes from Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke in this story. Zinke hits the dummy trifecta in this story. We have this part first: ” ‘Where do you start and where do you stop? … If you’re a native Indian, I can tell you, you’re not very happy […]

Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Here’s John Oliver of Last Week Tonight humorously taking on confederate monuments. Enjoy.

Robert E. Lee–Slave Owner

The Heritage Instead of History crowd would have us believe Robert E. Lee was not a slave owner. As with almost everything else they claim, it’s hogwash. In “The Myth of Robert E. Lee and the ‘Good’ Slave Owner,” historian Glenn David Brasher tells us, ” Lost Cause advocates painted slavery as beneficial to both whites […]

The Confederacy in Retreat in Texas and North Carolina

Following the removal of a statue to former U.S. Army colonel and insurrectionist leader Robert E. Lee from Dallas’ Oak Lawn Park, a city task force on confederate monuments is recommending more moves regarding removing monuments and even changing street names. “The group voted to recommend name  changes to five streets tied to Confederate figures. […]