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The Week in Confederate Heritage

We begin by catching up on some articles that dropped through the cracks, such as this article out of Richmond, Virginia. “The same company that took down the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia, was hired to dismantle the city’s last major Confederate statue and the pedestals where other Civil War-linked monuments used to […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

We begin this week’s report with this article about the approval for a new National Slavery Museum. “The Richmond City Council has allocated $1.3 million for work to begin on a national slavery museum and historical campus in Shockoe Bottom. The council approved the funding Monday evening after a public hearing where all 11 speakers […]

Virginia Republicans Push a Bill That Tells Teachers What History to Teach But Gets Its History Wrong

By now many of you have probably heard of this. If not, let’s look at this article, telling us, “Of all the paragraphs in a bill to ban ‘divisive concepts’ from being taught in Virginia public schools, Section B3 may seem the most innocuous. After all, it is in the part of the proposal that defined what could actually […]

Recycled Racism

In reading Susie King Taylor’s memoirs, I came across the following: “I read an article, which said the ex-Confederate Daughters had sent a petition to the managers of the local theatres in Tennessee to prohibit the performance of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin,’ claiming it was exaggerated (that is, the treatment of the slaves), and would have […]

America’s last slave ship is more intact than anyone thought

This article reports on what archaeologists found in their investigation of the slave ship Clotilda. “When the 160-year-old wreckage of the Clotilda, America’s last known slave ship, was positively identified in the murky waters of the Mobile River in 2019, that was enough for Joycelyn Davis. Growing up in historic Africatown near Mobile, Alabama, Davis always believed the […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

There is some big news in the nationwide retreat of confederate heritage. Let’s start with Virginia and this article telling us about the second time capsule found at the Lee monument pedestal. “Now we know the mundane truth of what literally lay at the root of this city’s grandiose monument to Gen. Robert E. Lee: […]

A 1619 Project Update

The 1619 Project remains in the news, especially with the release of the book, The 1619 Project: A New Origins Story. The PBS News Hour did this story containing an interview with Nikole Hannah-Jones. Here are some excerpts: “There’s a essay by Dorothy Roberts on how race was constructed. I knew that Martha Jones, I […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

Our first stop in this week’s survey of the nationwide retreat of confederate heritage is Charleston, South Carolina and this article. “The City of Charleston’s Commission on History voted in favor of sending the John C. Calhoun statue that previously stood in Marion Square to be featured as part of an exhibit in a California […]

Republicans Still Using Critical Race Theory to Make War on Education

This story looks at the failure of journalists to competently report on CRT and the cynical, Fascist Republican ploy to keep Americans ignorant. “What the media have uniformly failed to do in Virginia, and nationwide as deep-pocketed, right-wing activists march on with their manufactured outrage over CRT, is forcefully point out that it’s not taught […]

Christian Nationalists Love To Distort Our History

I came across this blog post on how Christian Nationalists distort our history. “Many Christian nationalist leaders are keenly interested in U.S. history – more accurately, they’re interested in distorting U.S. history for political purposes. They know if they can teach a mythical version of our past, it will aid their efforts to base our laws today […]