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Abraham Lincoln and Immigration

Here’s Harold Holzer speaking to the 2016 Lincoln Forum Symposium on Abraham Lincoln’s views and actions toward immigration and immigrants. The video’s description reads, “Harold Holzer talked about Abraham Lincoln’s views on immigration policy and immigrant groups in America. He described Lincoln’s efforts to court the German-American vote early in his career and the importance […]

Grant’s Terms of Surrender at Appomattox

Here’s Professor Joan Waugh of UCLA speaking at the 2016 Lincoln Forum on Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox. The video’s description reads, “Joan Waugh talked about how Union General Ulysses S. Grant conducted the surrender at Appomattox and sought to foster an atmosphere of reconciliation with the defeated Confederates. She argued that Grant, […]

Joshua Chamberlain at Petersburg

Here’s Dennis Rasbach at the 2016 Pamplin Park Civil War Symposium on his view of where Joshua Chamberlain was when he was wounded at Petersburg. This has become quite the controversy, involving the location of a historical marker. The video’s description reads, “Dennis Rasbach talks about Union officer Joshua Chamberlain, who was wounded on June […]

Abraham Lincoln and Slavery

This is Sidney Blumenthal, former special assistant to President Bill Clinton and an advisor to Secretary Hillary Clinton, giving a presentation on Abraham Lincoln and slavery at the 2016 Lincoln Forum. I have to say I was not impressed. I didn’t hear a new interpretation or new information. I wasn’t impressed with what historical analysis […]

Abraham Lincoln at City Point and Richmond

Here’s Noah Andre Trudeau giving a presentation at the 2016 Pamplin Park Civil War Symposium based on his book, Lincoln’s Greatest Journey. He talks about things he found during his research, some of his methods, and a bit about Lincoln’s trip to City Point and then on to Richmond in 1865. The video’s description reads, “Noah […]

Punishment for Secession and the 14th Amendment

Here’s Professor William Blair of Penn State University speaking at Pamplin Park’s 2016 Symposium. His topic is “Punishment for Secession and the 14th Amendment,” telling us how part of the 14th Amendment was intended as a punishment for secession and treason in the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “William Blair talked about how the […]

Civil War Battle Tactics

Here’s David Powell giving a presentation at the 2016 Emerging Civil War Symposium on battle tactics used in the Civil War. It’s a bit dry in places, but it’s loaded with information. The video’s description reads, “David Powell talked about Civil War-era military theories, battle tactics, and formations. He described what military manuals were used […]