We’ve been considering some of the essays contained in this book already, so now it’s time to consider the book as a whole. There are few books I think are essential for anyone who wants to undertake a study of Robert E. Lee. This is one of them. The dust jacket, I think, describes the […]

The next essay, by Gary W. Gallagher, is based on an essay he wrote on confederate generalship as a whole for Gabor Boritt’s book, Why the Confederacy Lost. It’s focused on Lee and is revised from the original. The page references come from Gallagher’s Lee the Soldier. After going over various historians’ criticisms of Lee [which have […]

Here’s a conversation between David Petraeus and Ron Chernow on Chernow’s new book on Ulysses S. Grant. I’d like to see a conversation between Chernow and a Civil War historian one of these days, preferably a Grant scholar. This conversation is a bit unsatisfying. The video’s description reads, “Ron Chernow on Ulysses S. Grant with […]

The next essay comes from Alan T. Nolan. Professor Gallagher reproduces it in Lee the Soldier, but it’s also Chapter Four of Nolan’s Lee Considered: General Robert E. Lee and Civil War History. The page references here come from Nolan’s book. In this chapter, Nolan creates what he terms “the true grand strategy” and “the official grand strategy.” He […]

The next essay we’ll consider is Charles P. Roland’s “The Generalship of Robert E. Lee,” from a book of essays Grady McWhiney edited called Grant, Lee, Lincoln and the Radicals. It’s also reproduced in Gary Gallagher’s Lee the Soldier. The page references here are from the Gallagher book. In the essay, Dr. Roland writes, “Exigencies of Southern […]

This installment comes to us from Douglas Southall Freeman’s R. E. Lee, Vols., 3 and 4, by way of Gary Gallagher’s book of essays, Lee the Soldier. All the page references come from Dr. Gallagher’s book. The essay in Dr. Gallagher’s book is titled, “The Sword of Robert E. Lee.” In evaluating Lee’s generalship, Freeman writes, “Desperate […]

Brian Lamb of C-SPAN interviews biographer Ron Chernow on his new book, Grant. The interview focuses more on Grant’s writing his memoirs than most other parts of his life, though not exclusively. The video’s description reads, “Ron Chernow talked about his biography of Civil War General and former President Ulysses S. Grant, which focuses on his final […]