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Episode 142: Manisha Sinha, A History of Abolition

Here’s Manisha Sinha appearing on Liz Covart’s podcast, “Ben Franklin’s World” discussing her book, The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition. This is an excellent discussion. Things we learn in this podcast include: The history of American abolitionism Exploring abolitionism as a social movement The origins of abolitionism Early African abolitionists Circulation of early anti-slavery tracts […]

The Attack and Defense of Little Round Top

This book by Oliver Wilcox Norton is one of, of not the earliest systematic gathering and synthesis of accounts of the action at Little Round Top on July 2, 1863. Norton was present for the battle, being the brigade bugler for Colonel Strong Vincent’s brigade of the Fifth Corps. He witnessed much of the battle […]

Earl Hess & Chris Hartley from A House Divided Archives

This comes to us from the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop. It’s a 2010 virtual book signing with Earl Hess and his book on the Battle of the Crater and Chris Hartley and his book on Stoneman’s Cavalry Raid. It’s a fairly decent discussion of the two books.

Our Man in Charleston

Here’s journalist Christopher Dickey talking about his book, Our Man in Charleston. The video’s description reads, “Christopher Dickey talked about his book Our Man in Charleston: Britain’s Secret Agent in the Civil War South, in which he recalls the role played by Robert Bunch, British consul assigned to Charleston, South Carolina, in 1853, in the lead-up to the American […]

Book Discussion Podcasts Available

The Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) has podcasts of its book discussion program, “PA Books,” available for free. You can access them here. While the history books encompass more than the Civil War, the war does have a significant presence here.


If you have never been taught about or read about the Triangle Trade, if you never knew all the original 13 colonies had slavery, if you didn’t know Democrats, even in the North, generally supported the right of slave states to have slavery, or if you didn’t know there is a difference between being antislavery […]

Reunion Without Compromise

This book by Michael Perman considers Southern views of Presidential Reconstruction and the early years of Congressional Reconstruction. In the Preface, he tells us, “The post-war status and position of the Confederacy’s political leadership was what Northern policy-makers believed reunion and reconstruction were all about. Should the post-bellum South continue to be led by the […]