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More on the Fascist White Supremacist Invasion of Gettysburg

Professor John Fea of Messiah University published an account of one of his friend’s experience with the fascist racists at Gettysburg on July 4. You can view it here. Professor Fea’s friend was with Professor Scott Hancock, who is also interviewed in this article about the confederate monuments at Gettysburg. “Nearly a million people visit […]

Debunking Neoconfederate Lies

Longtime readers of this blog know I’ve been engaging neoconfederates and their lies on the internet for years–over two decades in fact. The lengthy time convinced me die-hard neconfederates have no regard for the truth. They will twist and turn and fabricate anything to try to make the confederacy look good. This article takes on […]

Armed Pro-Fascism Racists Descend On Gettysburg July 4, 2020

As this article tells us, dozens of heavily armed pro-Fascist racists showed up in Gettysburg on July 4 because of a right-wing hoax. The article tells us, “Although the social media posts promoting flag burnings, destruction and violence in Gettysburg on the Fourth of July were never confirmed, dozens of people, many armed, stationed themselves […]

Fourth of July Address at Reidsville, New York

by John Quinney (Mahican, 1854) From Great Documents in American Indian History, Edited by Moquin, Wayne and Charles Van Doren (1973). It may appear to those whom I have the honor to address a singular taste for me, an Indian, to take an interest in the triumphal days of a people who occupy, by conquest or […]

What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

A speech by Frederick Douglass delivered in 1852: Mr. President, Friends and Fellow Citizens: He who could address this audience without a quailing sensation, has stronger nerves than I have. I do not remember ever to have appeared as a speaker before any assembly more shrinkingly, nor with greater distrust of my ability, than I […]

More Bad News for Confederate Heritage’s Future

I came across this poll recently. Here are some results: 43. Do you support or oppose removing Confederate statues from public spaces around the country? WHITE…….. 4 YR COLL DEG Tot Rep Dem Ind Men Wom Yes No Support 52% 14% 85% 50% 47% 56% 63% 32% Oppose 44 80 11 46 49 39 34 […]

Maury Shipwrecked

As this story tells us, “Work crews have removed a second Confederate statue in Richmond, a monument to Navy officer and scientist Matthew Fontaine Maury. A crowd cheered Thursday morning as a crane pulled a statue of Maury from its base, a day after crews removed a statue of Gen. Stonewall Jackson on an order from […]

There Stands Jackson Like … Oops, Nevermind

Several laws took effect on July 1 in Virginia, the most important of which, for our purposes here, is the one that gives localities the authority to do what they want with monuments. Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney wasted no time, ordering the immediate removal of several confederate monuments around the city. As this article tells […]

The Future Looks Bleak for Confederate Heritage

And that’s a good thing. I came across this CBS News poll. “We asked Americans if Confederate statues should be removed from public places, and also if all statues of historical figures should be considered for removal, too, depending on what those figures did in their lives. We found divisions by party and race, and […]

Confederate Heritage Continues Slip-Slidin’ Away

There is still more news on the confederate heritage front. In this story we learn a confederate monument found itself being removed in Charleston, West Virginia. “A Confederate monument was removed from Ruffner Park Monday morning, according to city officials. The memorial was erected in 1922 in honor of the Kanawha Riflemen by the Kanawha […]