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The Lost Gettysburg Address

This book by David Dixon tells a fascinating story of Charles Anderson, a Kentuckian who later moved to Ohio. The son of Revolutionary War soldier Richard Clough Anderson, Charles Anderson had connections ranging from George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette to Abraham Lincoln. What prompted this book was the fact that Charles Anderson gave […]

The 1860 Election Results by County

The Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania National Battlefield Park posted this on Twitter. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a map from the 1860 election:

Abraham Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, and Slavery

Here’s Fred Kaplan, Professor Emeritus of English at the City University of New York, giving a presentation that compares and contrasts Abraham Lincoln and John Quincy Adams with respect to the slavery issue. I have to say while I disagree with several things he says about Lincoln, this presentation did make me think a lot […]

Lincoln, Congress, Grant, and the Lieutenant General Act

Here’s Brooks Simpson speaking to the U.S. Capitol Historical Society at their 2012 Civil War Symposium. The video’s description reads, “Arizona State University history professor Brooks Simpson talked about the Lieutenant General Act of 1864. The act made Ulysses S. Grant a lieutenant general and gave him command of the Union Army. Professor Simpson spoke at the U.S. […]

Institute for Honor 2015: “Lincoln and Grant: Achieving the Peace” with H.W. Brands

Here’s historian H. W. Brands giving a lecture at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA on Lincoln and Grant. The video’s description reads, “Henry William Brands was born in Oregon, went to college in California, sold cutlery across the American West and earned graduate degrees in mathematics and history in Oregon and Texas. ~ […]

Images of President Lincoln in the U.S. Capitol

Here’s Harold Holzer speaking to the U.S. Capitol Historical Society on the images of Abraham Lincoln, and the stories surrounding them, in the U.S. Capitol. The video’s description reads, “Harold Holzer talked about the creation of and meaning behind the many paintings, sculptures, and photographs of President Lincoln now on public display in the U.S. […]

Civil War and Emancipation Policy

In this class from the course on the Civil War and Reconstruction, Georgetown University history professor Brian Taylor discusses how the Union’s emancipation policy came about during the war. The video’s description reads, “Professor Brian Taylor talked about the military strategy and political policy goals of emancipation during the Civil War. He spoke about how […]