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Making the Civil War New

Here’s Edward Ayers delivering the keynote address at the “The Civil War:  Fresh Perspectives” symposium at the National Archives in November of 2010.  He talks about looking at various aspects of the Civil War through a new perspective and gives an idea of the power of digital history. From the video’s description:  “Edward Ayers gave […]

The Nation Before and After the Civil War

Here’s a panel discussion moderated by Eric Foner on the United States both before and after the Civil War.  From the video description:  “Professor Eric Foner moderated a roundtable discussion on the state of the nation before and after the Civil War and the creation of a new social, political, and economic order. The panelists also […]

The Competing Loyalties of Robert E. Lee

Here’s Gary Gallagher lecturing on Robert E. Lee’s loyalties exactly 150 years later and in the same chamber where Lee accepted command of Virginia’s military forces.  I think he pretty well nails it.  From the video description:  “Robert E. Lee was a conflicted man when he stood before the Virginia House of Delegates in 1861 […]

The International Implications of the Civil War

This is a panel moderated by Edward Ayers regarding the effects the Civil War had on the international community and their reactions to it.  From the video description:  “Edward Ayers moderated a roundtable discussion on the international implications of the Civil War, including diplomatic negotiations and naval conflicts. The panelists also responded to questions from members […]

The Home Fronts in the Civil War

Here’s a panel of historians, moderated by Gary Gallagher, discussing the Union and Confederate home fronts in the Civil War.  From the description of the video:  “Professor Gary Gallagher moderated a roundtable discussion on how the Civil War impacted everyday life of American families and households, as well as America’s industry and agriculture. The panelists also responded […]

Remembering Union as a Motivator

This is Gary Gallagher speaking on remembering the Civil War, and specifically on the fact that the majority of Union soldiers were motivated by the desire to preserve the Union, something in the modern day we’ve seemed to have forgotten.  This is an outstanding presentation, and the Q&A at the end is very good as […]

The Geography of Emancipation

This is Gary Gallagher and Edward Ayers giving the keynote address at the 2010 meeting of the Society of Civil War Historians in Richmond, Virginia.  Dr. Ayers presents some outstanding maps graphically depicting data and demonstrating the power of digital history.  There’s an excellent discussion at the end during the Q&A. From the video description:  […]