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Liberty and Union

This book by Professor David Herbert Donald, published in 1978, provides us his interpretation of the Civil War and Reconstruction. He writes, “In studying the years from 1845 to about 1890 as a whole, I have become convinced that these important economic, social, and ideological conflicts can best be understood as special instances of a […]

CWTR Episode 1906: The Heart of Hell: The Soldiers Struggle for Spotsylvanias Bloody Angle

Here’s a terrific conversation between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest Jeffry Wert on Mr. Wert’s latest book, The Heart of Hell.

CWRT Episode 1904: The Record of Murders and Outrages: Racial Violence and the Fight over Truth at the Dawn of Reconstruction

Here’s an excellent interview between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Professor William Blair on Professor Blair’s recent book, The Record of Murders and Outrages.

Gettysburg: A History for the People

This book by Licensed Battlefield Guide John D. Cox tells the story of the battle of Gettysburg. In many ways this is a standard retelling of the history of the battle. In some ways, though, it departs from standard histories. There seems to be no human interest story Cox left out of his book. One […]

Benjamin Franklin Butler

This book by Professor Elizabeth Leonard is a sympathetic portrait of Major General Benjamin Butler. No, it doesn’t attempt to paint him as a military genius. Professor Leonard does make criticisms where she feels they are warranted, but she also dispels lost cause mischaracterizations of Butler and his actions. As Professor Leonard herself puts it, […]

The Soldier Vote: How Union Troops Propelled Lincoln To a Second Term

Union soldiers line up to vote during the 1864 presidential election pitting Abraham Lincoln against former Army of the Potomac commander George McClellan, whom Lincoln notably relieved of duty in November 1862. This 2020 article from Dr. Zachary Fry is actually an excerpt from Dr. Fry’s book, A Republic in the Ranks: Loyalty and Dissent […]

CWTR Episode 1903: Gettysburg 1963: Civil Rights, Cold War Politics, and Historical Memory in Americas Most Famous Small Town

Here’s an excellent discussion between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Proessor Jill Ogline Titus, about Professor Titus’s book, Gettysburg, 1963: Civil Rights, Cold War Politics, and Historical Memory in Americas Most Famous Small Town.

The Second Founding

This excellent book by Professor Eric Foner discusses the Reconstruction Amendments, which are the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. He tells us, “The Civil War and the Reconstruction period that followed form the pivotal era of American history. The war destroyed the institution of slavery, ensured the survival of the Union, and set in motion […]

Civil War POWs & Libby Prison

Here’s Professor Robert Watson discussing his book about Libby Prison. Professor Watson obviously did a great deal of research about Libby Prison, but he doesn’t seem to be a Civil War specialist, as there are a few basic facts he doesn’t get right in his presentation. The video’s description reads, “Lynn University Professor Robert Watson […]

Calculating the Value of the Union

This book by Professor James L. Huston is an excellent look at the economic origins of the Civil War. In the Preface he tells us, “My initial starting point several decades ago was that the source of the conflict had to be economic, for the basic function of slavery was to provide cheap labor. Tying […]