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Partners in Command

This book by Professor Joseph T. Glatthaar starts out as a fairly conventional study with the standard interpretations of individuals such as Abraham Lincoln and George B. McClellan, but as we get into it we see it has some additional nuggets that make it worthwhile. In describing the book, Dr. Glatthaar writes, “As American military […]

The Radical and the Republican

This is an excellent book from Professor James Oakes. It very justly won the Lincoln Prize. “The Radical” was Frederick Douglass, and “The Republican” was Abraham Lincoln, though as time went on both labels could be applied to both men. It’s not quite a biography of the two men, but instead shows how the two […]

One War at a Time

This book from Dean Mahin considers, as its subtitle says, “The International Dimensions of the American Civil War.” In addressing the claims Abraham Lincoln was hands-off when it came to foreign policy, Mr. Mahin writes, “The evidence shows that Lincoln set the major foreign policy goals of the Union government, determined U.S. responses to a […]

Lincoln the War President

This is a book of lectures edited by Professor Gabor S. Boritt, retired from Gettysburg College. The lectures come from six Robert Fortenbaugh Lectures given in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania by eminent historians, capped off with a lecture Dr. Boritt gave at Gettysburg College. In the first lecture, “The Shadow of a Coming War,” Robert V. Bruce […]

All the Powers of Earth Discussion

Here’s author Sidney Blumenthal discussing his new entry in his multivolume biography of Abraham Lincoln. The video’s description reads, “Sidney Blumenthal talked about his book, [All the Powers of Earth: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln Vol. III, 1856-1860, in which he continued his multi-volume political biography of Abraham Lincoln with a focus on the years leading up to Lincoln’s […]

Abraham Lincoln and Native Americans

Here’s Professor Paul Kelton of Stony Brook University discussing Abraham Lincoln and Native Americans in a course on Indigenous People of North America. His delivery could use some spicing up. The video’s description reads, “Stony Brook University Professor Paul Kelton taught a class about Abraham Lincoln and Native Americans. He talked about the Dakota Wars in Minnesota which […]

Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson and the Constitution

Here’s Professor Andrew Slap of East Tennessee State University giving a lecture comparing Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson to see who better fit “Defender of the Constitution.” He’s not the most dynamic speaker, but he has some really good information here. The video’s description reads, “Andrew Slap of East Tennessee State University taught a class on Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, […]