Here’s another interview with BG Ty Seidule on his book, Robert E. Lee and Me. This is pretty good. You can access the program here.

Here’s a really good discussion between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Professor Brian Matthew Jordan on Professor Jordan’s latest book.

Here’s Professor Laura June Davis giving a really good talk on confederate boat burners and naval guerrillas on the Mississippi River near the end of the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “Southern Utah University Professor Laura June Davis talked about Confederate boat burners and naval guerrilla action on the lower Mississippi River during the last […]

Beginning our sojourn into this week’s progress in the nationwide retreat of confederate heritage and the racist backlash against it is this article. It tells us, “The Virginia Military Institute has taken action to remove the name of Confederate Gen. Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson from some of its buildings. The school’s Board of Visitors voted to […]

I get to see a lot of history teaching. There are a few things that make it painful to watch sometime, such as the state of Pennsylvania mandating that state rights have to be taught as a cause of the Civil War alongside slavery. The teachers are doing a good job with what they have, […]

Here’s Dr. Joshua Greenberg discussing paper money used in Antebellum and Civil War era America. The video’s description reads, “Joshua Greenberg discussed his book, Bank Notes and Shinplasters: The Rage for Paper Money in the Early Republic, which examines the design and use of paper money in the antebellum era. He explained that before the federal government […]

This is Professor Joseph Reidy, Professor of History Emeritus at Howard University, discussing how emancipation came about. There is good information here. The video’s description reads, “Author Joseph Reidy discussed how during the Civil War the emancipation process was often messy and nonlinear, rather than occurring at one moment or neatly tied to Lincoln’s proclamation. […]

This book by Professor Gregory Borchard is another in the Concise Lincoln Library series from Southern Illinois University Press. We normally think of Greeley as a gadfly who was more an adversary of Lincoln than an ally, but the two men did share some things. “Although the first known direct contact between Lincoln and Greeley–at […]

The Army University Press put out this statement on its use of the term “United States Army” instead of “Union Army” to identify the army that won the Civil War. For some strange reason, this has become controversial. As the statement tells us, “citizens in states who remained loyal to the United States did not […]

This is another in the “Virginia at War” series edited by Professor James I. Robertson Jr. and William C Davis, brought to us by the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies and the University of Kentucky Press. Like the others in the series, this penultimate volume is a collection of essays representing what was the […]