We get this story from Alabama. Three groups of racist confederate heritage advocates have announced plans to try to intimidate African-Americans at Alabama State University, the oldest historically black state-sponsored university in the United States, by placing a monument to the racial slavery-based confederacy complete with a prominently displayed confederate flag, the symbol of racists […]

The citation for this case is 30 Fed. Cas. 537, Case No. 17,996. The case comes to us from the Circuit Court of the District of Virginia in May of 1870, with Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase as the Circuit Justice presiding. There was a riot in Harrisonburg, Virginia in the summer of 1865, and […]

This book by Douglas Egerton, professor of history at Le Moyne College, gives us a history of the racial violence the nation experienced during Reconstruction. The book teaches us a great many things. One very interesting item is the plight of Robert Vesey, Sr., an African-American carpenter in Charleston, South Carolina. Vesey was the son […]

We have this story from Gardner, Kansas. It’s a case of another student thuggishly displaying the confederate flag. “Travis Schwab, the student’s father, said his 16-year-old son was just embracing his family’s history. ‘He didn’t mean to disrespect anybody,’ he said. ‘He was doing it because we have family that has fought on both sides […]

This is Eric Foner and Richard Brookhiser having a conversation about politics during the Reconstruction Era. It’s an outstanding video offering us insight into this period of time that we all need to understand a lot better. The video’s description reads, “Eric Foner and Richard Brookhiser talked about the process of Reconstruction for both the […]

Here’s Professor Manisha Sinha of the University of Massachusetts Amherst delivering a fact-filled lecture on abolitionists. The video’s description says, “In this thought-provoking talk, Professor Manisha Sinha challenges the long-standing notion that abolitionists were irresponsible extremists who helped cause the Civil War. She also questions recent historical wisdom that casts abolitionists as bourgeois reformers burdened […]

Georgia State Representative Tommy Benton is the latest in a long line of confederate heritage advocacy clowns. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gives us this story about this doofus. See also here. In an episode emblematic of what we’ve come to expect from these racist idiots, Mr. Benton actually defended the Ku Klux Klan. He claimed the KKK […]


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