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Debunking Neoconfederate Lies

I found this article from Professor Adam Domby, though I fixed the article’s title. I’ve come to the conclusion we should stop calling them “myths” and start calling them what they truly are: lies. He takes on four neoconfederate lies. First, the lying claim the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. “Let us […]

More on Monuments

Some good articles came out regarding the racist falsification of history also known as confederate monuments. First we have this essay from Professor Lance Ingwersen of Jacksonville State University in response to a neoconfederate politician who wrote a pack of lies, as neoconfederates are wont to do, regarding these symbols of white supremacy. Alabama State […]

Continuing the 1619 Project Controversy

The argument over the 1619 Project continues, with varying levels of quality in the sources. One of the worst is this one, which is nothing more than an incompetent attempt to selectively summarize points in a dishonest attempt to put the project in the worst light. Only the ill-informed or least intelligent would be fooled […]

When White Women Wanted a Monument to Black ‘Mammies’

I came across this article by Professor Alison Parker of the University of Delaware. She writes, “In 1923, a group of white women wanted to build what they called a ‘monument to the faithful colored mammies’ in Washington. These women, members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, pressed lawmakers in Congress to introduce a […]

Judge Overturns Corrupt Silent Sam Deal

A North Carolina judge voided the corrupt deal between the University of North Carolina and the SCV. In this article we learn, “The November 2019 agreement required the UNC system to give Silent Sam to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, along with $2.5 million for its preservation and display. It was announced within minutes of […]

Virginia Continues to Push Back on Confederate Heritage

There is important news out of the Old Dominion. The new majority in the state legislature is joining with Governor Ralph Northam to push confederate heritage instead of history back. This article tells us, “the Virginia House voted 55-42 to pass HB 108, a bill that would remove Lee-Jackson Day as a state holiday. The legislation […]

‘How many people can you massacre and still be honored?’ Tennessee House debates Forrest bust removal

This article showed up telling us “An attempt to move forward a resolution to remove the Capitol bust of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest prompted a lengthy and impassioned debate Tuesday among House legislators. The discussion, held in the usually low-stakes House naming and designating committee, surrounded a resolution filed by Rep. Rick Staples, D-Knoxville, […]