This is Professor Jonathan Holloway of Yale University teaching a course that follows African-Americans from Emancipation through Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement and to the present. This follows the legacy of the Civil War. There are 25 videos in the course.

Here are Ethan Rafuse and Terry Beckenbaugh of the US Army Command and General Staff College speaking at the Kansas City Library. From the video’s description: “Terry L. Beckenbaugh and Ethan S. Rafuse talked about how the North won the U.S. Civil War, what four years of fighting left unresolved, and why the Civil War […]

Here’s Professor Gary Gallagher of the University of Virginia on C-SPAN talking about memory of the Civil War and the confederate flag. The video’s description reads, “Author Gary Gallagher talked about the causes of the Civil War and how perceptions of that conflict was affecting public reaction to displays of the Confederate battle flag.” This […]

This June 23 tour was led by Robert E. Lee “Bobby” Krick of the National Park Service. Bobby, an eminent historian in his own right, is the son of noted historian Robert K. Krick. We stopped at a spot Bobby believes is the place Lincoln reviewed the Army of the James, and where Mary Lincoln […]

On Monday, June 22 I was part of Wil Greene’s tour of sites related to the Petersburg Campaign. He calls it a campaign and not a siege, because the Federals didn’t dig any regular approaches, except for a 6-day period, and because the confederates were never surrounded. He started with a brief recap of the […]

Sunday, June 21 began for us with Gregory Downs presenting on “A War That Could Not End at Appomattox,” giving an excellent case that the war did continue past the surrenders because Congress and President Johnson continued to exercise their war powers. Once again, C-SPAN broadcast the presentations: Next up was Professor Lesley Gordon […]

The second day of the conference was Saturday, June 20, and was also the first full day. C-SPAN 3 broadcast the conference live for most of the day. We started off with Professor Joan Waugh of UCLA telling us about Ulysses S. Grant and the Meaning of Appomattox: Next up was Professor Stephen Cushman […]


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