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Harold Holzer on Lincoln Presidency

Here’s an interview with Harold Holzer on C-SPAN from 2011. Holzer talks about Abraham Lincoln and his presidency. The video’s description reads, “Harold Holzer spoke about the relevancy of Abraham Lincoln in the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. Mr. Holzer said that issues such as freedom of the press, prison camps and limits of presidential power were issues […]

Discussion on Grant and Lincoln

Here’s a nice discussion about Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant held at the Mississippi Festival of the Book in Jackson, Mississippi this weekend. The moderator is Frank Williams, formerly Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, and the panelists are Professors John Marszalek of Mississippi State University, Charles Calhoun of East Carolina […]

Amerikan Rambler Episode 105: William Freehling

Here’s a nice conversation between podcast host Colin Woodward and historian William Freehling. They talk about Professor Freehling’s early career and the historians he studied under, including Arthur Schlesinger, David H. Donald, and Kenneth Stampp. They also talk about Lincoln and Douglas in the 1850s along with the coming of the Civil War. I would […]

Eric Foner on His Book, The Fiery Trial

Here’s Professor Eric Foner giving another terrific presentation on his book, The Fiery Trial, at the Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois. The video’s description reads, “Eric Foner examines Abraham Lincoln’s thoughts on slavery. Mr. Foner relays that early in Mr. Lincoln’s political career he was “naturally anti-slavery” but adhered to the Constitution’s protection of the institution in the […]

The Fiery Trial

Here’s Professor Eric Foner speaking at the 2011 National Book Festival on the Mall in Washington, D.C. This is an excellent presentation. The video’s description reads, “Eric Foner talked about his book, The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery. He responded to questions from members of the audience. This was a program in the History and Biography Pavilion of […]

Lincoln’s Last Trial

This is a conversation between Dan Abrams of ABC News and journalist David Gregory about Abrams’ book, Lincoln’s Last Trial: The Murder Trial That Propelled Him to the Presidency. Yes, that subtitle is quite overblown. It’s interesting to hear about the trial, which Lincoln handled between his debates with Stephen Douglas and his election to the […]

Kenneth M. Stampp My Life With Lincoln

Here’s a recording of an address Professor Kenneth M. Stampp gave in 1983 regarding the evolution of his evaluation of Abraham Lincoln. His view of Lincoln changed over time and with study from being antagonistic toward Lincoln to being appreciative of Lincoln’s policies and viewpoints.