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Richmond Commission Recommends Booting Jeff Davis

  Richmond’s Monument Avenue Commission, put in place by Mayor Levar Stoney, released its report on what it recommends be done with the monuments on Richmond’s iconic Monument Avenue. See story here, here, and here. You can download and read the entire report at the commission’s website here. The commission recommends removing the monument to […]

What Should Be The Fate Of Confederate Memorials?

Here’s an interview with Yale University historian David Blight on confederate monuments. He starts by recounting the first Memorial Day held in Charleston, SC by African American residents who honored the sacrifices of United States soldiers who had been captured by the confederates and died in captivity. The discussion then moves on to confederate monuments. […]

Richmond’s J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School — honoring a Confederate — will be renamed for Barack Obama

This story came across my news feed this morning. That sound you hear is coming from racist confederacy supporters across the country going bonkers. When this action is complete, Richmond, Virginia, the former capital of the confederacy, will have no schools named after confederates. “The Richmond School Board voted 6-1 Monday night to rename J.E.B. […]

An Iconographic Roundup

There have been quite a few stories out since last we discussed the confederate iconography issue. Let’s tackle a few. In “Why Can’t North Carolina Let Go of the Lost Cause?” journalist Erica Hellerstein reports on the October, 1909 speech of North Carolina Governor William W. Kitchin at the dedication of a confederate monument in Granville […]

‘Fightin’ to Keep Slavery’

I came across this article and thought it was interesting. She starts out, “A common refrain among conservatives is that black people should get over slavery. Even though conservatives refuse to.” That’s going to leave a mark. 🙂 She continues, referring to the actions of the Tennessee legislature regarding the Nathan Bedford Forrest, Jefferson Davis, and […]

Mascots, Myths, Monuments, and Memory Part 2

Part Two begins with the keynote address by Professor Ibram X. Kendi of American University on race and memory, followed by a Q&A with the audience. We next hear from Bree Newsome, who is the person who scaled the flagpole on the capital grounds in Charleston, South Carolina and took down the confederate flag flying […]

The Confederate Flag Is Still a Racist Symbol

We have this story out of Michigan (see also here). A group of racist dirtbags surrounded Bay City Western High School in Auburn, Michigan, with pickup trucks flying confederate flags. I guess there’s a good reason for the stereotype. They are there because the week before an African-American student allegedly took down a confederate flag […]