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Battle of Little Bighorn

In this video, Cecile Ganteaume, a curator at the National Museum of the American Indian, gives a tour of the portion of the museum dealing with the Battle of Little Bighorn. The video’s description reads, “American History TV toured the National Museum of the American Indian ‘Americans’ exhibit with curator Cecile Ganteaume. In the Battle of Little […]

Former Friends – Union General Hancock and Confederate General Armistead

In this presentation, Tom McMillan discusses what he found out about the relationship between Major General Winfield Scott Hancock and the confederate brigade commander Lewis Armistead. The video’s description reads, “Author Tom McMillan told the story of how the Civil War divided two former friends, Union General Winfield Scott Hancock and Confederate General Lewis Armistead. The Gettysburg Heritage […]

The Peach Orchard at the Battle of Gettysburg

Here’s Jim Hessler giving a presentation based on his latest book. He wrote the book on Sickles at Gettysburg, and this presentation seemed like a rehash of that book. I was hoping he’d get more into the troop movements and the actual fighting and what happened during the attack. Instead, it was about Sickles. Still, […]

Slavery in the age of memory: Britain, France and the United States

This is a terrific lecture by Professor Ana Lucia Araujo. The video’s description reads, “In this lecture, Professor Ana Lucia Araujo draws from her newest book ‘Slavery in the age of memory: Engaging the past’ to discuss the ways slavery and the Atlantic slave trade have been remembered and memorialized by individuals, social groups, and societies […]

Finding the Source: The Mexican-American War with Dr. Amy Greenberg

Here’s an excellent discussion about the Mexican-American War between Professor Peter Carmichael and Dr. Ashley Luskey of Gettysburg College and Professor Amy Greenberg of Penn State University. The video’s description reads, “Often overlooked or over-simplified, the Mexican-American War fractured the nation and set the stage for the cataclysmic events of the U.S. Civil War just […]

Freed Slaves and Native Americans

This is Professor Alaina Roberts discussing those African Americans who had been enslaved by Native Americans and were freed at the end of the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “Alaina Roberts discussed her new book, ‘I’ve Been Here All the While – Black Freedom on Native Land,’ in which she uses archival research and […]

How the Word Is Passed

Here’s a nice discussion with Clint Smith about his book, How the Word is Passed: A Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America. It would have been much better had the discussion been between Mr. Smith and a historian of slavery or of the lost cause lie. The video’s description reads, “Atlantic staff writer Clint Smith looked […]

Families of Robert E. Lee and enslaved people unite to tell a more inclusive history together

This segment from CBS This Morning looks at the reopening of Arlington Mansion after renovation and brings together descendants of R. E. Lee and descendants of the people enslaved at Arlington. The video’s description reads, “For the first time in three years, visitors can return inside Arlington House, the Robert E. Lee Memorial, atop Arlington […]

Lincoln on Founding Fathers and Race

This is an excellent discussion of Abraham Lincoln and his evolving views on race and his views on the Founding Fathers. It features Professor Lucas Morel of Washington and Lee University and Professor Mark Steiner of the South Texas College of Law. The video’s description reads, “Abraham Lincoln scholars Lucas Morel and Mark Steiner discussed how the Founding Fathers influenced […]


Here’s another hilarious contribution from Atun-Shei Films correcting lost cause lies. He doesn’t really understand what Lee was doing and how Lee’s strategy was the best the confederates could put up, but other than that it’s pretty good. The video’s description reads, “Checkmate, Lincolnites! Debunking Lost Cause myths – as well as more benign common […]