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Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant

Here’s Professor Charles Calhoun again, delivering a lecture at the U.S. Naval War College on Grant’s presidency. The video’s description reads, “East Carolina University professor emeritus Charles Calhoun talked about the obstacles President Ulysses S. Grant faced and what he accomplished during his presidency. He spoke about how President Grant’s military background and personality influenced a variety […]

Charles Calhoun on Ulysses S. Grant

Here’s Professor Charles W. Calhoun speaking at the Smithsonian Associates on Ulysses S. Grant as President of the United States. This is an excellent presentation The video’s description reads, “Charles Calhoun reevaluated the 18th president. Mr. Calhoun is the author of The Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant. He explained why Grant was considered an unsuccessful chief executive by […]

Historian Eric Foner on Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution

Here’s Professor Eric Foner delivering an excellent talk that provides an overview of Reconstruction and its historiography. The video’s description tells us, “Speaking at the Century Association in New York City, historian Eric Foner discusses why Reconstruction remains one of the most crucial and least understood epochs in American history, and why understanding it has […]

Frederick Douglass Bicentennial

Here’s Professor David Blight delivering the keynote address at the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial commemoration at the Maryland Historical Society. It’s really good, since he minimizes his wandering off on tangents. The video’s description reads, “Historian David Blight, director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition presented a talk titled […]

Supreme Court Justices Pre-Civil War and Slavery

Here’s Professor Paul Finkelman discussing the relationship of Antebellum Supreme Court Justices with slavery, especially Chief Justice John Marshall, who owned over 200 human beings. This is an excellent presentation, given at the National Archives. This was part of a series on “Slavery and the Supreme Court, 1801-1864.” The video’s description reads, “Legal historian, college […]

The Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia on Abraham Lincoln Books

Here are three authors discussing their books on Abraham Lincoln. These presentations don’t add much for us, and I didn’t find them persuasive in motivating me to go out to get the books, but it’s probably worth the 78 minutes to watch the video. The video’s description reads, “The Lincoln Group of the District of […]

Civil War Conversations- The History and Hollywood of Glory

Here’s Professor Brian Steel Wills giving a presentation at the American Civil War Museum discussing the movie “Glory” and the real history of the 54th Massachusetts compared and contrasted with the screen version in the movie. The video’s description reads, “Every engagement during the American Civil War contained elements of human drama, but few were […]