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The Great Partnership

Here’s Dr. Christian Keller delivering a lecture at the National Archives based on his new book about Lee and Jackson. It’s a fine presentation, but there were a couple things he claimed that I flat out don’t think are right. He claimed the Anaconda Plan was followed. It wasn’t. In the Q&A, he claimed Lee […]

2019 Civil War Institute Day Three

Day Three of the best five days a Civil War student has each year was Sunday, June 16, 2019. We began with Dr. Jennifer Murray of Oklahoma State University giving a wonderful presentation on the history of the Gettysburg National Military Park. You can watch it here: Next, Dr. Aaron Sheehan-Dean talked about “Violence […]

Robert E. Lee’s Report on the Appomattox Campaign

Dr. Colin Woodward transcribed this report from the handwritten manuscript in Lee’s writing and posted it on the Lee Family Digital Archive. I present it here, dear readers, for your information: Near Appomattox CtH.                       12 Apl ‘65 Honble J.C. Breckinridge Secy of War Sir It was apparent during the past winter that reinforcements were continuously reaching the armies under […]

The Planning of Pickett’s Charge – Anniversary Campfire Talk with Ranger Matt Atkinson and Son

Here’s Matt Atkinson giving a great presentation on the planning of the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge. This is a campfire presentation given outside in the evening, so as the sun goes down it’s harder to see Matt himself, but you can still see the slides.

Robert E. Lee: A Reference Guide to His Life and Works

This book by Dr. James I. Robertson Jr. isn’t a standard biography. Rather, it’s formatted like an encyclopedia or dictionary, with entries in alphabetical order. Beginning with a chronology of Lee’s life, the book next has an introduction Dr. Robertson penned. In it he says, “Focus here is always on Lee’s relationship with the entry […]

Decisions at Gettysburg

This book by Matt Spruill details nineteen decisions he identifies as crucial to the outcome of the Gettysburg campaign. The first decision he analyzes is Lee’s decision to begin the campaign and go north. “Essentially, he had four options. He could remain on the defense in Virginia, conduct tactical offensive operations against the Army of […]

Challenges of Command in the Civil War Volume 1: Generals and Generalship

This is the first volume of a two-volume collection of essays and lectures the late Dr. Richard J. Sommers delivered over his illustrious sixty-year career of scholarship. Here we have ten chapters distilling what Dr. Sommers learned over a lifetime of Civil War studies. He explains the setup in his Preface: “Some of these analyses […]