Here’s an interview with historian George Rable on his book, Damn Yankees! Demonization and Defiance in the Confederate South on Civil War Talk Radio with Gerry Prokopowicz. He discusses several results of his research and provides insight into the views of confederates toward Northerners and tells us how those views affected not only the war but […]

Here’s historian Earl Hess speaking on infantry weapons and tactics in the Civil War at the 2016 Pamplin Park Symposium. Dr. Hess is an outstanding historian and this is an excellent and informative lecture. The video’s description reads, “Earl Hess talked about the different infantry formations and maneuvers used during the Civil War and when […]

Here’s Professor Manisha Sinha appearing with Professor Gerry Prokopowicz on Civil War Talk Radio speaking about her book, The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition. Professor Sinha gives an overview of the abolition movement and discusses some of the personalities involved. This is another excellent interview.

West Virginia was not allowed to join the Union until it had enacted an emancipation program for the enslaved people within its borders. This article from 2015 by John F. Stealey III, Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus of Shepherd University, traces how West Virginia got to that emancipation program. In reading the article, we learn, “When the […]

Here’s Dan Welch, coauthor of The Last Road North: A Guide to the Gettysburg Campaign, 1863, appearing on “Civil War Talk Radio” with Gerry Prokopowicz speaking on the book he coauthored with Robert Orrison. The book is an overview of the campaign and gives us driving tours of the marches to Gettysburg and the retreat from […]

Here’s Professor William Blair of Penn State University speaking at Pamplin Park’s 2016 Symposium. His topic is “Punishment for Secession and the 14th Amendment,” telling us how part of the 14th Amendment was intended as a punishment for secession and treason in the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “William Blair talked about how the […]

The citation for this case is 80 US [13 Wall] 646. This case originated in Georgia [35 GA Reports 270] From the facts of the case, on February 9, 1859 John R. Hart and W. D. Davis [Davis signing as security] signed a promissory note to William White Sr. for $1250 in payment for purchase […]