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Lincoln’s Last Trial

This is a conversation between Dan Abrams of ABC News and journalist David Gregory about Abrams’ book, Lincoln’s Last Trial: The Murder Trial That Propelled Him to the Presidency. Yes, that subtitle is quite overblown. It’s interesting to hear about the trial, which Lincoln handled between his debates with Stephen Douglas and his election to the […]

Kenneth M. Stampp My Life With Lincoln

Here’s a recording of an address Professor Kenneth M. Stampp gave in 1983 regarding the evolution of his evaluation of Abraham Lincoln. His view of Lincoln changed over time and with study from being antagonistic toward Lincoln to being appreciative of Lincoln’s policies and viewpoints.

2018 Winter Lecture Series – The Lincoln – Douglas Debates

Here’s Ranger Dan Vermilya giving a typical outstanding presentation in the Gettysburg National Military Park’s 2018 Winter Lecture Series. This presentation deals with the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas Debates. The video’s description reads, “In a series of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in 1858, the state of slavery was at the epicenter of the […]

Civil War Talk Radio: They Knew Lincoln

Here’s an interview on Civil War Talk Radio with Professor Kate Masur and Professor Gerald Prokopowicz on Professor Masur’s new book, They Knew Lincoln, which is actually John Washington’s book about African Americans in Abraham Lincoln’s life which Professor Masur edited.

Fortune’s Fool

Here’s author Terry Alford talking about his book, Fortune’s Fool: The Life of John Wilkes Booth. This is a decent talk. The video’s description reads, “Terry Alford talked about his book Fortune’s Fool: The Life of John Wilkes Booth, in which he recalls the life of John Wilkes Booth, from his childhood in Maryland to his acting career […]

The Other Gettysburg Address

This is an article by Fred Stripp, who was a faculty member of the Department of Speech, University of California, published in Volume 1, Issue 2 of the journal Civil War History, June, 1955. He begins, “Suppose you had lived in the United States of America from 1794 to 1865 and that Daniel Webster had likened […]

Bill Freehling-Did Lincoln’s Late Mistakes Make Civil War Unavoidable?

Here’s Professor William Freehling giving a nice lecture on the mistakes Abraham Lincoln made during the secession crisis leading up to the confederacy starting the war by firing on Fort Sumter and then the Upper South states deciding protection of slavery meant they had to enter the war on the side of the slaveholding states. […]