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The Union’s Moral Motivations in the War

Here’s Professor Elizabeth Varon of the University of Virginia giving an excellent presentation to the 2019 Lincoln Forum on how the Union soldiers in the Civil War saw themselves as delivering both the nation as a whole and, interestingly, the confederates from the evils of disunion and the confederacy. The video’s description reads, “Author Elizabeth […]

Power in Antebellum Slave Societies

Here’s Professor Christopher Bonner of the University of Maryland giving a pretty good lecture on power in Antebellum slavery. The video’s description reads, “University of Maryland professor Christopher Bonner taught a class about the concept of ‘power’ in antebellum slave societies. He explored the different ways owners and enslaved people exerted or expressed their will and looks […]

Heirs of an Honored Name

Here’s Professor Douglas Egerton speaking at the Boston Athenaeum about the Adams family, including Charles Francis Adams, the US Minister to England during the Civil War. He gets into a number of Civil War events during his talk. The video’s description reads, “Douglas Egerton, history professor at LeMoyne College, chronicled the political ascendancy of John […]

The Soldier Experience

Here’s Professor Peter Carmichael giving a wonderful presentation to the 2019 Lincoln Forum on the common soldier experience of the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “Author Peter Carmichael used letters written by Union and Confederate soldiers to examine their battle experience, mental state, and political outlook. He argued that the daily life of a Civil War […]

What Caused the Civil War?

Here, Professors Gary Gallagher and Joan Waugh discuss what caused the Civil War at the 2019 Lincoln Forum. The video’s description reads, “Historians Joan Waugh and Gary Gallagher answered – what caused the Civil War? Ms. Waugh and Mr. Gallagher co-authored, The American War: A History of the Civil War Era. Their remarks were part of the annual Lincoln Forum symposium in […]

Civil War Weaponry

Here’s Professor Jeff Kinard of Guilford Technical Community College giving a lecture on Civil War weaponry. He brings a number of artifacts, which is really good, but he could stand to read up on the latest scholarship, particularly Dr. Earl Hess’s work on the rifle musket. The video’s description reads, “Guilford Technical Community College professor Jeff […]

Fall 1863 Virginia Campaigns

Here’s Jeffrey Hunt giving a nice presentation to the Pamplin Park 2019 Symposium regarding Meade and Lee and their actions after the Gettysburg campaign. The video’s description reads, “Civil War scholar Jeffrey Hunt detailed the movements of General George Meade and Union forces from July to December 1863 as they followed Confederates through Virginia. This event was part of Pamplin […]