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Proconfederate People Are …

We’ve already considered what it takes to be a neoconfederate. The more time I spend interacting with neoconfederates, the more convinced I am of the absolute truth of that post. But what about folks who think they aren’t neoconfederates but rather simply believe they are “proconfederate?” They’re neoconfederates. In my experience, the vast majority of […]

The Confederate Flag Is Still a Racist Symbol

We have this story out of Michigan (see also here). A group of racist dirtbags surrounded Bay City Western High School in Auburn, Michigan, with pickup trucks flying confederate flags. I guess there’s a good reason for the stereotype. They are there because the week before an African-American student allegedly took down a confederate flag […]

Bigotry Is Still a Part of Confederate Heritage

We have this story out of Georgia. On the day the city council of Griffin, Georgia declared a confederate heritage month and a confederate memorial day, there was an exchange in which a major confederate heritage day supporter who is a former elected official for the city showed the true colors of many in the […]

How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history

Here’s a video describing how the United Daughters of the Confederacy helped create a phony version of history that still infects many to this day.

2017 Said Goodbye to White Supremacist Monuments

2017 will be remembered as the year good people struck back at white supremacy and brought down many of its monuments. Over at Civil War Memory, Kevin Levin has a listing of the major monuments that bit the dust, were removed to storage, or moved to another location. It seems appropriate right now to take […]

Monument, Myth & Meaning

This program from New York City’s Cooper Union is a panel discussion on Civil War monuments, their meanings, and myths surrounding them. The video’s description reads, “A conversation with Michele H. Bogart, Stony Brook University Professor; James Grossman, Executive Director of the American Historical Association; Julian LaVerdiere, co-creator of the Tribute in Light Memorial; visual […]

More on Kelly’s Poor Historical Interpretation

Historians and others continue to respond to John Kelly’s historical illiteracy. Stephen Engle has this letter in the New York Times. He writes, “The facts reveal that much of our early federal history was about political conflict and compromise. The Civil War came about not for lack of an ability to compromise, but rather precisely because of compromise, […]