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Stewart v. Kahn

The citation for this case is 78 US [11 Wall.] 493. On August 10, 1860 the New Orleans trading firm of Bloom, Kahn & Company took out a promissory note to the New York firm of A. T. Stewart & Company, and promised to pay $3,226.24 at maturity of the note, which would be on […]

Georgia v. Stanton

The citation for this case is 73 US [6 Wall.] 50. This is a case out of Reconstruction where Georgia challenged the constitutionality of the Reconstruction Acts and sought to keep Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, General-in-Chief Ulysses S. Grant, and Third Military District Commander Major General John Pope from enforcing those acts. Georgia […]

State of Mississippi v. Johnson

The citation for this case is 71 US 475. In reaction to the Reconstruction Acts, the State of Mississippi brought suit to keep Andrew Johnson and the US Government from enforcing those laws. As the introduction to the case tells us, “This was a motion made by Messrs. Sharkey and R. J. Walker, on behalf […]

Ex Parte Garland

The citation for this case is 71 US (4 Wall.) 333. Augustus Garland of Little Rock, Arkansas, was an attorney admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States in December of 1860. In May of 1861, Arkansas claimed to have seceded from the United States and joined the confederacy. Garland became a […]

Virginia v. West Virginia (1870)

The citation for this case is 78 US (11 Wall.) 39. This case concerned the disputed boundary between Virginia and the relatively new state of West Virginia, which had been created from the northwestern counties of Virginia in 1863. The Court begins by recounting the process by which the loyal government of Virginia gave its […]

Charge to Grand Jury: Fugitive Slave Law, March 1851

The citation is 30 Fed. Cas. 1015, Case No. 18,263. This charge was from Federal Judge Peleg Sprague, a judge President John Tyler of Virginia had appointed to the Federal Judiciary, taking his position in 1841. This was in the District Court in the District of Massachusetts. This charge to the grand jury was precipitated […]

Charge to Grand Jury Fugitive Slave Law October 1851

The citation for this case is 30 Fed. Cas. 1013, Case No. 18,262. Justice Samuel Nelson, Circuit Justice for New York, gave these instructions to the Grand Jury in the Northern District of New York in October of 1851. In his instructions, Justice Nelson explained why he was giving this charge: “The district attorney has […]