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The Week in Confederate Heritage

We begin by catching up with this article out of New Orleans, Louisiana. “Robert E. Lee Day and Confederate Memorial Day will no longer be on the state’s calendar of official holidays after HB 248, authored by New Orleans Representative Matthew Willard, received final legislative approval. Alexandria Senator Jay Luneau carried the bill in the […]

The Valentine Museum Displays the Jefferson Davis Statue from Monument Avenue

On June 10,2020, demonstrators in Richmond, Virginia, pulled down the statue honoring Jefferson Davis placed on Monument Avenue by a white supremacist group in 1907. As this site shows, the Valentine Museum in Richmond has put up a temporary exhibit of that statue. This article gives us some information on the display. The article tells […]

American Students Barely Know Anything About Reconstruction

I came across this essay by Rotimi Adeoye of the ACLU looking about how American students don’t get educated about Reconstruction the way they should. “Schools need to be a whole lot more honest with America’s students. If we don’t teach students about the past, we aren’t equipping them with the tools to succeed in the future. […]

Catching Up on Confederate Heritage

Last week I was at the Civil War Institute symposium, so this week we’re going to look at two weeks’ worth of developments in the nationwide retreat of confederate heritage. We begin with this article from Owensboro, Kentucky. “A confederate statue that was the subject of an ownership battle in Daviess County has been removed […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

The biggest news this week comes to us from the United States Military Academy at West Point. This article tells us, “For 70 years, the slave-owning Confederate general Robert E. Lee has stared down at West Point cadets from a massive portrait in the academy’s library, a slave guiding his horse in the background. But […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

Some big news in the nationwide retreat of confederate heritage. We begin with this article regarding the renaming of US Army bases, getting rid of the names of traitors to the United States who fought to maintain slavery and white supremacy. “The panel established by Congress to identify new names for nine Army installations honoring […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

This week we begin with this article from Brunswick, Georgia. “A monument to Confederate soldiers in Hanover Square came down Tuesday, its future unknown as it was loaded onto a truck and trailer in three pieces. Brunswick Mayor Cosby Johnson released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying that the city ‘removed the singular vestige of a […]

Textbook Ideological Battles are Nothing New

This article gives us some historical perspective on bias in textbooks, something that has long plagued us. “The Texas State Board of Education preliminarily voted 14-0 today to reject a Mexican-American history textbook that scholars have said was riddled with inaccuracies. A final vote on the textbook is due Friday. ‘One of the fundamental problems with the […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

We begin this week’s look at the nationwide retreat of confederate heritage with this article from South Carolina. “Former Congressman and current Democratic candidate for Governor Joe Cunningham renewed his call for an end to the state holiday known as Confederate Memorial Day and replace it with Election Day. Cunningham said he first proposed removing Confederate […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

The week we begin with this article from Arkansas. “Talk surrounding moving the Confederate monument on the Sebastian County Courthouse lawn has stalled, leaving the statue in place. County Judge David Hudson said a plan to relocate the statue would have to appease all the involved parties, but the discussion never reached that point. The Arkansas legislature further halted any […]