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Confederate General Edward Porter Alexander

Here’s Professor Gary W. Gallagher of the University of Virginia speaking at the Virginia Historical Society on the confederate artillerist Edward Porter Alexander. Professor Gallagher edited Alexander’s memoirs, Fighting for the Confederacy, which was a more unexpurgated version of Alexander’s Military Memoirs of a Confederate. As always, Professor Gallagher gives an outstanding presentation. The video’s description reads, […]

2017 Civil War Institute Day Three

Day Three is in the books. We started off with a round table discussion on George Gordon Meade. The participants were Brooks Simpson, Scott Hartwig, Jennifer Murray, and John Hennessy. This was a pretty good discussion, moderated by Pete Carmichael. They started off by considering why Meade is forgotten. Scott Hartwig identified three factors: Dan […]

2017 Civil War Institute Day Two

This was the second day of the CWI. It’s been another great day. We started off with Professor John Quist of Shippensburg University and Professor Michael Birkner of Gettysburg College speaking on James Buchanan and the Coming of the Civil War. This was an excellent team talk. Buchanan blamed secession on abolitionists and fire-eaters. Buchanan […]

“A Simple Hop, Skip, and Jump?” Burnside and His Bridge at Antietam: A Reexamination (Lecture)

Here’s Ranger John Hoptak giving a typically outstanding presentation on Ambrose Burnside’s performance at the Battle of Antietam, specifically on his performance at the bridge that now bears his name. This is from the Gettysburg National Military Park’s 2017 Winter Lecture Series. The video’s description reads, “Major General Ambrose E. Burnside ranks among the most […]

The Controversial Court Martial of Fitz John Porter

Here’s the always excellent and always entertaining Ranger Matt Atkinson giving a lecture on Fitz-John Porter’s court-martial as part of the 2017 Gettysburg National Military Park Winter Lecture Series. This is a terrific presentation. The video’s description reads, “After the Battle of Second Manassas, Porter garnered much of the blame for the defeat. He was […]

Stonewall Jackson at Cedar Mountain

This is an excellent book by Robert K. Krick, who is the former chief historian at the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania National Military Park. It’s a product of prodigious research coupled with a stirring narrative that provides us an enjoyable excursion into a microhistory of a battle that’s often disposed of in one or two paragraphs in standard […]

Johnston and Sherman’s April 1865 Meeting

Here are historians Craig Symonds and John Marszalek giving an excellent team presentation on the 1865 meeting of Generals Joseph E. Johnston and William T. Sherman in North Carolina, leading to Johnston’s surrender. This presentation was at the 2016 Lincoln Forum Symposium. The video’s description reads, “Craig Symonds and John Marszalek talked about the meeting […]