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With a Sword in One Hand & Jomini in the Other

This is a terrific book from Professor Carol Reardon regarding military thought in the Union. She takes on the widely held belief that Civil War officers got their strategic ideas from Antoine-Henri Jomini. She begins the book by quoting Marine Corps Brigadier General J. D. Hittle, who in 1947 wrote, “It has been said with […]

The Georgia SCV Lies About History — Black Confederate Edition

The Georgia SCV is at it again, spewing forth a pack of lies disguised as history. They want to try to convince us that tens of thousands of African Americans willingly served and whole-heartedly supported the confederate cause. The first lie we see is about Horace King. King was a real African American who lived […]

African Americans During Reconstruction

Here’s Professor Abigail Cooper of Brandeis University delivering a lecture on African Americans During Reconstruction. This was part of a course she taught titled, “Slavery and the American Civil War.” The video’s description reads, “Brandeis University professor Abigail Cooper taught a class on African Americans during the Reconstruction era, looking at how former slaves strove […]

Union in Peril

This book by Professor Howard Jones of the University of Alabama is an excellent short study of the maneuvering and diplomacy regarding possible British intervention in the Civil War. In the Introduction, we learn, “The Lincoln administration’s greatest fear in foreign affairs was that England would extend diplomatic recognition to the Confederacy. If the British […]

Interview with Fountain Hughes, Baltimore, Maryland, June 11, 1949

Here’s an interview from 1949 with 101-year-old former slave Fountain Hughes, born in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1848. This is one of only 26 audio recordings of former slaves being interviewed. In this case, the interviewer is a white man, Hermond Norwood. You can see a story about this interview from the New York Times‘s Opinionator blog […]

Harold Holzer on Lincoln Presidency

Here’s an interview with Harold Holzer on C-SPAN from 2011. Holzer talks about Abraham Lincoln and his presidency. The video’s description reads, “Harold Holzer spoke about the relevancy of Abraham Lincoln in the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. Mr. Holzer said that issues such as freedom of the press, prison camps and limits of presidential power were issues […]

Civil War Perspectives

Here’s a panel discussion on two books, The New York Times, The Complete Civil War, edited by Dr. Craig Symonds and Harold Holzer, and Andrew Johnson by Dr. Annette Gordon-Reed. It’s moderated by Dr. Joseph Glatthaar and is from the 2011 Annapolis Book Festival held at the Key School in Annapolis, Maryland. The video’s description reads, “Authors […]

Eric Foner Remarks on History and Fiction

Here’s Professor Eric Foner giving an excellent lecture on history and fiction, including some terrific insights into the historian’s craft. The video’s description reads, “Author and historian Eric Foner presented his thoughts on history and fiction in a talk entitled, ‘Rethinking and Re-imaging the Past in a Changing World.’ Eric Foner is a history professor at Columbia University. He is […]

Willard’s Brigade – Gettysburg Battle Walk with Ranger Matt Atkinson

Here’s another great battle walk with Ranger Matt Atkinson. This follows George Willard’s Brigade, the “Harper’s Ferry Cowards,” on July 2, 1862 as they redeemed their reputation.

Discussion on Grant and Lincoln

Here’s a nice discussion about Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant held at the Mississippi Festival of the Book in Jackson, Mississippi this weekend. The moderator is Frank Williams, formerly Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, and the panelists are Professors John Marszalek of Mississippi State University, Charles Calhoun of East Carolina […]