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The Future Looks Bleak for Confederate Heritage

And that’s a good thing. I came across this CBS News poll. “We asked Americans if Confederate statues should be removed from public places, and also if all statues of historical figures should be considered for removal, too, depending on what those figures did in their lives. We found divisions by party and race, and […]

Confederate Heritage in Full Retreat

The daily retreat of confederate heritage continues, especially in Mississippi, so we start there. First of all, we have an interactive map of Mississippi’s confederate monuments and memorials you can access here. The explanatory introduction says, “This map and its accompanying table shows monuments, buildings, counties, municipalities, highways and other locations across the State of […]

The Anti-Confederate Heritage Wave Rolls On

With all the things that happened in the past 24 hours, I’m wondering if I can get it all in one post. According to this story, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper wants to move three confederate monuments off the grounds of the state’s capitol building. “Gov. Roy Cooper has sent a formal request to move […]

The Tide Remains Against Confederate Heritage

There are so many stories about confederate heritage’s retreat it’s increasingly difficult to keep up. We have, first of all, this story about the history of the Gulfport, Mississippi confederate monument. It tells us, “Gulfport’s Confederate monument is inscribed with the words ‘In Memory of Our Confederate Dead.’ But the statue was erected nearly 50 […]

Our Monument Roundup for Today

As we’ve seen for days now, there is more news on the monument front to document the ongoing defeats of confederate heritage. We have this article to start, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where the Board of Trustees voted to remove the moratorium on changing building names on campus. It tells […]

Some Short Videos on Monument Removals

Here are some short videos covering the monument removal issue. The first features Professor Ashleigh Lawrence-Sanders of Dayton University speaking with the BBC World News: Next we have “Dear Johnny Reb: An Argument Against Confederate Memorials.” This video’s description reads, “The war’s over Johnny, stand down and go home. This film is an expression of […]

“Virgil, Quick Come See. There Goes the Robert E. Lee”

As reported yesterday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ordered removal of the Lee monument in Richmond. This story tells us, “In a rebuke of Confederate glorification, Gov. Ralph Northam on Thursday called for the swift removal of a bronze statue depicting Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from Richmond’s Monument Avenue, a response to recent local and […]


Here’s another Atun-Shei video skewering neoconfederate nonsense hilariously, using actual nonsense spewed by actual neoconfederate nitwits. The video’s description reads, “Checkmate, Lincolnites! Debunking the Lost Cause myths that Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant, that nobody in the North cared about slavery or abolitionism, and that the warmongering Union invaded the South without provocation or just […]

TARIFFS and TAXES: The REAL Cause of the CIVIL WAR?!

This video from Atun-Shei Films hilariously skewers the neoconfederate lie that claims tariffs and taxes had anything to do with why the Civil War came about. The video’s description reads, “Checkmate, Lincolnites! Debunking the Lost Cause myth that the American Civil War was fought over taxes and protectionist tariffs. Was the South subjected to disproportionate […]

Author, Historian Ed Ayers | A Conversation

Here’s an outstanding discussion with Professor Edward Ayers on history education. The video’s description reads, “If you care about the future of history education, you need to watch this video. With over four decades of experience in history education and numerous awards and accolades (which includes a selection as a Pulitzer Prize finalist and being […]