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TWISTED SOURCES: How Confederate propaganda ended up in the South’s schoolbooks

This blog post discusses how neoconfederate heritage lies instead of history received prominence in America’s southern schools in the years since the Civil War. It begins by asking, “Where does it come from, the ignorance that has been on display of late? In the college-age photos of white men, now elected officials, in blackface? In the […]

Fighting myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings about race, slavery and the Civil War

I came across this article in the Virginia Mercury. We learn, “Historians and others say we can never achieve racial peace in America unless we acknowledge the brutality of slavery and its continuing legacy of racial discrimination. ‘Myths about slavery prevent any type of reconciliation or dialogue,’ said Adam W. Dean, a University of Lynchburg historian. […]

It’s Impossible to Overstate the Stupidity of Confederate Heritage People

Do you think that statement is over the top? Feast your eyes on this gem from a confederate heritage idiot: And what did this moron claim when posting this? “Any plan of gradual, compensated emancipation would have been welcomed, as it was in every other country that ended slavery in the Western Hemisphere. But having […]

Yet Another Group of Racist Confederate Flag Lovers in History

I came across this article from historian Rebecca Onion on the Citizens’ Councils in Southern States formed as a reaction to the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision. She tells us, “In 2002, Mississippi State University’s Mitchell Memorial Library Special Collections bought 418 open-reel magnetic audio tapes. They contained episodes of the Citizens’ Council Radio […]

The Story Behind the Photo Used to Push the Black Confederate Lie

I found this article from Adam Serwer of BuzzFeed on the famous photo of Andrew Chandler with his slave, Silas Chandler, a photo used by confederate heritage liars to push the great lie that there were black confederate soldiers throughout the Civil War. The article begins at Silas Chandler’s grave in West Point, Mississippi. In […]

Virginia Governor Northam wants Jefferson Davis memorial removed from Fort Monroe

According to this article, Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam, wants to remove “the Jefferson Davis Memorial arch at Fort Monroe, saying its continued presence has an ‘adverse effect’ on the historic property and urged the authority’s board of trustees to initiate steps to take it down.” The article tells us, “In a letter presented Thursday to […]

Bill would end Confederate Heroes Day in Texas

According to this article, “House Bill 1183, authored by Rep. Jarvis Johnson, D-Houston, would eliminate Confederate Heroes Day from the list of state holidays an agency can observe. ‘When you’re dealing with a holiday that is significant to history, you have to do your best to make sure that it is not offensive to one […]