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Virginia Republicans Push a Bill That Tells Teachers What History to Teach But Gets Its History Wrong

By now many of you have probably heard of this. If not, let’s look at this article, telling us, “Of all the paragraphs in a bill to ban ‘divisive concepts’ from being taught in Virginia public schools, Section B3 may seem the most innocuous. After all, it is in the part of the proposal that defined what could actually […]

Lincoln and the Constitution

I came across this essay by Noah Feldman, a professor of law at Harvard Law School and author of the book, The Broken Constitution: Lincoln, Slavery and the Refounding of America, He claims, “Lincoln fatally injured the Constitution of 1787. He consciously and repeatedly violated core elements of that Constitution as they had been understood […]

Booknotes Podcast Ep. 37 Jason Emerson, “Giant in the Shadows”

In this podcast, host Brian Lamb of C-SPAN interviews Jason Emerson, author of Gian in the Shadows, a biography of Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s sole surviving son. The episode’s description reads, “Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary were the parents of four boys. Only one – Robert – lived beyond his eighteenth birthday. Author […]

Lincoln and the War’s End

This book by John C. Waugh is another in the Concise Lincoln Library series from Southern Illinois University Press. It looks at Lincoln from 1864 through April of 1865. The book follows the standard, well trod interpretation of Lincoln and his actions. Most of what is in the book won’t be new to long-time Lincoln […]

Look to Lincoln’s Interactions with Black Americans to Understand His Racial Attitudes

I found this article by Professor Michael Burlingame on the History News Network. He writes, “Six weeks after Lincoln’s death, Frederick Douglass described him as ’emphatically the black man’s president,’ the first chief executive ‘to show any respect for the rights of a black man, or to acknowledge that he had any rights the white […]

Congressman Lincoln

This book by political operative Chris DeRose looks at Abraham Lincoln’s time as the US Representative in Congress from the Seventh Illinois District, an aspect of Lincoln’s life story that’s often given short shrift. DeRose claims, “Lincoln’s service in the House exposed him to the deeply divided country he now presided over, working closely with […]

David Reynolds and H.W. Brands on Abraham Lincoln

Here’s an excellent discussion about Abraham Lincoln with Professor H. W. Brands and Professor David S. Reynolds. The video’s description reads, “Historians David Reynolds and H.W. Brands discussed Abraham Lincoln as part of a virtual symposium on his life and times that was hosted by Ford’s Theatre and the Abraham Lincoln Institute.”

Most Despised Presidents in American History

In this discussion we have Professor Joanne Freeman talking about Thomas Jefferson and Professor Manisha Sinha talking about Abraham Lincoln. The video’s description reads, “What do Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon have in common? They faced not just political opponents, but Americans who actually hated them. What were their reasons? […]

Lincoln as a Lawyer

This book by John P. Frank looks at Lincoln as a lawyer from the viewpoint of another lawyer. Mr. Frank was a practicing attorney and a law professor. Early in his career he clerked for Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black. Mr. Frank divides this look at Lincoln as a lawyer into three parts. I’ll let […]

Lincoln and the Military

This book by Professor John Marszalek is a volume in the Concise Lincoln Library from Southern Illinois University Press. The series is devoted to bringing the latest scholarship on various aspects of Abraham Lincoln to the public in an accessible format. Each book is a slim volume readable in a single sitting. This particular entry […]