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Debunking Neoconfederate Lies

Longtime readers of this blog know I’ve been engaging neoconfederates and their lies on the internet for years–over two decades in fact. The lengthy time convinced me die-hard neconfederates have no regard for the truth. They will twist and turn and fabricate anything to try to make the confederacy look good. This article takes on […]

More Will Bite the Dust

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, according to this article, ” is expected to announce plans Thursday to remove one of the country’s most iconic monuments to the Confederacy, a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee along Richmond’s prominent Monument Avenue, a senior administration official told The Associated Press.” Norfolk Delegate Jay Jones said, “That is a […]

Professor Buzzkill: Black Confederates: the Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth

Here’s a fantastic discussion between host Professor Joseph Coohill [aka “Professor Buzzkill”] and Kevin Levin on the black confederate lie. The podcast’s description reads, “Civil War historian, Kevin Levin, explains the history and development of the myth of black soldiers in the Confederate army. He analyses camp servants and slaves during the war, how their […]


Here’s another Atun-Shei video skewering neoconfederate nonsense hilariously, using actual nonsense spewed by actual neoconfederate nitwits. The video’s description reads, “Checkmate, Lincolnites! Debunking the Lost Cause myths that Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant, that nobody in the North cared about slavery or abolitionism, and that the warmongering Union invaded the South without provocation or just […]

Interview with Adam Domby on The False Cause

This is a terrific interview with Professor Adam Domby, author of The False Cause: Fraud, Fabrication, and White Supremacy in Confederate Memory. Professor Lilly Goren of Carroll University conducted the interview. You can access the podcast here.

TARIFFS and TAXES: The REAL Cause of the CIVIL WAR?!

This video from Atun-Shei Films hilariously skewers the neoconfederate lie that claims tariffs and taxes had anything to do with why the Civil War came about. The video’s description reads, “Checkmate, Lincolnites! Debunking the Lost Cause myth that the American Civil War was fought over taxes and protectionist tariffs. Was the South subjected to disproportionate […]

Mike Huckabee Shows His Ignorance

I saw this article earlier. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee shows he’s completely unreliable when it comes to writing anything truthful–at least about history. He claims, “In this era when we scour history to make it politically correct, even people’s bones are declared evil, dug up and banished.” Well, no. That’s a complete lie. But […]

Civil War Talk Radio Episode 1626: The False Cause

Here’s an outstanding discussion between host Dr. Gerald Prokopowicz and his guest, Dr. Adam Domby on Dr. Domby’s excellent book, The False Cause.

U. S. Marine Corps Begins to Divest Itself of Symbols of Treason and Racism

The Commandant of the Marine Corps, General David Berger, ordered in February that the Corps remove all confederate paraphernalia from its bases. As this article tells us, “The question of whether Confederate symbols represent heritage or hatred has been vexing for the U.S. military. In January 2016, the Marine Corps refused to allow a man with […]

Charleston Activist Network: Dr. Adam Domby, Author And Historian

Here’s a really good interview with Dr. Adam Domby on his new book, The False Cause. He discusses his book, his research, and the lies and racism embedded into the lost cause nonsense. You can access it here.