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The SCV Keeping the Black Confederate Myth Alive

I came across this story out of Virginia, where a group of heritage instead of history types from the SCV are pushing the black confederate myth in a trip to Petersburg to the grave of Dick Poplar, whom they refer to as a black confederate soldier. According to them, he was “A black Confederate who, […]

The Virginia SCV Sides With White Supremacist Terrorists

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when the SCV comes out on the side of the white supremacist terrorists [besides not knowing the difference between “insight” and “incite” or the plural of “arrest”]. After all, their ancestors perpetrated white supremacist terrorism during Reconstruction. This is also the group that aligned themselves with the white supremacist […]

Updates From the White Supremacist Pro-Confederacy Terrorism in Charlottesville

The victim of the terrorist car attack has been identified as 32-year-old Heather Heyer, a paralegal working for the Miller Law Group in Charlottesville and a native of Greene County, Virginia. She died standing up for what was right. And make no mistake, this was an act of terrorism. Unbelievably, I made that point on […]

Is It Valid to Compare Confederates With Nazis?

Gee, why would anyone get that idea?

Who Supports Confederate Monuments?

This weekend saw historically accurate types of support for confederate iconography as hate groups gathered in Charlottesville, VA to voice their support for symbols of white supremacy. By historically accurate I mean the use of terrorism, murder, and intimidation to support confederate iconography and the white supremacy it represents, just as was done during and […]

Confederate Heritage Advocates Don’t Know History

Well, longtime readers know we’ve discussed this before, many times. As you know, I have a very low opinion of the intellect, knowledge, and honesty of these folks [see here]. We now have some objective results that confirm this low opinion of them. The authors of a new study report, “those who support the public […]

The Daily Show Responds to Confederate Memorial Day

A couple of southern states have a state holiday for so-called “Confederate Memorial Day.” Trevor Noah of the Daily Show on Comedy Central has some thoughts to share: Kevin Levin posted some links to other Daily Show commentaries on confederate heritage events. See here.