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Checking in on Confederate Heritage

It’s been awhile since we checked in on confederate heritage’s retreat across the land. As this article tells us, two possible future racists at a Texas high school face disciplinary measures for wearing confederate flag attire at the school in violation of the school’s dress code. “Two Texas students are facing disciplinary action after wearing […]

Civil War Monuments

Here’s Professor Thomas Brown speaking with Professor Greg Downs and Professor Kate Masur on his book on Civil War Monuments. The video’s description reads, “Thomas Brown is the author of ‘Civil War Monuments & the Militarization of America.’ He discussed his book with Gregory Downs and Kate Masur, co-editors of the Journal of the Civil War Era. They examined the artistic, […]

Confederate Monuments and Memorials

Here’s another excellent conversation about confederate monumentation, this time between Kevin Levin and Professor Hilary Green. The video’s description reads, “Historians Kevin Levin and Hilary Green looked at how the Civil War is remembered through the memorial landscape and discussed whether to remove or contextualize Confederate monuments. Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., hosted this event and provided the video.”

Confederate Heritage Retreat Update

Confederate heritage continues its retreat. In this article from Fairfax County, Virginia, we find the confederate markers outside the courthouse made their trek away from public view. “Confederate markers were removed from outside the Fairfax County Courthouse overnight Thursday. ‘We started today with a Fairfax County that better reflects our values,’ Jeff McKay tweeted Friday […]

Confederate Monuments and Memorials

Here’s a terrific conversation between Professor Edna Greene Medford and Professor Orville Vernon Burton on confederate monumentation. The video’s description reads, “Historians Edna Greene Medford and Vernon Burton discussed the debate over Confederate monuments and memorials and shared their opinions on when such statues should be removed and what to do with them. They also talked about how […]

More Confederate Heritage Retreat

It seems the confederate heritage retreat continues. This article tells us about Pensacola’s removing its confederate monument. “An 8-foot statue of a Confederate soldier that overlooked Pensacola for 129 years is no longer atop the 50-foot monument to Confederate soldiers and leaders, and the rest of the monument will soon also be removed. A work […]

Debating and Removing Monuments

Here’s an excellent conversation on monuments and monument removals with Professors Annette Gordon-Reed and David Blight and Dr. James Grossman, Executive Director of the American Historical Association. The video’s description reads, “Historians David Blight and Annette Gordon-Reed talked about recent debates over historical monuments, discussing how people could make decisions about removing or contextualizing them based on historical […]

Webinar – Deconstructing Confederate Monuments

Here is a terrific discussion on confederate monuments between Professor Dina Bailey, Professor Ashleigh Lawrence-Sanders, and Kevin Levin. The video’s description reads, “In fall 2020, the Kutsche Office of Local History hosted a roundtable to examine how memorializing the Confederacy became so widespread even outside the South, how these memorials contribute to historic erasure, their […]

A 1619 Project Update

The 1619 Project from the New York Times continues to generate controversy. We start with this article from Commonweal. It’s written by Andrew Bacevich. He writes, “The traditional answer to where and when the American story began is Philadelphia in the summer of 1776. The current editors of the New York Times beg to differ. According to […]

More on the Desperate, Cynical Ploy

The tin-plated wannabe dictator’s cynical ploy to boost his sagging poll numbers got some more reactions. According to this article, “Social studies and history education organizations, and many teachers, criticized the president’s statements yesterday after he condemned history classes that include lessons on systemic racism for teaching what he called ‘lies’ and ‘left-wing indoctrination.’ President […]