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Conversation with Historian Allen Guelzo

Here are historians Gary Gallagher and Allen Guelzo having a wonderful discussion running the gamut from R. E. Lee to treason trials. The video’s description reads, “Historian Gary Gallagher talked with Lincoln and Civil War scholar Allen Guelzo about his previous work on President Abraham Lincoln as well as his current project on Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Mr. Guelzo highlighted President […]

Lee’s Search for the Battle of Annihilation

This is an essay by Peter Carmichael in the book he edited, Audacity Personified: The Generalship of Robert E. Lee. In the essay, Pete assesses Lee’s generalship throughout the war, providing both positives and negatives in Lee’s performance. For example, he tells us, “Unlike many Union officers, such as Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, Maj. Gen. […]

Was Robert E. Lee a Woman Whipper?

This article is based on the testimony of Wesley Norris, a formerly enslaved person at Arlington who was under Robert E. Lee’s management after George Washington Parke Custis died. It starts with the basic facts. “On March 26, 1866, the New York Daily Tribune published a shocking account of Robert E. Lee’s actions in 1859 […]

Ty Seidule, “Robert E. Lee & Me: Reflections on Confederate Memory by a W&L Grad, Soldier & Scholar”

Here’s Colonel Ty Seidule of the West Point Department of History speaking at his alma mater, Washington and Lee University, about Robert E. Lee. The video’s description reads, “Constitution Day Speaker, Colonel Ty Seidule ’84 gives a public lecture ‘Robert E. Lee and Me: Reflections on Confederate Memory by a W&L Graduate, Soldier and Scholar.’ […]

Robert E. Lee–Slave Owner

The Heritage Instead of History crowd would have us believe Robert E. Lee was not a slave owner. As with almost everything else they claim, it’s hogwash. In “The Myth of Robert E. Lee and the ‘Good’ Slave Owner,” historian Glenn David Brasher tells us, ” Lost Cause advocates painted slavery as beneficial to both whites […]

Historians Continue Commenting on Confederate Monuments

Professor Karen Cox of UNC-Charlotte published an opinion piece calling on historians to engage with the public on current issues dealing with historical subjects, providing the context people need to understand these issues. She says, “Today, humanities scholars are roundly criticized for being irrelevant. Degrees in history and English, among others, are described as ‘useless.’ But this is […]

General Robert E. Lee’s North Anna River Defense

Here’s Chris Mackowski giving a presentation on Lee’s actions [and inactions] at the North Anna River as part of the 2017 Emerging Civil War Symposium. The video’s description reads, ” Chris Mackowski, author of Strike Them a Blow: Battle Along the North Anna River, talked about General Robert E. Lee’s North Anna River defense. This talk was […]