I’ve been thinking about how we view Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, and I’ve hit upon the idea that the two men are two sides of a single coin. Just about any quality one can identify in one leader that makes that man a superlative general can be found in the other leader. […]

This is a one-volume history of the Civil War and Reconstruction era by Professor Allen C. Guelzo. It was published in 2012. With James McPherson’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning Battle Cry of Freedom now almost 30 years old, it needs a successor. This volume is a worthy candidate. Professor Guelzo is an excellent writer, and the book makes for […]

Here’s a series of short videos, each less than 20 minutes in length, resulting from interviews the Georgia Historical Society did with some leading historians. They deal with memory, the lost cause, memorialization, and teaching history. These are really good videos for students of the Civil War and for students of history in general. This […]

The citation for this case is 69 US [2 Wall.] 404. In 1864, the Union conducted the Red River campaign under Major General Nathaniel Banks, operating with Admiral David Dixon Porter. Around March 26, a party from the USS Ouachita captured seventy-two bales of cotton from the plantation owned by sixty-five-year-old Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander. It was […]

Here’s a discussion with Professor Kate Masur of Northwestern University regarding Reconstruction. She took calls from viewers following the airing of a panel discussion on Reconstruction held in Beaufort, South Carolina. http://www.c-span.org/video/?439228-8/open-phones-reconstruction

Here’s Ranger Karlton Smith giving us a great deal of information on Major General Andrew Atkinson Humphreys and his division during the Battle of Gettysburg, especially on July 2, 1863 and the fight in the Peach Orchard.

Here’s a video describing how the United Daughters of the Confederacy helped create a phony version of history that still infects many to this day.