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CWTR Episode 1721: When It Was Grand: A Radical Republican History of the Civil War

Here’s a really good conversation between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Dr. LeeAnna Keith about Dr. Keith’s book, When It Was Grand.

Fighting Words: The American Civil War and the Polarization of American Politics Today

This is an outstanding conversation between Professor Peter Carmichael, Professor Michael Birkner, Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey, and Professor James Downs on how Civil War history informs our situation in American politics today. The video’s description reads, “Pundits are quick to find parallels between the American Civil War and the nation’s fractured political system today. Are […]

Finding the Source: Jubal Early, the Lost Cause, and the Shaping of The Modern Historical Profession

This is a terrific conversation between Professor Peter Carmichael, Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey, and Professor Katy Shively on Jubal Early and the lost cause lie and how they affected the historiography of the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “Arguably one of the most influential forces in the shaping of Civil War memory and the […]

White Supremacist History vs. Native Americans

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, a Republican and currently a commentator on CNN, demonstrated his white supremacist bona fides in a speech to the Young America’s Foundation. As this article tells us, “CNN has stood by Rick Santorum, one of its few regular conservative commentators, despite regular criticism from liberal viewers on social media. But […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

Our weekly roundup of the nationwide retreat of confederate heritage, along with a racist backlash against it, continues. In this article from Arkansas we learn, “The Arkansas House on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a proposal to end a day that commemorates the Confederate flag. The majority-Republican House voted 80-7 for legislation to abolish Confederate Flag Day, […]

Frederick Douglass in Ireland

Here’s an interesting lecture on the time Frederick Douglass spent in Ireland, delivered by Irish historian Christine Kinealy. The video’s description reads, “Irish historian Christine Kinealy discussed Frederick Douglass’ time in Ireland during an 18-month trip to promote abolitionism abroad in 1845 and 1846. She argued that Douglass was moved by his time in Ireland, particularly the […]

NCWM Lessons in History Series: Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey, “Richmond Women”

Here’s Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey giving an excellent lecture at the National Civil War Museum on women in Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey, Assistant Director of Gettysburg College’s Civil War Institute, illustrates the world of Richmond, Virginia’s women in this presentation. Of various socioeconomic and cultural […]

Thaddeus Stevens: Civil War Revolutionary, Fighter for Racial Justice with Bruce Levine

This is an outstanding conversation between Professor Manisha Sinha and Professor Bruce Levine on Thaddeus Stevens, based on Professor Levine’s new biography of Stevens. The video’s description reads, “Thaddeus Stevens was among the first to see the Civil War as an opportunity for a second American Revolution—a chance to remake the country as a true […]

JFK Talks Irish Brigade in Ireland

I came across this article about a trip President John F. Kennedy made to Ireland in June of 1963. The article tells us Kennedy’s speech contained “two factual errors, both in the first paragraph. The subject was that great Irish-American regiment, the ‘Fighting 69th’, one of whose flags the president was about to unveil and […]

US Army War College War Room: The Army’s Robert E. Lee Problem

Here’s an excellent conversation between host Professor Jacqueline Whitt of the US Army War College and BG Ty Seidule discussing BG Seidule’s book, Robert E. Lee and Me along with how the US Army has honored the treasonous confederates. You can access the podcast here.