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PBS US History Collection

PBS has done a real service to educators by putting together this site consisting of interactive lessons and videos, as well as other media, covering the gamut of US history. According to their description of their site, “The U.S. History Collection on PBS LearningMedia enables middle and high school teachers and students to use media […]

The Union Generals Speak

With this book, editor Bill Hyde gives us transcripts of the testimonies US generals gave to the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War regarding the battle of Gettysburg. Along the way Hyde provides his own comment to put the testimony in perspective and provides his interpretations of the testimony and the actions of […]

History in Dispute: Charlottesville and Confederate Monuments–A Teacher Resource

This site has some excellent links and resources teachers can use when teaching about the fascist riot in Charlottesville and when teaching about confederate monuments. It has these objectives: Students will: Understand the idea of historical memory. Contextualize recent events in Charlottesville within a larger historical controversy. Apply the concept of historical memory to the […]

Great Resources From Your United States Army

The US Army’s Center for Military History has over 600 military history publications available, including at least eight monographs on Civil War battles and campaigns. You can access them for free here. These are really terrific and well worth your perusal.

Online Courses On the Way

My friend Keith Harris is an independent historian. That means he’s not in academia, but does have a Ph.D. in history. Keith’s putting together some online courses that will be available at his website for a small fee. He is, after all, investing his time and effort into putting them together and as a professional […]

Some Primary Sources For You

Gilder-Lehrman provides us some primary sources excerpted from the Library of America Civil War series of books. You can access them here. This is great for students of the war who haven’t acquired the Library of America books yet.

The Lee Family Archives Project

Stratford Hall has taken on the project of digitizing the Lee Family’s archives of papers. The project envisions scanning both images and transcriptions of the papers and putting them online to be available to students and researchers. The archives contains over 300 years of American history, from the first Lee in America up through seven or eight […]

Meade’s Headquarters 1863 to 1865

This book contains the letters written by Major General George G. Meade’s volunteer aide, Theodore Lyman, from the time he joined Meade’s staff to the end of April, 1865.  You can download and read the book here. The book has since been republished as With Grant & Meade From the Wilderness to Appomattox with an […]

Center for Military History and the Overland Campaign

Here is a link to the US Army’s Center for Military History’s page regarding the Overland Campaign.  Included there is a link to the CMH’s publication providing an overview of the Overland Campaign.  You can also find links to other CMH publications covering other areas of the Civil War.  This is a great resource.

The Essential Civil War Curriculum

My alma mater, Virginia Tech, has come through again with a terrific online resource, The Essential Civil War Curriculum.  It’s a project of the school’s Virginia Center for Civil War Studies. You can access the site here. Look for more articles to come. This will be an outstanding resource for teachers.