The citation for this case is 26 Fed. Cas. 791, Case No. 15,537. This is a forfeiture case arising from the slave trade. It’s from February 1, 1808 in the Federal Court for the District of South Carolina, with Federal Judge Thomas Bee presiding. Judge Bee begins by giving us the facts of the case: […]

Here’s a terrific battle walk Ranger Bill Hewitt led on Major General George G. Meade on July 2, 1863. Great job, Bill!

Here is an outstanding project from the Guardian. We start with a period photograph, which you can then morph into a modern photograph of the same spot. You can see the change in the area that’s happened since the Civil War. Additionally, there’s an audio file to play from a commentator speaking about the action […]

The citation for this case is 26 Fed. Cas. 1349, Case No. 15,817. This is from the June, 1869 term of the District Court for South Carolina, and Chief Justice Salmon Chase was the circuit judge presiding. This case is like the Huger case discussed a couple of days ago. Morrison was the US postmaster […]

This is Jay Winik’s story of the [almost] end of the Civil War. He calls April of 1865 “the month that saved America.” Mr. Winik is obviously a genius marketer and he’s an engaging writer, but that’s all hyperbole. By April of 1865 the war was almost over, and many confederates saw the writing on […]

August 25 is the National Park Service’s 99th Birthday! You can celebrate by visiting a national park. All park entrance fees are waived for the day. Check it out. Enjoy the scenery, commune with nature, learn some history, say hi to a ranger. In honor of the Park Service’s 99th birthday, they’ve put together 99 […]

The citation for this case is 26 Fed. Cas. 412, Case No. 15,415. It’s from  the May 1868 term of the Circuit Court for the District of South Carolina with Federal Judge George Seabrook Bryan presiding. Alfred Huger was the postmaster for the city of Charleston, appointed by President Andrew Jackson in 1832 until South […]


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