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Dr. Joseph Harsh Confederate Tide Rising

Here’s an outstanding presentation by the late Professor Joseph L. Harsh on Robert E. Lee during the Maryland Campaign. This is from 2001 in Gettysburg, PA. Advertisements

Myths About the Battle of Antietam

Here’s Dennis Frye, recently retired from being the Chief Historian at Harpers Ferry, giving a great presentation on the myths surrounding the Battle of Antietam in front of the Mosby Heritage Area Association. The video’s description reads, “Author Dennis Frye talked about his book, Antietam Shadows: Mystery, Myth & Machination. He described his research approach and gave […]

Soldiers’ Views of the Battle of Antietam

Here’s Keith Snyder of the National Park Service giving a presentation to the Mosby Heritage Area Association based on soldier letters on the soldier’s perspective of the Battle of Antietam. The video’s description reads, “Keith Snyder from the Antietam National Battlefield shared personal accounts of soldiers who fought in the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862. Through […]

Veteran Reunions and Monuments at Antietam

Here’s Professor Caroline Janney of the University of Virginia giving an excellent talk on memory at the Antietam Battlefield. The video’s description reads, “Historian Caroline Janney talked about the monuments and dedication ceremonies at Antietam battlefield during the 1880s through the early 1900s. She argued that Union and Confederate veterans had different views on what reconciliation […]

Depictions of Violence at Antietam

Here’s Professor Peter Carmichael of Gettysburg College speaking on how soldiers wrote about the violence at Antietam and how the press depicted it as part of the conference on “Remembering the Violence of Antietam” at Shepherd University. The video’s description reads, “Historian Peter Carmichael talked about the various ways violence at the 1862 Battle of Antietam […]

Clara Barton and the Battle of Antietam

Here’s Amelia Grabowski giving an excellent talk on Clara Barton and her actions at the Battle of Antietam. This was held at Shepherd University in West Virginia on September 8, 2018. I attended this conference, titled “Remembering the Violence of Antietam,” and had a wonderful time. The second half of the conference was on the […]

Face Facts: ‘Little Mac’ Outwitted Lee at Antietam

In this article from America’s Civil War Magazine, historian Dennis Frye overturns some treasured beliefs about Robert E. Lee, George B. McClellan, and the Battle of Antietam. In this article, we learn, “Make no mistake. The Battle of Antietam was a disastrous loss for Lee and the South. The popular myth that the battle was a […]