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Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation

Here’s Professor Edna Greene Medford of Howard University speaking at the 2019 Lincoln Forum on Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation. Professor Medford is always good. The video’s description reads, “Civil War scholar Edna Greene Medford talked about Abraham Lincoln’s approach to abolishing slavery and examined views of emancipation in the North and South. This event was part of the the […]

Lincoln and Antebellum Views on Death

Here’s Professor Brian Dirck of Anderson University at the 2019 Lincoln Forum in Gettysburg, PA discussing Lincoln’s views on death during the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “Author Brian Dirck examined accounts written by close associates of Abraham Lincoln to explain the president’s view of death before the Civil War. Mr. Dirck argued that Lincoln balanced his emotions […]

Lincoln, Douglass, and Emancipation

Here’s a terrific discussion between Harold Holzer and Professors Edna Greene Medford and David Blight. The video’s description reads, “Historians Harold Holzer, Edna Greene Medford and David Blight talked about the views of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass on emancipating those held in slavery. They tracked their evolution on the issue from early in their careers through the Civil War. The New-York […]

Abraham Lincoln Interpreter George Buss

Here’s an excellent interview with George Buss, who is one of, if not the best Lincoln interpreters alive. He displays his great knowledge of Lincoln as well as his rendition of Lincoln’s voice. The video’s description reads, “Abraham Lincoln interpreter George Buss sat down with American History TV to talk about his more than three […]

Twelve Scholars and Another 1619 Project Letter

Twelve professors of history and political science sent a letter to the editor of the New York Times Magazine critiquing the 1619 Project. While editor Jake Silverstein wrote a response to the letter, the Times Magazine decided not to print the letter or the response. The History News Network, though, has posted the letter, the response, and […]

The 1619 Argument Continues: Lincoln, Race, and Colonization

In his latest article, Professor Sean Wilentz of Princeton University writes, “Only the Civil War surpasses the Revolution in its importance to American history with respect to slavery and racism. Yet here again, particularly with regard to the ideas and actions of Abraham Lincoln, Hannah-Jones’s argument is built on partial truths and misstatements of the […]

The 1619 Argument Continues: The Revolution

Historian Sean Wilentz of Princeton University contributes another article in the continuing battle over the 1619 Project. He once again takes on the lead essay’s take on history, beginning with the American Revolution: “The project’s lead essay, written by the Times staff writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, includes early on a discussion of the Revolution. Although that discussion […]