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“A Simple Hop, Skip, and Jump?” Burnside and His Bridge at Antietam: A Reexamination (Lecture)

Here’s Ranger John Hoptak giving a typically outstanding presentation on Ambrose Burnside’s performance at the Battle of Antietam, specifically on his performance at the bridge that now bears his name. This is from the Gettysburg National Military Park’s 2017 Winter Lecture Series. The video’s description reads, “Major General Ambrose E. Burnside ranks among the most […]

From Cedar Mountain to Antietam

Scott Hartwig updated and revised this second edition of the classic by Edward Stackpole for its 1993 reissue, correcting many errors and tweaking the interpretation. As a result, even though the original was published in 1959, the book matches up pretty well with current scholarship. This is a pure military history of these campaigns. Those […]

Sacred Trust 2016 Day Three

I’ve previously written about the lectures I sat in on, and you can see what I wrote here. I missed Jared Frederick’s really good presentation on the history of the battlefield and what it was used for since the end of World War II. I think he did a terrific job with this. I thought […]

2016 Gettysburg Anniversary Day Three

I decided to take a break from the sun and attend the Sacred Trust lectures. I missed Jared Frederick’s lecture on the history of the Gettysburg Battlefield since the 1950s, but got there in time for Michael C. C. Adams’ talk on “The Mindset of the Union Army After Gettysburg.” This was a very disappointing […]

Preservation and Commemoration at Antietam National Battlefield

Here’s Ranger Keith Snyder of the Antietam National Battlefield giving a lecture from the Gettysburg National Battlefield’s 2016 Winter Lecture Series. His presentation covers the history of the Antietam battlefield and the commemoration done on the grounds of that battlefield. The video’s description reads, “2015 marked the 125th anniversary of Antietam National Battlefield, one of […]

Kevin Weddle Discusses Antietam

This is Kevin Weddle, a professor at the Army War College, speaking to a distance learning class on the strategic implications of the Battle of Antietam before they go on a staff ride to the battlefield.  He has the standard Stephen Sears-influenced interpretation of McClellan and repeats the myth that Lee was told McClellan was […]

To Antietam Creek: The Maryland Campaign

Here’s Scott Hartwig delivering an outstanding presentation on the opening stages of the Maryland Campaign of 1862 based on his book, To Antietam Creek.  He takes us up to the opening of the Battle of Antietam.  This is a presentation he gave in September, 2014 at the US Army Heritage and Education Center. The video’s description […]