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How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history

Here’s a video describing how the United Daughters of the Confederacy helped create a phony version of history that still infects many to this day. Advertisements

2017 Said Goodbye to White Supremacist Monuments

2017 will be remembered as the year good people struck back at white supremacy and brought down many of its monuments. Over at Civil War Memory, Kevin Levin has a listing of the major monuments that bit the dust, were removed to storage, or moved to another location. It seems appropriate right now to take […]

Monument, Myth & Meaning

This program from New York City’s Cooper Union is a panel discussion on Civil War monuments, their meanings, and myths surrounding them. The video’s description reads, “A conversation with Michele H. Bogart, Stony Brook University Professor; James Grossman, Executive Director of the American Historical Association; Julian LaVerdiere, co-creator of the Tribute in Light Memorial; visual […]

More on Kelly’s Poor Historical Interpretation

Historians and others continue to respond to John Kelly’s historical illiteracy. Stephen Engle has this letter in the New York Times. He writes, “The facts reveal that much of our early federal history was about political conflict and compromise. The Civil War came about not for lack of an ability to compromise, but rather precisely because of compromise, […]

General Kelly’s Historical Illiteracy

Novelist Tom Clancy once opined that senior military officers have the equivalent of a Ph.D. in history. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, a retired USMC general officer, proved yesterday that claim fails to hold water. Showing he hasn’t read a serious book about the coming of the Civil War at least since the […]

The SCV Keeping the Black Confederate Myth Alive

I came across this story out of Virginia, where a group of heritage instead of history types from the SCV are pushing the black confederate myth in a trip to Petersburg to the grave of Dick Poplar, whom they refer to as a black confederate soldier. According to them, he was “A black Confederate who, […]

The Virginia SCV Sides With White Supremacist Terrorists

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when the SCV comes out on the side of the white supremacist terrorists [besides not knowing the difference between “insight” and “incite” or the plural of “arrest”]. After all, their ancestors perpetrated white supremacist terrorism during Reconstruction. This is also the group that aligned themselves with the white supremacist […]