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What Is History and How Do We Do It?

Recent events convinced me it’s necessary to provide some history basics. A lot of people are confused about what history is. They confuse the past, artifacts, and heritage with history. It’s useful to define our terms so we know what we’re talking about when we discuss history. First, the past. The past is what happened. […]

Reconsideration of Dred Scott v. Sandford

This is a really good discussion of the Dred Scott case. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer presides along with nine appeals court judges to hear testimony on the Dred Scott case and to cross examine the witnesses. Professors Paul Finkelman and Akhil Reed Amar are among the witnesses who testify. I thought John Stauffer was […]

Dr. James Robertson, Jr. Civil War Sesquicentennial Keynote

Here’s an outstanding presentation by Dr. Bud [all of his presentations are outstanding, but this is one of the best] kicking off the Prince William County, Virginia, Civil War Sesquicentennial commemorations in 2011. I highly recommend this video. It’s terrific.

Lincoln, Congress, Grant, and the Lieutenant General Act

Here’s Brooks Simpson speaking to the U.S. Capitol Historical Society at their 2012 Civil War Symposium. The video’s description reads, “Arizona State University history professor Brooks Simpson talked about the Lieutenant General Act of 1864. The act made Ulysses S. Grant a lieutenant general and gave him command of the Union Army. Professor Simpson spoke at the U.S. […]

The Problem of Slavery in Early Vermont: Harvey Whitfield

Harvey Amani Whitfield is a history professor at the University of Vermont who’s done in-depth research on how slavery in Vermont illegally existed after its constitution forbade it and how it took decades to eradicate it from the state. This is a pretty good lecture showing slavery was a very resilient institution that could not […]

Thomas Francis Meagher (Lecture)

Here’s Supervisory Ranger Angie Atkinson giving a lecture on the Irish Brigade’s Thomas Francis Meagher as part of the Gettysburg National Military Park’s 2017 Winter Lecture Series. The video’s description reads, “From his exile to Van Diemen’s Land to the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, Thomas Francis Meagher’s life was captivating and mystifying. Dedication to […]

On the McClellan Go Round- George McClellan and the Antietam Campaign (Lecture)

Here’s Ranger Dan Vermilya giving an excellent presentation during the 2017 Gettysburg National Military Park Winter Lecture Series. This presentation discusses Major General George B. McClellan’s performance during the Maryland Campaign of 1862. Dan really does a great job with this lecture. The video’s description reads, “George Brinton McClellan- one of the Civil War’s most […]