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Battle of Fort Stevens 155th Anniversary

No offense to anyone else at the commemoration, I think the reason to watch this is Professor Jonathan Noyalas’s keynote presentation on the Battle of Cool Spring. It’s excellent. To get to it, skip ahead to the 1 hour 11 minute mark [1:11:00]. The video’s description reads, “The Battle of Fort Stevens was fought in the […]

Author Discussion on the Civil War and the South

This is a pretty good discussion from the 2019 Mississippi Book Festival with four authors discussing their books. The authors are Dr. Jacquelyn Hall of UNC-Chapel Hill, on three sisters born in the 1880s and 1890s in Georgia who came to grips with the legacies of slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, the Lost Cause, […]

Chatham County, NC Confederate Statue To Move

I came across this story that tells us, “Chatham County’s Confederate monument will come down by November — one way or the other — commissioners decided Monday night. After a raucous, roughly 80-minute meeting punctuated by shouts of support and jeers of opposition from both sides, the Chatham commissioners voted 4-1 to ask the Winnie Davis […]

American Rambler Episode 144: Stephanie McCurry

In this excellent episode, host Dr. Colin Woodward speaks with Dr. Stephanie McCurry about her career and her research. The description of the podcast episode tells us, “A native of Northern Ireland, Stephanie McCurry moved to Canada while in high school before settling in the United States. She studied under renowned slavery scholars Eugene and […]

Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson and the Constitution

Here’s Professor Andrew Slap of East Tennessee State University giving a lecture comparing Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson to see who better fit “Defender of the Constitution.” He’s not the most dynamic speaker, but he has some really good information here. The video’s description reads, “Andrew Slap of East Tennessee State University taught a class on Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, […]

Ulysses S. Grant and Union Military Leadership

Here’s Professor Steven Woodworth of Texas Christian University giving a very good presentation on the leadership of Ulysses S. Grant. The video’s description reads, “Texas Christian University Professor Steven Woodworth discussed Ulysses S. Grant’s leadership style and how it compares to other Union generals. He argued that characteristics such as Grant’s calmness helped bring the Civil War to […]

George H. Thomas and Nathan Bedford Forrest

Here’s Professor Brian Steel Wills of Kennesaw State University delivering a typically wonderful presentation. This one compares Union General George H. Thomas and confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest. The video’s description reads, “Kennesaw State University Civil War Center Director Brian Wills compared the careers and leadership styles ofUnion General George Henry Thomas and Confederate General Nathan Bedford […]