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Should There Be Reparations for Oppression of African Americans?

Note the title doesn’t limit the subject to slavery alone, although slavery is the root from which the rest sprang. In a landmark 2014 article in Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates explained why he changed his mind from not supporting reparations to supporting reparations. He starts by talking about the Jim Crow era. “In the 1920s, Jim Crow […]

We Have the War Upon Us

This book by Professor William J. Cooper gives his interpretation of the beginning of the Civil War. In his Preface, he tells us, “Slavery and the political issues surrounding it occupy a central place in my account. Yes, the war ended slavery, and to most Americans of today it was fought for that cause. The […]

Interpreting Slavery at Colonial Williamsburg

Here’s a discussion among those who were involved in creating the slavery interpretation at Colonial Williamsburg regarding the decisions that were made and how the interpretation came about, along with some challenges they faced along the way. The video’s description reads, “Former Colonial Williamsburg interpreters talked about bringing African-American stories to life, and about how […]

District of Columbia Emancipation Act of 1862

Professor Edna Greene Medford of Howard University moderates this discussion of the April, 1862 Act of Congress that emancipated slaves held in the District of Columbia. The video’s description reads, “Historians discussed the District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act of April 16, 1862. The act freed about 3,100 slaves in the nation’s capital and compensated […]

Slavery and Quakers in 17th Century Barbados

Here’s Professor Katharine Gerbner of the University of Minnesota giving a lecture on the role Quakers in Barbados played in the 17th Century regarding slavery on that island. The video’s description reads, “University of Minnesota history Professor Katharine Gerbner talked about Protestant Christians and Quakers, and their relationship to slavery in 17th century Barbados. She […]

The U.S. Constitution and Secession

This book from Dr. Dwight Pitcaithley, the former Chief Historian of the National Park Service, contains primary sources regarding the secession crisis of 1860-1861. The documents include speeches in Congress, Declarations of Causes for Secession, reports of the US House of Representatives Committee of Thirty-three, the various proposals to amend the Constitution in order to […]

Discussion on Slavery

Here’s a panel discussion on slavery at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California. The video’s description reads, “Stephanie Jones-Rogers (‘They Were Her Property’), Caitlin Rosenthal (‘Accounting for Slavery’), and David Blight (‘Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom’) talked about slavery and foundations of capitalism.”