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Gettysburg National Military Park Winter Lecture Schedule

Gettysburg National Military Park has posted its 2023 Winter Lecture Series schedule. The Winter Lecture Series is held at 1:30 pm on weekends in the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center from January 7 through February 26, 2023. Free tickets will be available day of at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center. […]

Benjamin Franklin Butler

This book by Professor Elizabeth Leonard is a sympathetic portrait of Major General Benjamin Butler. No, it doesn’t attempt to paint him as a military genius. Professor Leonard does make criticisms where she feels they are warranted, but she also dispels lost cause mischaracterizations of Butler and his actions. As Professor Leonard herself puts it, […]

Black Soldiers and the Transnational Civil War

This is a fine podcast by A. J. Cade on the history of African American militia in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Louisiana Native Guards in the Civil War, along with Benjamin Butler’s influence on them and the international reaction to Back United States soldiers. The episode’s description reads, “AJ Cade II on Black Soldiers […]

Several Crucial Strategies That Shaped The 1862 Seven Days Campaign

Confederate soldiers overrun a Union battery during the Battle of Glendale on June 30, 1862, among the last fights of the Seven Days. This article by Matt Spruill is a pretty good analysis of crucial decisions made that shaped the Seven Days campaign. “The Seven Days Campaign, fought June 25–July 1, 1862, prevented the Army […]

McClellan’s War-Winning Strategy

In this 2011 article published in Military History Quarterly, Professor Donald Stoker discusses Major General George B. McClellan’s strategy in the Civil War. “To say that George b. McClellan was an enigma is an understatement. In the century and a half since he led the Union army, his personality and actions have inspired both contempt […]

Gens. McDowell & Pope at 2nd Manassas

As usual, John Hennessy delivers an outstanding lecture, this time on Major General John Pope and Major General Irvin McDowell at the battle of Second Bull Run [aka 2nd Manassas] The video’s description reads, “Author John Hennessy discussed Union Gens. Irvin McDowell and John Pope and their actions at the Civil War battle of 2nd Manassas in 1862. The […]

Battle of Antietam, Lincoln and Emancipation

Here’s Scott Hartwig giving a characteristically excellent presentation at the Emerging Civil War symposium on the Emancipation and the Maryland Campaign of 1862. The video’s description reads, “Scott Hartwig, the former supervisory historian at Gettysburg National Military Park, talked about the lead up to the September 1862 Battle of Antietam and Abraham Lincoln’s announcing the preliminary Emancipation […]

This Civil War General Was Known as ‘The Beast.’ But His Legacy Is So Much More

This article is a Civil War Times interview with Professor Elizabeth Leonard, author of the latest biography of Major General Benjamin F. Butler: [begin quote] CWT: TELL US A BIT ABOUT HIS EARLY LIFE. EL: He was born in New Hampshire, born into a situation of relative poverty, and very soon his father was gone. His mother […]


I found this article by Professor Ethan Rafuse about the US Telegraph Corps. “By 1850, some 20 companies were operating about 12,000 miles of telegraph lines in the United States, and it was soon clear that the telegraph would have a profound effect on all aspects of human activity—not least the conduct of war. In […]

Burnside Bridge Controversy: What Exactly Happened at Antietam Creek?

We have this article by Steven R. Stotlemeyer. “The fighting that occurred around Burnside Bridge at the Battle of Antietam remains one of the most controversial subjects of the engagement. It was in the vicinity of the bridge, known at the time as the Rohrbach or Lower Bridge, that a small contingent of approximately 400 […]