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Take Note: Historian Carol Reardon on the Facts & Fiction of the American Civil War

Here’s an interview with Professor Carol Reardon, one of our top military historians. Here she talks a bit about the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge at Gettysburg, separating some fact from fiction for us. It’s always a treat to get her take on things. Enjoy.

The Way of Improvement Leads Home: Abolitionism

Here’s Professor Manisha Sinha appearing on Professor John Fea’s podcast, “The Way of Improvement Leads Home.” It’s a good discussion based on her book, The Slaves’ Cause: A History of Abolition. Her interview runs from the 17:55 point to the 46:00 point. You can access it here.

The Long Shadow of the Civil War And “Free State of Jones”

Here’s historian Victoria Bynum appearing on Civil War Talk Radio with Gerry Prokopowicz. She talks about her books, The Free State of Jones and The Long Shadow of the Civil War. This is a pretty good interview with some good information for us.

Civil War Battle Tactics

Here’s David Powell giving a presentation at the 2016 Emerging Civil War Symposium on battle tactics used in the Civil War. It’s a bit dry in places, but it’s loaded with information. The video’s description reads, “David Powell talked about Civil War-era military theories, battle tactics, and formations. He described what military manuals were used […]

Bigelow v. Forrest

The citation for this 1869 Supreme Court case is 76 US [9 Wallace] 339. French Forrest was a confederate naval officer who lived in Virginia. Under the Confiscation Act his property was confiscated by the US Government. The property was sold to a man named Buntley, and his rights eventually became vested in a man […]

Union General Gouverneur K. Warren

Here’s Robert Girardi giving a presentation on Gouverneur K. Warren based on the book he co-authored. Unfortunately, the video starts during the presentation, so we’ve missed a lot of information. Still, I was not impressed. He’s obviously done a lot of research, but his research was geared not to understand but to rehabilitate Warren. We see […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate. For your enjoyment:

The Great Task Remaining Before Us

This is a book of essays about Reconstruction edited by Paul A. Cimbala, Professor of History at Fordham University, and Randall M. Miller, Professor of History at St. Joseph’s University. It contains an introduction by G. Ward Hubbs and eleven essays by historians. The first essay, by Derek W. Frisby, Assistant Professor of History at […]

Four Influential Civil War Military Wives

Here’s Candice Shy Hooper talking about her book, Lincoln’s Generals’ Wives: Four Women Who Influenced the Civil War for Better and for Worse. This is a pretty good discussion. Unfortunately, the interviewer botches several details. Hooper does correct a couple of them. Hooper does misunderstand the Frémont situation a bit, I think she misunderstands Mary Lincoln, […]

Nat Turner’s 1831 Slave Revolt

Here’s Professor Patrick Breen of Providence College speaking to the Virginia Historical Society on the Nat Turner Rebellion of 1831. The video’s description reads, “Professor Patrick Breen talked about Nat Turner’s life, and the 1831 slave rebellion he led, and compared the historical record to portrayals in literature and film. He also described the confusion […]