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Debacle at Balls Bluff: The Battle that Changed the War (Lecture)

Here’s Supervisory Ranger Chris Gwinn giving a typically excellent presentation as part of the 2017 Gettysburg National Military Park’s Winter Lecture Series. This presentation covers the Battle of Balls Bluff. The video’s description reads, “On October 21st, 1861, Union and Confederate forces fought a bloody battle outside of Leesburg, Virginia. The Union defeat that resulted […]

Care of the Wounded Civil War Program with Ranger Matt Atkinson – Gettysburg National Military Park

Here’s Ranger Matt Atkinson giving a terrific program on how Civil War surgeons cared for the wounded in the war. Unfortunately, it cuts off before the end of the program, in the middle of a point Matt was making, but the presentation up to that point is really good.

If These Things Could Talk: New Acquisitions (Lecture)

This is Ranger Tom Holbrook talking about some of the items in the Gettysburg National Military Park’s collection of artifacts. Tom does a great job with these lectures. This was part of the 2017 Gettysburg National Military Park Winter Lecture Series. The video’s description reads, “The American Civil War spawned a technological revolution of military […]

U.S. From Reconstruction to the Progressive Era

Here’s Professor Peter Kastor of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, giving a pretty good lecture on the US from Reconstruction to the Progressive Era. The video’s description reads, “Professor Peter Kastor talked about how the United States changed from the post-Civil War Reconstruction period to the Progressive era in the early 20th century. He highlighted […]

Second Place Trophies: Contexts For Making Sense of Monument Avenue

Here’s a really outstanding presentation by historian John Coski of the American Civil War Museum on the confederate monuments along Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Coski is a very careful, circumspect historian who makes sure of his facts and makes sure his interpretations are well grounded in fact and logic.

Union General Benjamin Butler

Here’s Brian Matthew Jordan of Sam Houston State University giving a presentation on Benjamin F. Butler as part of Pamplin Park’s 2017 Symposium, “Generals We Love to Hate.” The video’s description reads, “Professor Brian Matthew Jordan talked about Union General Benjamin Butler, who became known in the South as the ‘Beast’ for his stern actions as military […]

Union General Ambrose Burnside

Here’s A. Wilson Greene giving a presentation on Major General Ambrose E. Burnside at the 2017 Pamplin Park Symposium on “Generals We Love to Hate.” As always, this is an excellent presentation. The video’s description reads, “Historian Wilson Greene described Union General Ambrose Burnside’s life and career and argued that his unfavorable reputation is largely undeserved. He […]