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The Year It Became Embarrassing to Fly the Confederate Flag: An interview with James E. Loewen

Here’s a short clip of sociologist James Loewen discussing the retreat of confederate monumentation and iconography. He mentions not only the Charleston murders but also the Charlottesville riots by white supremacists. What do you think? Advertisements

Remembering the Civil War With David Blight

Here’s a terrific interview on Radio West, on KUER in Salt Lake City, Utah, conducted by host Douglas Fabrizio with his guest, Professor David Blight of Yale University. The interview is loaded with great things. They talk about monuments, about Shelby Foote, about Robert E. Lee, the Lost Cause, and about the memory of the […]

There Is No Moral Equivalence Between the Confederacy and the United States

In the reconciliation tradition, we have the story of William and James Terrill of Virginia. William Terrill was a brigadier general in the Union Army and was killed at the Battle of Perryville. His brother, James Terrill, commanded the 13th Virginia of the confederate army and was killed at the Battle of Bethesda Church in […]

2017 Said Goodbye to White Supremacist Monuments

2017 will be remembered as the year good people struck back at white supremacy and brought down many of its monuments. Over at Civil War Memory, Kevin Levin has a listing of the major monuments that bit the dust, were removed to storage, or moved to another location. It seems appropriate right now to take […]

Monument, Myth & Meaning

This program from New York City’s Cooper Union is a panel discussion on Civil War monuments, their meanings, and myths surrounding them. The video’s description reads, “A conversation with Michele H. Bogart, Stony Brook University Professor; James Grossman, Executive Director of the American Historical Association; Julian LaVerdiere, co-creator of the Tribute in Light Memorial; visual […]

Second Place Trophies: Contexts For Making Sense of Monument Avenue

Here’s a really outstanding presentation by historian John Coski of the American Civil War Museum on the confederate monuments along Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Coski is a very careful, circumspect historian who makes sure of his facts and makes sure his interpretations are well grounded in fact and logic.

Recasting the Confederacy: Monuments and Civil War Memory

Here’s an outstanding discussion of confederate monuments and memory with panelists David Blight, Nina Silber, Fitzhugh Brundage, and Manisha Sinha. It comes to us from the University of Connecticut and is part of the Fall 2017 Draper Workshop Series of that university.