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A University’s Betrayal of Historical Truth

We have this article coauthored by Professor David Blight, Professor Fitzhugh Brundidge, and my friend and blogging colleague Kevin Levin. The article tells us, “The settlement, though, establishes a de facto financial partnership between the university system and the SCV to preserve the monument. The SCV is free to use Silent Sam and this generous […]

Nikki Haley and the Confederate Flag

Former South Carolina Governor and Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley made some controversial comments about the confederate flag recently. In this article from the New York Times we read, “Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor, came under criticism on Friday after she told a conservative radio host that the Confederate flag […]

Defining the American West

Here’s a panel discussion at the Western History Association’s meeting in October, 2019. The panel includes Dr. Edward Ayers discussing slavery. The video’s description reads, “The Western History Association hosted this panel on defining the American West geographically, culturally and politically. The five scholars also investigated the role of regions in understanding the past and […]

America in 1857

This book by Professor Kenneth M. Stampp looks at the situation in America in the critical year 1857. In the Preface he wrote, “In 1856 three events had worsened the already strained relations between the North and South; first, a violent struggle between proslavery and free-state parties for control of Kansas Territory; second, a bitter […]

1864 Battle of Fort Stevens

Here’s Ranger Steve Phan giving a great presentation on the Battle of Fort Stevens and the Civil War Defenses of Washington. This was at the 2019 Emerging Civil War symposium.

History Happy Hour- Virginia’s Secession Crisis

Here’s Mark Greenough, the Virginia State Capitol Historian, discussing Virginia during the Secession Crisis. His prepared presentation is fine, but he goes off the rails during the Q&A. Virginia did not reserve a right to secede, and New England did not attempt or even threaten to secede. The video’s description reads, “After Lincoln’s election, Virginians […]

Elon University Poll on North Carolina Residents and Confederate Monuments

Elon University, which is about halfway between Winston-Salem and Durham in North Carolina, conducted a poll of 1,467 North Carolina residents between November 4-6, 2019. ” The survey had a credibility interval of +/- 2.8 percent. Different from a margin of error, the credibility interval is used to measure the accuracy of nonprobability surveys such […]