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Rehearsal for Reconstruction

This award-winning book by the late professor Willie Lee Rose, published in 1964, looks at the Port Royal Experiment at the Sea Islands in South Carolina. In the book’s introduction, Professor C. Vann Woodward writes the Port Royal Experiment “was in effect a dress rehearsal for Reconstruction acted out on the stage neatly defined by […]

Textbook Ideological Battles are Nothing New

This article gives us some historical perspective on bias in textbooks, something that has long plagued us. “The Texas State Board of Education preliminarily voted 14-0 today to reject a Mexican-American history textbook that scholars have said was riddled with inaccuracies. A final vote on the textbook is due Friday. ‘One of the fundamental problems with the […]

Crisis at the Crossroads

This book by Professor Warren W. Hassler considers the first day of the battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863. Professor Hassler tells us this book, originally published in 1970, was the first monograph to consider the first day of the battle in detail. He says most previous writers had focused on July 2 and July […]

The Failed Promise

Here’s Professor Robert Levine discussing Reconstruction, Frederick Douglass, and the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson. The video’s description reads, “Robert Levine talked about the Reconstruction Era following the Civil War and the lives of Frederick Douglass and President Andrew Johnson. This virtual program was hosted by the National Archives.”

Ways and Means

Here’s author Roger Lowenstein discussing how the United States financed its effort against the slaveholders’ rebellion. The video’s description reads, “Author Roger Lowenstein talked about how Abraham Lincoln and his secretary of Treasury Salmon Chase worked together to manage the financial front during the Civil War, levying taxes and marketing bonds while trying to contain wartime inflation. This event […]

Saving Yellowstone

In this presentation, Dr. Megan Kate Nelson situates the early days of the Yellowstone National Park within the context of the end of the Civil War and within Reconstruction. The video’s description reads, “Megan Kate Nelson looked at the federal debate and passage of the 1872 Yellowstone Act, which established the world’s first national park. This […]

A House Built by Slaves

In this video Professor Jonathan White discusses his book, A House Built by Slaves: African American Visitors to the Lincoln White House with Bjorn Skaptason of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in Chicago. The video’s description reads, “Author Jonathan White talked about President Abraham Lincoln’s White House invitations to African Americans, and the impact of those meetings on race […]

Civil War Writing

This book edited by Professor Gary Gallagher and Professor Stephen Cushman is a collection of essays considering famous books and writings about the Civil War. They begin their Introduction with a quote from Abraham Lincoln’s February 11, 1859 speech in Jacksonville, Illinois, titled “Lecture on Discoveries and Inventions.” Lincoln said, “Writing–the art of communication thoughts […]

Lincoln and the Immigrant

This book by Professor Jason Silverman looks at Abraham Lincoln’s relationship with and attitudes toward immigrants. It’s part of the Concise Lincoln Library series from Southern Illinois University Press. We learn, “Lincoln spent a considerable amount of time pondering the future and place of immigrants in American society, and studying his thoughts on this subject […]

History, Disrupted

This is Jason Steinhauer discussing how history gets interpreted and how the internet and social media have affected the history profession and the craft of history. This is based on his book, History, Distrupted: How Social Media & the World Wide Web Have Changed the Past. The video’s description reads, “Historian Jason Steinhauer discussed how history […]