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Winter Lecture Series 2023: George Dewey and the American Civil War

Here’s Ranger Karlton Smith giving a winter lecture on the future Commodore George Dewey of Manila Bay and his participation in the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “This program will explore the Civil War career of future admiral and victor of Manila Bay George Dewey. Join Ranger Karlton Smith and track Dewey’s experiences from […]

2023 Winter Lecture Series: Intelligence Gathering at Culp’s Hill

Here’s Ranger Troy Harman with the first winter lecture of the Gettysburg Natioal Military Park’s 2023 Winter Lecture Series, a presentation on confederate reconnaissance of Culp’s Hill. The video’s description reads, “Did the Southern Army investigate Culp’s Hill before attacking it? It is imagined the Southern Army attacked Culp’s Hill for two days without knowing […]

National Museum of the Civil War Soldier – Battle of Cedar Creek

Here’s Jeff Wert at Pamplin Park giving an excellent talk on the battle of Cedar Creek. The video’s description reads, “Historian Jeffry Wert discussed how U.S. Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan utterly defeated Confederates at the Civil War Battle of Cedar Creek. The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier in Petersburg, Virginia, hosted this event.”

National Museum of the Civil War Soldier – Battle of Atlanta

In this video from a conference at Pamplin Park, Gary Ecelbarger gives an excellent presentation on the Battle of Atlanta. The video’s description reads, “Historian Gary Ecelbarger discussed the Civil War Battle of Atlanta which precipitated the downfall of the Confederacy. The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier in Petersburg, Virginia, hosted this event.”

Lincoln – The Fire of Genius

This is David Kent, president of the Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia, talking about Lincoln and his interest in science. The video’s description reads, “Scientist and Abraham Lincoln historian David Kent talked about the 16th president’s interests in science and technology from farm science to patent cases to advances in warfare. Mr. Kent is president of the […]

National Museum of the Civil War Soldier, Part 2 – Brice’s Crossroads

Here’s Stewart Bennett at Pamplin Park giving a pretty good presentation on the battle of Brice’s Crossroads, a famous victory for Nathan Bedford Forrest’s command. The video’s description reads, “Historian Stewart Bennett discussed the Civil War Battle of Brice’s Crossroads, a significant victory for Confederate Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest that proved costly for Confederates […]

National Museum of the Civil War Soldier – Battle of Fredericksburg & Marye’s Heights

Here’s Frank O’Reilly, the Chief Historian at the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, giving an excellent presentation on the Battle of Fredericksburg. The video’s description reads, “Historian Frank O’Reilly discussed one of the most one-sided battles of the Civil War, the first battle of Fredericksburg & Marye’s Heights. The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier in […]

Sacred Trust Talks 2022 | Garry E. Adelman

Here’s Garry Adelman giving a typically excellent presentation at the 2022 Sacred Trust Talks. He discusses Devil’s Den and the stories about it. The video’s description reads, “Known for mythical tales of sharpshooters and ghosts, Devil’s Den was in fact a fierce battleground for which more than 5,000 men fought. But by 1895, Devil’s Den […]

Sacred Trust Talks 2022 | Tom Vossler

Here’s retired US Army Colonel Tom Vossler giving a pretty good talk on leadership lessons from the battle of Gettysburg. I’m usually skeptical about “leadership lessons” from battles because normally the person drawing those “lessons” is cherry picking instances that fit their predetermined points. Once can often see the same officers violating the alleged “lessons” […]

The Grimkes

Here’s Professor Kerri Greenidge discussing her book on the Grimke Sisters and the people their family had enslaved. The Grimke sisters left the South and became abolitionists in the free states. This is a discussion with Professor Nikki Taylor of Howard University. The video’s description reads, “Tufts University historian Kerri Greenidge talked about the Grimke […]