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Racist Flaggers Sentenced

You might recall these stories [here and here] from 2015 when a group of flaggers in pickup trucks went riding through a black neighborhood in Douglasville, Georgia, shouting racial epithets and threatening to kill African-Americans at a boy’s birthday party. Fifteen were originally indicted for gang terrorism. That was apparently reduced to four, with the […]

Confessions of a former neo-Confederate

I came across this excellent article and just had to share it. William Black is a Ph.D. candidate at Rice University. In this article he recounts his intellectual growth from a neconfederate to someone who actually knows history. His article shows that even someone with neoconfederate beliefs can change if they just have the intellectual curiosity, […]

Another Texas Idiot Rears His Ugly Head

Sid Miller, a Texas Agricultural Commissioner, recently shared with us his total ignorance of American History. Responding to a Washington Post column supporting the Veterans Administration’s decision to ban the confederate flag from permanently fixed flagpoles in National Cemeteries, Miller posted on Facebook, ” I understand that there are many different opinions about the War Between the States, […]

The Massive Historical Ignorance of Rep. Steve King

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has a confederate flag on his desk. In this interview he’s asked about it, and he displays massive historical ignorance in spouting so many untruths about the Civil War [such as claiming “only a small part was about slavery”] that, if his claims about them are true, his ancestors are rolling in […]

Neoconfederate True Colors and Stupidity

Columnist Ricky Jones, a professor and the Chair of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville, has a column on reactions from neoconfederate classless, racist morons to his earlier column on the proposed removal of a confederate monument from the University of Louisville’s grounds. He details the lies, blatant racism, and utter stupidity of the […]

Alabama Secretary Of State Says Confederates Fought For A ‘Special’ Way Of Life

This article tells us about a recent piece of neoconfederate public stupidity. Alabama’s Secretary of State, John Merrill, in talking about calls to remove confederate symbology from government buildings, said, “The next question that has to be asked is so what’s the next thing you are going to do? Are you going to take a bulldozer […]

Still Fighting the War

I recommend heading over to This Cruel War and taking a look at the blog post on current activities regarding confederate heritage. You can see it here. Excellent work.