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Confederate Heritage Continues Slip-Slidin’ Away

There is still more news on the confederate heritage front. In this story we learn a confederate monument found itself being removed in Charleston, West Virginia. “A Confederate monument was removed from Ruffner Park Monday morning, according to city officials. The memorial was erected in 1922 in honor of the Kanawha Riflemen by the Kanawha […]

The Flag, It Is A Changin’

Apologies to Bob Dylan. As this article tells us, the Mississippi legislature voted on Sunday to change the state’s flag and remove the confederate battle flag in its canton. “Lawmakers in Mississippi voted to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag on Sunday, clearing the way for Republican Gov. Tate Reeves to sign […]

Confederate Heritage in Full Retreat

The daily retreat of confederate heritage continues, especially in Mississippi, so we start there. First of all, we have an interactive map of Mississippi’s confederate monuments and memorials you can access here. The explanatory introduction says, “This map and its accompanying table shows monuments, buildings, counties, municipalities, highways and other locations across the State of […]

More on Monuments

We start with this story out of Charlottesville, VA. “The City of Charlottesville plans to ask the Virginia Supreme Court to end a Circuit Court injunction protecting the city’s two Confederate statues. Officials said Friday in a news release that the injunction restricts the City’s ability to discuss and enact next steps regarding the statues. A new […]

Statue Controversy Apart From Confederate Heritage

Although the retreat of confederate heritage continues, I thought it would be appropriate to consider other controversial monuments. First of all, let’s revisit the toppling of the Madison, Wisconsin statue of Hans Christian Heg, an abolitionist and United States Army officer killed at the Battle of Chickamauga. This story tells us, “A statue of one […]

Confederate Heritage Continues to Circle the Drain

It’s tough to take a day off from the continued retreat of confederate heritage. We start with this article regarding film maker Ken Burns saying confederate monuments must go. ” ‘I think we’re in the middle of an enormous reckoning right now in which the anxieties and the pains and the torments of injustice are […]

Confederate Heritage Marches Backward Again

We continue looking at the massive retreat of confederate heritage nationwide, along with some happenings related to it. We begin with this essay from Phillip Magness on what the data show about monuments. “Union monuments substantially outnumber Confederate monuments in total, although the annual number of Confederate statues briefly overtook the Union totals in the […]

Monumental Issues Continue

Continuing our chronicling of the retreat of confederate heritage in the face of popular disgust with its lies and racism, we begin with this story from Wilmington, North Carolina. “Curfews surround Confederate statues in one North Carolina city. Wilmington officials on Saturday announced a five-night ban on some pedestrian activity near two statues in its […]

Keeping Up With the Confederate Heritage Retreat

There’s plenty of news today on the retreat of confederate heritage. First, from NASCAR we have this story that tells us some unknown cowardly racist scumbag left a noose in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall. “A noose — among the most threatening and resonant images from America’s long history of white racist violence — was left […]

Slavery in Free States

I came across a couple articles discussing slavery in two free states: California and Illinois. This article looks at California. It begins, “In a late-night raid in April 1852, three formerly enslaved black men who had built a lucrative business hauling mining supplies during the California Gold Rush, were rousted from their cabin by armed […]