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2019 Civil War Institute Day Two

Saturday, June 15, 2019 was the second day of this year’s Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. We started with Concurrent Sessions. C-SPAN 3 televised Dr. Amy Murrell Taylor of the University of Kentucky speaking on “Embattled Freedom: Journeys Through the Civil War’s Refugee Camps.” You can view that presentation here: Dr. Will Kurtz […]

Alexander Hamilton

This book by Ron Chernow is the basis for the brilliant Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, Hamilton. So now you’re thinking, “Hey, isn’t this supposed to be about the Civil War?” Sure, and there’s a connection. In one of the few times he was right on the Ken Burns series, the novelist Shelby Foote said the Civil War […]

Spying on the South

In one of his last interviews before his untimely passing, Tony Horwitz discusses Frederick Law Olmstead and his travels through the South before the Civil War. This is based on his book, Spying on the South. The video’s description reads, “Tony Horwitz recounted the travels of Frederick Law Olmstead during the lead-up to the Civil War. Olmstead, prior […]

Fighting myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings about race, slavery and the Civil War

I came across this article in the Virginia Mercury. We learn, “Historians and others say we can never achieve racial peace in America unless we acknowledge the brutality of slavery and its continuing legacy of racial discrimination. ‘Myths about slavery prevent any type of reconciliation or dialogue,’ said Adam W. Dean, a University of Lynchburg historian. […]

Phinizy Lecture by historian Stephanie McCurry

Here’s Professor Stephanie McMurry giving a lecture at the University of Georgia on “Reconstructing a Georgia Woman’s Life Among the Ruins.” It’s about Gertrude Thomas, a slave-owning woman in Georgia.

Interview With OAH President Earl Lewis

Here’s an interview C-SPAN did with Dr. Earl Lewis, President of the Organization of American Historians. This is an interesting discussion. The video’s description reads, “We talked with Earl Lewis, president of the Organization of American Historians, at their annual conference in Philadelphia. He discussed trends in the field of history and his work at […]

Race, History, and Memories of a Virginia Girlhood

Illustration: Najeebah Al-Ghadban; Steve Helber / AP; Library of Congress; Library of Virginia In this essay, Professor Drew Gilpin Faust of Harvard University [and former president of that university] reflects on the history of her home state and its relationship to race during her childhood. Those who read Edmund Morgan’s American Slavery, American Freedom will recognize […]