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Defining the American West

Here’s a panel discussion at the Western History Association’s meeting in October, 2019. The panel includes Dr. Edward Ayers discussing slavery. The video’s description reads, “The Western History Association hosted this panel on defining the American West geographically, culturally and politically. The five scholars also investigated the role of regions in understanding the past and […]

What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Harriet

I found this article fact checking the recent movie, Harriet, about Harriet Tubman. We start with Tubman’s early life. “Just as in the movie, Tubman (played here by Cynthia Erivo) grew up on a farm in Dorchester County, Maryland, where she was born Araminta ‘Minty’ Ross. Though the movie may leave the impression that she only […]

Frederick Douglass’s Vision for a Reborn America

This article comes to us from Professor David Blight in The Atlantic. Dr. Blight tells us, “In the late 1860s, Frederick Douglass, the fugitive slave turned prose poet of American democracy, toured the country spreading his most sanguine vision of a pluralist future of human equality in the recently re-United States. It is a vision worth […]

The Radical and the Republican

This is an excellent book from Professor James Oakes. It very justly won the Lincoln Prize. “The Radical” was Frederick Douglass, and “The Republican” was Abraham Lincoln, though as time went on both labels could be applied to both men. It’s not quite a biography of the two men, but instead shows how the two […]

Remembering 1619, the Slave Trade, and Resistance

This is a pretty good panel on the beginnings of slavery in what would become the United States. The video’s description reads, “This was the opening program of the 2019 Lapidus Center conference titled, “Enduring Slavery: Resistance, Public Memory, and Transatlantic Archives.” This program included remarks by philanthropist Sid Lapidus, the awarding of the Harriet Tubman prize, and […]

How Slavery Hurt the U.S. Economy

In this article, economist Dr. Karl Smith discusses how the institution of slavery retarded the progress of the United States’s economy. “One school of thought argues that slavery in general, and cotton in particular, was the driving force behind the development of America’s distinctive brand of capitalism. (The New York Times’s ambitious 1619 Project contains a good encapsulation of […]

The 1526 Project: Horrors in Florida’s Black History You Didn’t Learn in School

I found this article today. It outlines some of the oppression African Americans faced in Florida from its earliest history. We learn, “The New York Times‘ groundbreaking ‘1619 Project‘ examined the legacy of slavery on the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved Africans to America’s 13 original colonies. But slavery existed in the Spanish colony of […]