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Reading the Man Chapters 21-26

This is the final installment of our consideration of Ms. Pryor’s book. Chapter 21 looks at the several tragedies Lee and his family endured during the Civil War. In July of 1862, while Lee was making a name for himself, “Rooney’s two-year-old boy, the namesake of Robert E. Lee, ‘a most lovely little fellow,’ caught […]

Reading the Man Chapters 16-20

With the government running again, we continued our discussion this week. Chapter 16 starts with Wesley Norris’ telling his story of how he, his sister Mary, and one of their cousins ran away from Arlington and were captured near Westminster, Maryland, just short of the Pennsylvania border. They were brought back to Arlington, and Lee […]

Reading the Man Chapters 11-15

Due to Cadet Bone Spurs reversing his position and causing a government shutdown, the Gettysburg National Military Park folks were forced to cancel this part of the book discussion, but I’ll go through what the chapters covered. Chapter 11 is titled, “Crenellations.” “Crenellation was a common word in Robert E. Lee’s vocabulary. It refers to […]

Legacies of Appomattox: Lee’s Surrender in History and Memory

Here’s Professor Elizabeth Varon of UVa giving an outstanding lecture on Appomattox and its results. The last ten minutes of the video repeat a portion of the talk and can be skipped.

W. E. B. DuBois on Robert E. Lee

Dubois wrote this powerful essay in March of 1928: Each year on the 19th of January, there is renewed effort to canonize Robert E. Lee, the great confederate general. His personal comeliness, his aristocratic birth and his military prowess all call for the verdict of greatness and genius. But one thing–one terrible fact–militates against this, […]

Reading the Man Chapters 6-10

The second meeting for our discussion of this book centered on Chapters 6 through 10. Chapter Six focuses on Lee the father of seven children. During our discussion we had a list of Lee’s children: George Washington Custis Lee [1832-1913] called “Boo” and later “Custis” by his father Mary Custis Lee [1835-1918] called “Daughter” by […]

Reading the Man Chapters 1-5

Gettysburg National Military Park is holding their Battlefield Books series again this winter, and we’re discussing Elizabeth Brown Pryor’s Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee Through His Private Letters. The book is the product of research that began when Ms. Pryor was given access to a trove of Lee letters found in trunks […]