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Antietam 2022 Spring Hikes

The folks at the Antietam National Battlefield are well into their spring hike season. You can access the schedule here. [Begin quote] All hikes will begin at 1:00 p.m. and will last approximately 2-3 hours. The length of each programs is a little different, but plan on hiking at least 2 miles. Please wear proper […]

Antietam National Battlefield 2021 Battle Anniversary Schedule

The good folks at the Antietam National Battlefield have published their 2021 anniversary schedule. Thursday, September 16th Prelude to Battle – A battlefield hike that will look at the events that unfolded throughout the afternoon and evening of September 16, 1862. Meet at the New York State Monument, 6pm, for this 90 minute hike. Friday, September […]

The Memoirs of Jubal A. Early

This book by former Major Jubal A. Early [Major was the last legitimate rank he held] is his attempt to tell his side of the story of his participation in the Civil War. As Early was a leading light in establishing the lost cause lie, we can expect to see the rebels portrayed as fine, […]

Union Soldier John Rankin, Antietam and Gettysburg

In this presentation at the 2021 Emerging Civil War Virtual Symposium, Jon Tracey looks at the life of Indiana soldier John Rankin and follows Rankin through the battles of Antietam and Gettysburg. The video’s description reads, “John Rankin joined the Union Army at age 18 and served three years in the Indiana 27th Infantry. After […]

Virtual CWI 2021 Day Three

The third day of the conference, June 13, consisted of a prerecorded discussion of the battle of Antietam on the Antietam battlefield with Scott Hartwig, who just completed his second volume of his history of the battle of Antietam. It should appear in one to two years. Kudos to the CWI staff and to their […]

Confederate Heritage’s Big Retreat

This week saw a major retreat suffered in the Old Dominion on the confederate heritage side. The Virginia Military Institute [VMI] removed an iconic statue of Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson from its campus. This article tells us, “The Virginia Military Institute began work Monday to remove a prominent statue of Confederate Gen. Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, […]

Gettysburg and Antietam

Here’s an outstanding conversation between Professor Peter Carmichael, John Heckman, and Scott Hartwig on various subjects such as the evolution of interpretation at Gettysburg, Scott’s book To Antietam Creek, and Scott’s career in the National Park Service. The video’s description reads, “Gettysburg College Civil War Institute hosted a online discussion with Scott Hartwig, former Gettysburg National Military […]

Sounding the Shallows

This book by Professor Joseph Harsh rounds out his trilogy on the Maryland campaign. This is a companion book for the other two volumes. It contains almanac data, including weather observations, for the campaign as well as organizational information and a gazetteer for the campaign. According to Professor Harsh, “Even the most respectable historical narratives […]

Taken at the Flood

This is Professor Joseph Harsh’s second book looking at Robert E. Lee and confederate strategy in 1862. This is the meat of the study, the largest of the three volumes. In looking at Antietam and the Maryland campaign, Professor Harsh tells us, “Although subsequent historians have hardly stampeded to acclaim Antietam the watershed of the […]

Confederate Tide Rising

This terrific book by the late Professor Joseph Harsh is an outstanding look into confederate strategy and Robert E. Lee’s generalship. Professor Harsh writes, “This is a book I did not set out to write. It wrote itself as I tried to understand why Robert E. Lee crossed the Potomac with his Army of Northern […]