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Sacred Trust 2013 Videos July 5

More videos from the Gettysburg Foundation. Ted Alexander:  Two Retreats:  Lee’s Withdrawal from Sharpsburg and Gettysburg, a Comparison Carrie Janney:  Veterans at Gettysburg Barb Sanders:  Through the Eyes of Battlefield Surgeons Matt Atkinson:  1863:  The Siege of Vicksburg Ed Bearss:  Gettysburg Jake Boritt:  The Gettysburg Story Troy Harman:  The Gettysburg Address Reads Like American History

A Book With No Credibility–Chapter Five

In Chapter Five, Adams makes claims about how the British Press viewed the Civil War.  He continues to make his ridiculously wrong claims, such as “Northern apologists to this day have been unable to justify the war on the grounds that the North had the right to force the South to remain in a political […]

Sacred Trust 2013 Videos June 30

From the Gettysburg Foundation posting of the Sacred Trust videos. Kent Masterson Brown:  George Gordon Meade and the Gettysburg Campaign Brooks Simpson:  Relying on Experience at Gettysburg Ethan Rafuse:  Fighting Joe Hooker and His Army of the Potomac Harold Holzer Howard Coffin:  Vermont’s Assault on Pickett’s Charge Allen Guelzo:  George Meade at Williamsport Joe Glatthaar: […]

2014 Virginia Sesquicentennial Signature Conference

The schedule for the 2014 Signature Conference, to be held at George Mason University, is posted. I’ve got May 31 held open for this.  How about you?  There are a lot of topics students of the war don’t normally get into.

Sacred Trust Videos Posted June 29

The Gettysburg Foundation has posted the videos from this year’s Sacred Trust Lectures. If you missed them, here’s your chance. Garry Adelman:  Gettysburg in 4D Scott Mingus:  Flames Beyond Gettysburg Jeff Wert:  Lee and His Army from the Seven Days to Gettysburg Matt Pinsker:  Samuel Wilkeson’s Gettysburg Address Terry Winschel:  Vicksburg and the Trans-Mississippi Supply […]

A Book With No Credibility–Chapter Four

Adams starts this chapter with his usual mendacity:  “The Civil War has also been called ‘Lincoln’s war.’  Modern historians have been compelled to acknowledge that it was a war Lincoln could have avoided or ended at his will.  It was Lincoln who made the call to arms–depriving the Congress of its constitutional responsibilities to make […]

Army Organization in Four Minutes

Another video from Garry Adelman and the Civil War Trust.

A Book With No Credibility–Chapter Three

In Chapter Three, Adams stoops to new lows.  He compares Lincoln to Julius Caesar and claims, “the killing of a tyrant was a patriotic act, a belief held by both the Romans and the Greeks.  John Booth felt that way about Lincoln.”  [p. 36]  Let’s see what really happened.  On April 11, 1865, Lincoln gave […]

Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!

On the way home I took a side trip to the Fredericksburg Battlefield, part of the Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park. I was last there in November of 1995, which was quite awhile ago as can be seen from this photo from that visit.   Those two, besides being extremely embarrassed right now [it’s a […]

A Visit to the Bluff

Drewry’s Bluff, that is.  My company’s facility is very close to Drewry’s Bluff and I was able to stop there after work. I found beautiful scenery, earthen fortifications, a terrific overlook of the James River, and wonderful interpretation. Drewry’s Bluff was the site of Fort Darling.  It was also the site of Camp Beall, a […]