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The Museum of the Confederacy and the American Civil War Center Merge

And the neoconfederates hate it. I’m late to the party on this one.  Brooks and Kevin have already commented on it, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, The Museum of the Confederacy, which houses an incredible collection of artifacts but is in a terrible location being encroached on and having very little parking […]

The Anti-Americanism in Confederate Heritage

Yet another anti-American scum of the confederate heritage movement has reared his ugly head. This has been posed in several confederate heritage groups.  You can count how many people have posted any protests against his statements by using no hands.  And in this case it received a favorable comment. If any confederate heritage type is […]

Christy Coleman on Sacred Cows–Hat Tip to Kevin Levin

Kevin Levin has found another gem. This is a great video with Christy Coleman of the National Civil War Center at Tredegar in Richmond, VA. I love it when people are passionate about real history.  Don’t you?

Fort Pillow and Nathan Bedford Forrest Part 1: Was There a Massacre?

Nathan Bedford Forrest, known as the “Wizard of the Saddle [a name which would take on another connotation after the war],” was a self-taught soldier who rose to the rank of lieutenant general. Rough and uneducated, he relied on his native intelligence and his natural leadership abilities to become a thorn in the particular side […]

Abraham Lincoln and Racial Equality

Alan Singer, a professor of Teaching, Literacy and Leadership at Hofstra University, has an article at History News Network which, in my view, shows he has an incomplete understanding of Abraham Lincoln.  He starts by taking us back to 1858 and the Lincoln Douglas Debates.  In Charleston, Lincoln said, “I am not, nor ever have […]

Saving Lincoln

Sal Litvak’s [interview with Sal here] independent movie about Lincoln, Saving Lincoln, came on the heels of Steven Spielberg’s magnificent tour de force, and so it inevitably was unfairly compared with that masterpiece.  The low budget with which Litvak worked necessarily limited the effects and the pricey talent available to him.  The movie looks at Abraham Lincoln’s life from […]

Dedication Day 2013

Dedication Day is the day set aside to commemorate and remember the Gettysburg Address.  It’s so named because November 19 was the date the Gettysburg Soldiers’ National Cemetery was dedicated. Coverage of this year’s Dedication Day here, here, here, and here. The day starts with a wreath-laying.  This year, probably due to the crowd, it […]