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2017 Civil War Institute Day Three

Day Three is in the books. We started off with a round table discussion on George Gordon Meade. The participants were Brooks Simpson, Scott Hartwig, Jennifer Murray, and John Hennessy. This was a pretty good discussion, moderated by Pete Carmichael. They started off by considering why Meade is forgotten. Scott Hartwig identified three factors: Dan […]

The Narrative of a Blockade Runner

This is a book by John Wilkinson, who was a confederate sailor. He commanded an ironclad in New Orleans before hew as captured. After prison he was chosen to lead a raid to free confederate prisoners on Johnson’s Island, but the planning came to naught when the Union officials found out about it. He commanded […]

Admiral David G. Farragut and the End of the Civil War: Gettysburg Winter Lecture

Here’s Ranger Karlton Smith on the life of David G. Farragut from just after Mobile Bay to the end of his life.

Book Discussion on Civil War Blockade Running on the Texas Coast

Here’s my blogging colleague, Andy Hall, talking about blockade running out of Galveston, Texas. Here’s what the video’s description says: “Andrew Hall talked about his book, Civil War Blockade Running on the Texas Coast, about how civilian ships were able to maneuver around Civil War blockades and the consequences if they were caught. As part […]

Ed Bearss Interview

Here’s an interview with Ed Bearss telling about how he and his team found the USS Cairo.

William Barker Cushing, a Hero of the Civil War

Here’s Ranger Karlton Smith giving a Campfire Lecture on William B. Cushing, brother of soon-to-be Medal of Honor Recipient Alonzo Cushing.  William Cushing is best known for leading the detachment that destroyed the confederate ironclad, CSS Albemarle  Some call William Cushing a prototype of the Navy SEALs.

The Civil War at Sea: The First Modern Naval War

This is John Kuehn of the Army Command and General Staff College in a February 2014 talk at the Kansas City Library giving a very quick overview of the Naval contribution to the Union victory in the Civil War.  He has excellent presentation skills, but I did notice a few missteps along the way in his […]