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Civil War Talk Radio Episode 1620: The Three-Cornered War

Here’s a great conversation between host Dr. Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Dr. Megan Kate Nelson, on Dr. Nelson’s new book, The Three-Cornered War, about the Far West. There’s some really good information here.

Charleston Activist Network: Dr. Adam Domby, Author And Historian

Here’s a really good interview with Dr. Adam Domby on his new book, The False Cause. He discusses his book, his research, and the lies and racism embedded into the lost cause nonsense. You can access it here.

Civil War Talk Radio Episode 1619: The Great Partnership: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and the Fate of the Confederacy

Here’s a really good conversation between host Dr. Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Dr. Christian Keller, on Dr. Keller’s new book, The Great Partnership. Some of Dr. Keller’s comments are reminiscent of the book, North With Lee and Jackson, by the late James Kegel.

The Rogue Historian The False Cause with Adam Domby

Here’s an excellent conversation between host Dr. Keith Harris and his guest, Dr. Adam Domby, discussing Dr. Domby’s book, The False Cause. It’s well worth your time. You can access the podcast here.

Forced Founders

We’re all familiar with the slogan, “No taxation without representation!” from the American Revolution. We also traced the development of the break between the colonies and Britain with various acts of Parliament including the Stamp Act, the Townsend Acts, the Intolerable Acts, etc. In this book, Professor Woody Holton of the University of Richmond looks […]

The False Cause

This outstanding book by Professor Adam Domby of the College of Charleston is a deeply researched, well written account of how the lost cause mythology spouted by neoconfederates is all built on lies, fraud, and racism. It’s well documented and full of great information. In telling us about the “Silent Sam” controversy on the University […]

The Army of the Potomac in the Overland & Petersburg Campaigns

This book by Professor Steven Sodergren of Norwich University is a deeply researched look at Union soldiers and how the Overland and Petersburg campaigns affected them. He’s delved deeply into United States Army soldiers and their writings, both letters and diaries. We learn, “There was arguably no bloodier time in American history than the months […]