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An Update on the 1619 Project

There’s been some movement regarding the 1619 Project since we last checked in with it. Professor Woody Holton has jumped in to fully support the project. As this article shows, the real socialists are still against the 1619 Project, and they discuss Professor Holton’s support. “University of South Carolina historian Woody Holton is mounting a […]

Ben Franklin’s World Episode 312: The Domestic Slave Trade

In this podcast host Dr. Liz Covart and her guest, Professor Adam Rothman, discuss the domestic slave trade. As the podcast’s website tells us, “During our investigation, Josh reveals the long history of North America’s domestic or internal slave trade; How and why the United States Congress passed a ban on the international or transatlantic […]

The Southern Slaveholders Dreamed of a Slaveholding Empire

I came across this interview with Professor Kevin Waite of Durham University. It’s based on Professor Waite’s new book, West of Slavery: The Southern Dream of a Transcontinental Empire. We learn, “In 1851, Jefferson Davis presented to his Senate colleagues a plan facilitating travel throughout the newly colonized southwestern United States. Three years earlier, the […]

Author Discussion on the Judicial System and Race

Here is Professor Joshua Rothman discussing his book, The Ledger and the Chain: How the Domestic Slave Traders Shaped America, and Professor Orville Vernon Burton and attorney Armand Derfner discussing their book, Justice Deferred: Race and the Supreme Court. The video’s description reads, “Author Joshua Rothman looked at the slave trade in America, and authors Joshua Rothman, Orville Burton and Armand […]

Woody Holton–Liberty Is Sweet: The Hidden History of the American Revolution

Here’s historian Woody Holton discussing his new book, Liberty Is Sweet: The Hidden History of the American Revolution with Ph.D. candidate Adam McNeill. Dr. Holton is a huge supporter of the 1619 Project. The video’s description reads, “Recorded October 28, 2021 In conversation with Adam McNeil, host of the New Books in African American Studies […]

1820 Missouri Compromise

Here’s a pretty good discussion of the Missouri Compromise with the two coauthors of A Fire Bell in the Past: The Missouri Crisis at 200. The video’s description reads, “In 1820, the Missouri Compromise made Missouri a slave state and Maine a free state. In their book, A Fire Bell in the Past, authors Jeffrey Pasley and John Craig […]

Until Justice Be Done and At the Threshold of Liberty

This is Professor Kate Masur and Professor Tamika Nunley respectively discussing their books, Until Justice Be Done and At the Threshold of Liberty. This is a good discussion. The video’s description reads, “Northwestern University Professor Kate Masur, author of Until Justice Be Done, and Cornell University Associate Professor Tamika Nunley, author of At the Threshold of Liberty, talked […]

Ulysses S. Grant, Slavery, and the “Hiring Out System” in St. Louis

Here is an outstanding post on the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site blog from Nick Sacco, a superb historian with the National Park Service. Nick has done superior detective work to show Ulysses S. Grant’s having rented enslaved people while he was trying to succeed at farming in Missouri. In the post he provides […]

Slavery in the age of memory: Britain, France and the United States

This is a terrific lecture by Professor Ana Lucia Araujo. The video’s description reads, “In this lecture, Professor Ana Lucia Araujo draws from her newest book ‘Slavery in the age of memory: Engaging the past’ to discuss the ways slavery and the Atlantic slave trade have been remembered and memorialized by individuals, social groups, and societies […]

Freed Slaves and Native Americans

This is Professor Alaina Roberts discussing those African Americans who had been enslaved by Native Americans and were freed at the end of the Civil War. The video’s description reads, “Alaina Roberts discussed her new book, ‘I’ve Been Here All the While – Black Freedom on Native Land,’ in which she uses archival research and […]