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The Liberator Files

All the issues of William Lloyd Garrison’s abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator, are scanned and available for viewing here. This is a rich primary source of abolitionist thought.

Aerial America: Here’s Why the Battle of Vicksburg Was So Important

This is from the Smithsonian Channel. It gives us some great aerial views of Vicksburg and its surrounding area, even though the script could use some tweaking. You can see it here.

Memphis Massacre 1866: Memories of a Massacre

Here’s a pretty good conference on the Memphis Massacre of 1866. Panel One: “Slavery and Slave Life in the Mississippi Valley” Joshua Rothman- “The Cotton Economy and the Rebirth of Slavery” J. Calvin Schermerhorn- “Cash for Slaves: The African American Trail of Tears” Max Grivno- “Death on the River: Slavery in the Yazoo Mississippi Delta” […]

A Teachable Moment from the DNC

In her speech to the Democratic National Convention, First Lady Michelle Obama was speaking of the progress this nation has made, and in the process said, “That is the story of this country, the story that has brought me to this stage tonight, the story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, […]

Jessica Millward, Slavery & Freedom in Early Maryland

Here’s another “Ben Franklin’s World” podcast. This is with historian Jessica Millward, talking about slavery and freedom in Colonial Maryland. Professor Millward’s research uses the enslaved person Charity Folks, who gained freedom in the late 1700s, to tell this story. Here’s what we’ll learn in this episode: What You’ll Discover How slavery started in Maryland […]

Henry Wirz and Andersonville Prison

Here’s Professor Carole Emberton of SUNY-B delivering a lecture on Henry Wirz and Andersonville Prison. She takes on the myth that Andersonville was no worse than other camps, particularly Elmira. The video’s description reads, “Professor Carole Emberton talked about Andersonville Prison, the Confederate Civil War military prison where 13,000 Union soldiers died, and the trial […]

Telling The Story Of A Confederate Deserter In ‘Free State Of Jones’

Here’s a discussion with Gary Ross, the director of the movie, Free State of Jones. It’s from NPR’s show, “All Things Considered.” You can see the interview and the transcript here.  

The Roads from War to Reconstruction and Beyond, by Ed Ayers and Paul Levengood

This is an outstanding lecture and Q&A session by Professor Ed Ayers, held at the Virginia Historical Society. I can’t say enough good about this.

Smart Talk: Slavery in PA

This is a show from Harrisburg’s NPR station, WITF, hosted by Scott LaMar. His guest here is Cooper Wingert. Cooper is an 18-year-old historian and author of ten Civil War books. You can access the discussion here: This is an excellent discussion on slavery in Pennsylvania and the Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania.

Podcast: Eighty-Eight Years: The Long Death of Slavery in the United States

Here’s Professor Patrick Rael of Bowdoin College in Maine discussing his book, Eighty-eight Years: The Long Death of Slavery in the United States. This is a terrific presentation with a lot of great information. You can access the podcast here.