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Why Are Neoconfederates Akin to Al Qaeda?

They both cheer for the deaths of United States soldiers. Brooks Simpson highlighted one example of this.  Note, as Brooks points out, that nobody at The Gift That Keeps On Giving made any claim that the comment was unwarranted or in bad taste. Today we see this.  Apparently he thinks his only problem is that he […]

A Little More About the 22nd USCT

While going through some old files, I found some information on the 22nd USCT I had found years ago.  The 22nd was organized in Philadelphia in January of 1864.  From Philly they went to Yorktown VA, participated in an expedition to King and Queen County from March 9 through 12, then joined the Army of the James.  […]

We Are Having a Grand Time Now

 That’s the title of Ranger John Heiser’s presentation today (January 27) as part of Gettysburg National Military Park’s 2013 Winter Lecture series.  His subject was the Army of Northern Virginia in 1863. John made a good presentation.  He told us the ANV was a very simple army, what he termed a “yeoman army,” made up […]

The Abolitionists

I finally watched the three hours of PBS’s American Experience episode called, “The Abolitionists.”  If you missed it, you can view it here. American Experience is usually very well done, and this is no exception.  Actors portray the historical figures and provide dialogue, helping to bring them to life.  The film gives a basic understanding […]

It’s About Heritage. It Has Nothing To Do With History

Hat tip to Kevin Levin for posting about this. In Prescott, Arizona, some of the Heritage Instead of History crowd is at it again.  Story here. The first sentence tells us what we need to understand this crowd:  “As a child, Bob Anderson paid close attention when his elders talked about family history.” And after […]

Most Underrated Hero of Gettysburg

My vote is for George Sears Greene, who I believe was more important that St. Joshua “Don’t Call Me Lawrence” Chamberlain. Who gets your vote?

Scott Hartwig on Antietam and the Gettysburg 150th

Great interview with D. Scott Hartwig, Supervisory Ranger at Gettysburg National Military Park, talking about his book, To Antietam Creek, and also talking about upcoming events for the Sesquicentennial of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Great things are planned.  This will be a terrific event for students of the war.  Scott’s book is the first volume […]

Free Massive Open Online Course on The Emancipation Proclamation

Hat tip to Brooks Simpson for highlighting this. The University of Illinois at Springfield is going to have a free online course on the importance of the Emancipation Proclamation.  Matthew Holden and Gwen Jordan will teach it. Details here. The class begins on January 28 and will run eight weeks. Looks to be something well […]


Have you ever read some little bit of information that made you say, “Wow, that’s interesting!”? I have a few that I came across recently.  Some I’d say are definitely trustworthy, others maybe, maybe not. First the ones that might be true.  These are from a 2013 Civil War desk calendar (all direct quotes): January […]

On Campaign With Fighting Joe

That was the title of Chris Gwinn’s talk this past Sunday at the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor’s Center.  It was a terrific presentation.   Joe Hooker, a lifelong bachelor, finally married after the war.  In 1865 he had a stroke, and his wife died in 1870.  This is important because Hooker is almost paralyzed […]