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Civil War Weaponry

Here’s Professor Jeff Kinard of Guilford Technical Community College giving a lecture on Civil War weaponry. He brings a number of artifacts, which is really good, but he could stand to read up on the latest scholarship, particularly Dr. Earl Hess’s work on the rifle musket. The video’s description reads, “Guilford Technical Community College professor Jeff […]

America in 1857

This book by Professor Kenneth M. Stampp looks at the situation in America in the critical year 1857. In the Preface he wrote, “In 1856 three events had worsened the already strained relations between the North and South; first, a violent struggle between proslavery and free-state parties for control of Kansas Territory; second, a bitter […]

The American Civil War: Obsolete Myths and Real Questions

Here’s Professor Andrew Zimmerman of George Washington University busting neoconfederate lies about the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “This lecture will introduce some of the most interesting and important questions historians of the American Civil War are asking today. These include: what role did slaves themselves play in the end of slavery? How did […]

Self-Pity of the Defeated and ‘Lies Agreed Upon’: The Lost Cause and Memory of the American Civil War

This is a great classroom discussion on the lies of the lost cause. The video’s description reads, “Lone Star College-Kingwood, in association with the Center for Civic Engagement, provides thought provoking discussions on the campus common read ‘Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)’ by Carol Tavris and Elliott Aronson. The Self-Pity of the Defeated […]

A Southern Historian’s Lost Cause

Here’s Trae Wisecarver, aka “The Outlaw Historian,” giving a really good Ted Talk on what the Civil War was about. The video’s description reads, “Growing up in the Deep South, Roy ‘Trae’ Wisecarver was taught a different story about the Civil War than he learned as a historian. In this compelling talk, he mixes history […]

The Whole Civil War in 56 Minutes

Here’s Garry Adelman giving a nice overview of the Civil War in his own inimitable way. The video’s description reads, “Garry Adelman of the American Battlefield Trust tackled the whole Civil War in 56 minutes. He began with the lead-up to the war, from the Compromise of 1850 to Bloody Kansas to Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 election and the secession […]

The American War

Here’s Professor Joan Waugh of UCLA discussing a book about the history of the Civil War era she co-wrote with Dr. Gary Gallagher. This is a very good discussion. The video’s description reads, “UCLA history professor Joan Waugh talked about her book, The American War: A History of the Civil War Era. This interview, recorded on the campus […]