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Notable Civil War Lives

This is the panel discussion responding to audience questions at the 2018 Nau Center for Civil War Studies symposium held at the University of Virginia. The video’s description reads, “Historians responded to audience questions about notable figures during the Civil War era. Highlighted people included Confederate Gen. James Longstreet, abolitionist and Republican Party activist Anna Dickinson, and African American […]

Speeches and Writings of Frederick Douglass

Here’s Professor David Blight of Yale University speaking about Frederick Douglass. This was part of the 2018 Nau Center for Civil War History symposium held at the University of Virginia. The video’s description reads, “Yale University professor David Blight talked about the political — and often religious — rhetoric that Frederick Douglass used when writing or speaking about […]

Anna Dickinson and Civil War-Era Politics

Here’s Professor Matthew Gallman of the University of Florida discussing Anna Dickinson and her fame during the Civil War era. This was part of the University of Virginia’s Nau Center for Civil War History’s 2018 Symposium. The video’s description reads, “University of Florida professor Matthew Gallman talked about the life of Anna Dickinson. A Quaker woman from […]

James Longstreet and Reconstruction

Here’s UVa Professor of History Elizabeth Varon at the 2018 Nau Center Symposium speaking on James Longstreet and Reconstruction. This is an excellent presentation. The video’s description reads, “University of Virginia professor Elizabeth Varon talked about former Confederate General James Longstreet and his reputation after the Civil War. She described how Longstreet joined the Republican Party during Reconstruction and often […]

Confederate Monuments: What to Do?

This is a panel discussion from the 2018 meeting of the Organization of American Historians. Professor Edward Ayers is the moderator, and the panelists are Christy Coleman, the CEO of the American Civil War Museum, Turkiya Lowe, the Chief Historian of the National Park Service, and Professor John Kuo Wei Tchen of New York University. This is […]

What Caused the Civil War- with Ed Ayers

Here’s Professor Ed Ayers giving an outstanding presentation to a group of teachers on what caused the Civil War. I especially like how he dispels the myth that “the North” was industrial and the war came on in part because of “an industrialized North” competing with “an agricultural South.” He also dispels the ahistorical nonsense […]

Mascots, Myths, Monuments, and Memory Part 2

Part Two begins with the keynote address by Professor Ibram X. Kendi of American University on race and memory, followed by a Q&A with the audience. We next hear from Bree Newsome, who is the person who scaled the flagpole on the capital grounds in Charleston, South Carolina and took down the confederate flag flying […]