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White Supremacist Upset Monticello Tour Does Not Ignore 98% of the People Who Lived There

We have this article about a white supremacist Fox News put on the air claiming he just took a tour of Monticello and he’s upset that the tour dared talk about 98% of the people who lived there during Jefferson’s time. “Fox & Friends took some time Monday to complain about one of their favorite subjects: […]

Boston takes rare step of apologizing for its role in slavery and its lasting harm

This article about Boston’s apology for its role in slavery tells us, “Boston has just become the first major city to offer a formal apology for its role in trans-Atlantic slavery. Coming nearly four centuries after slavery began here, a city council resolution that passed unanimously Wednesday condemns the unique ‘dastardliness’ of slavery, and its legacy of […]

Does Lincoln get way too much credit for freeing enslaved Black people?

Today let’s consider this essay from Professor Kellie Carter Jackson. “Abraham Lincoln did not free the enslaved. The enslaved freed themselves. For decades, historians have argued for the agency of Black Americans in securing their own liberation during the Civil War. But time and time again, Lincoln is touted by his most well-known monikers, The […]

What’s Happening With Texas Education

There are a few things that happened with Texas education. For instance, we have this article from June. “A Texas school district pre-emptively pulled more than 400 books from its libraries for review following an inquiry from a Republican state lawmaker. North East Independent School District in San Antonio said it determined its libraries contained […]

Republicans Continue to Lie About Critical Race Theory to Attack Education

Today’s Republican Party continues to lie about what Critical Race Theory is in their unending assault on education so they can keep people dumb enough to vote Fascist Republican. Let’s start with this essay from Professor Ibram X. Kendi. ” ‘Man Dies After Medical Incident During Police Interaction’ – went the title of the first […]

The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story

This is the book inspired by the 2019 special edition of the New York Times Magazine that introduced the 1619 Project. It contains several essays and poems by contributors. The contributors include journalists, historians, sociologists, poets, playwrights, novelists, lawyers, and others. The book starts with “Origins,” an essay by project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones, which serves […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

We begin with this article from Richmond, Virginia. “Old Jeff Davis now lies on his back, his head bashed in, his right arm loose in its socket, his bronze pelt covered in pink and yellow paint, with scraps of tissue paper stuck to his lapel and collar. From 1907 to June 10, 2020, the people […]

They made history fighting in Virginia. Now these men are fighting to preserve their legacy

We have this article about USCT who fought at the battle of New Market Heights and their legacy. “A large swath of the New Market Heights Battlefield along Route 5 was rezoned for housing 20 years ago. … Recently a subdivision with about 700 homes and townhouses was going to rise on this spot. But […]

DeSantis Wrote Book Excusing Slavery, Complaining About Women’s Rights

If you were wondering how awful Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is, this story from 2018 gives us a hint. The story tells us, “Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis’ 2011 tome, Dreams From Our Founding Fathers, is terrible. It’s a book-long screed from the then-Tea Party candidate, in which DeSantis screams at President Barack Obama for 286 […]


I found this essay by Professor Stephen West. We learn, “Speaking in New York City in 1878, Frederick Douglass had a warning for white northerners about how they remembered the Civil War. ‘Good, wise, and generous men at the North,’ Douglass observed, ‘would have us forget and forgive, strew flowers alike and lovingly, on rebel […]