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The American War

Here’s Professor Joan Waugh of UCLA discussing a book about the history of the Civil War era she co-wrote with Dr. Gary Gallagher. This is a very good discussion. The video’s description reads, “UCLA history professor Joan Waugh talked about her book, The American War: A History of the Civil War Era. This interview, recorded on the campus […]

Clay Stuckey gives a program on Civil War Field Artillery

This is Clay Stuckey giving a program to the Monroe County (Indiana) History Club on Field Artillery in the Civil War. It’s loaded with lots of information, and if you know little about field artillery, this makes a great primer. Clay is a member of the Lincoln Forum as well.

The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat

Those who watched the Ken Burns series, The Civil War, no doubt remember Shelby Foote discussing the large number of casualties in the war and intoning, “The reason for the high casualties is really quite simple: the weapons were way ahead of the tactics.” It turns out, Shelby was wrong–again. This book by Professor Earl J. […]

An Interview With Peter Carmichael

Peter Carmichael, Director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College and the Robert C. Fluhrer Professor of History at Gettysburg College, graciously agreed to sit down with me for an interview this past summer. We spoke on Friday, July 13, 2018 in the Civil War Institute’s offices on the Gettysburg College campus. You can […]

Why Read Why Learn History

This article is about Professor Sam Wineburg’s latest book, Why Learn History (When It’s Already on Your Phone). I enjoy Professor Wineburg’s take on history education. We learn what “frames” Professor Wineburg’s book: “Many people equate ‘historical knowledge’ with nothing more than facts, names, and dates. So if a five-inch handheld device can tell you faster […]

History as an Act of Faith

Here’s an interview with the late historian Kenneth M. Stampp from the 1980s. He gives some basic information about being a historian. This is from a PBS show called “The Open Mind.” You can access the video here.

Using Google Earth and Explain Everything to teach the Civil War

Here’s a tutorial for teachers, or for anyone who seeks to explain Civil War topics to others. It uses Google Earth and an application called Explain Everything to create presentations to help illustrate battles and troop movements. This is very useful. The video’s description reads, “A quick movie to show how you can use Google […]