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Supreme Court Justices Pre-Civil War and Slavery

Here’s Professor Paul Finkelman discussing the relationship of Antebellum Supreme Court Justices with slavery, especially Chief Justice John Marshall, who owned over 200 human beings. This is an excellent presentation, given at the National Archives. This was part of a series on “Slavery and the Supreme Court, 1801-1864.” The video’s description reads, “Legal historian, college […]

Citizenship and Race in the Mid-19th Century

Here’s a panel discussion on race and citizenship in the Antebellum era. The panelists are Professor Chris Bonner of the University of Maryland-College Park, Professor Andrea Gillespie of Emory University, Professor Nicholas Guyatt of the University of Cambridge, and Professor Kate Masur of Northwestern University. The moderator is Professor David Blight of Yale University. The […]

The Andromeda

The citation for this case is 69 US [2 Wall.] 481. This is another case of attempted blockade running. The case was argued on 25 January 1865 and decided on 13 February 1865. The USS Pursuit captured the schooner Andromeda off the Cuban coast on May 20, 1862. She was headed to Havana after having begun her […]

The Baigorry

The citation for this case is 69 US [2 Wall.] 474. This case arises from the naval blockade of the confederacy. The schooner Baigorry, loaded with cotton, was captured by the USS Bainbridge on June 9, 1862 about a hundred miles from Havana, her destination from her departure point of Calcasieu Pass, Louisiana. She was taken to […]

Mrs. Alexander’s Cotton

The citation for this case is 69 US [2 Wall.] 404. In 1864, the Union conducted the Red River campaign under Major General Nathaniel Banks, operating with Admiral David Dixon Porter. Around March 26, a party from the USS Ouachita captured seventy-two bales of cotton from the plantation owned by sixty-five-year-old Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander. It was […]

The Slavers

Here we have four cases all dealing with condemnation of vessels as slave ships. The vessels and the citations for their cases were the Kate 69 US [2 Wall.] 350; the Sarah 69 US [2 Wall.] 366; the Weathergage 69 US [2 Wall.] 375; and the Reindeer 69 US [2 Wall.] 383. All four cases are from the December, 1864 term […]

The Venice

The citation for this case is 69 US [2 Wall.] 258. On May 15, 1862, the US Navy ship USS Calhoun captured a schooner named The Venice on Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans, Louisiana. The schooner had a cargo of cotton owned by David G. Cooke, a British subject who had lived in New Orleans […]