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The Wild West of the Internet Versus Real History

Professor Allen C. Guelzo, Henry Luce Professor of History at Gettysburg College, recently published an Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal titled, “How Lincoln Saved the ‘Central Idea’ of America.”  It is an outstanding, thoughtful piece you can read here.  It’s in the subscriber only section, so if you’re not a subscriber you can still […]

Confederate Losses at Gettysburg

Supervisory Historian D. Scott Hartwig has a terrific post on confederate losses at Gettysburg.  This is important work not least of which because it helps us understand how much of a turning point the Gettysburg Campaign really was.  As Ranger Hartwig writes, “… limiting our investigation of the army’s losses to only the three day battle […]

Civil War Bracketology — The Gray Cavalry Version

Who is your choice as better and why? Round One:  John Hunt Morgan or John Singleton Mosby? Round Two:  Winner of Round One or Earl Van Dorn? Round Three:  Winner of Round Two or Thomas Rosser? Round Four:  Winner of Round Three or Joseph Wheeler? Round Five:  Winner of Round Four or Rooney Lee? Round Six:  […]

The Uses and Limitations of the Internet for Research

Here is an interesting article from John Hennessy discussing the usefulness of the internet for research and its limitations.  He makes the point that while we have an unprecedented amount of research material available to us at our fingertips, how really valuable is that for original research?  Much is available, but because it isn’t currently […]

The House Divided Project by Dickinson College

This is a great website with some awesome resources.  Enjoy.

Civil War Times Illustrated

For many years, the general enthusiast had little choice among periodicals devoted to the Civil War.  You had Civil War Times Illustrated and you had not much else.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to collect every issue.  The publication started out getting great Civil War historians writing for it, but around the […]

Perspectives in Military History

This is a series of lectures at the Army Heritage and Education Center at Carlisle Barracks.  Scholars from around the country come to Carlisle and AHEC to speak on a variety of military history topics.  Needless to say, this is an outstanding learning source for us students of the war.  One of the reasons I […]

Richard Striner on the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

Professor Striner wrote an Op-Ed in the NY Times’ Disunion blog.  Today he appeared on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation.”  Enjoy.  I’m not so sure I agree with his interpretation.  He believes Lincoln’s objective was freeing slaves, and he was using the justification of saving the Union as nothing more than a pretext for freeing […]

Civil War Bracketology

Who’s the better general, and why? Round One:  Sheridan or Hooker? Round Two:  Winner of Round One or McClellan? Round Three:  Winner of Round Two or Meade? Round Four:  Winner of Round Three or Hancock? Round Five:  Winner of Round Four or Thomas? Round Six:  Winner of Round Five or Sherman? Championship Round:  Winner of […]

The Civil War Institute Takes On Emancipation in the Civil War

Here’s a terrific panel discussion from this past summer’s Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College.  Moderated by Pete Carmichael, the panel takes on Lincoln issuing the Emancipation Proclamation.