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18 Ways to Have Different Class (or Group) Discussions

Originally posted on Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations:
The following outlines various techniques I use when teaching to enhance or change discussion-based activities. I’ll update it as necessary. I’ve had a number of students say they enjoy my classes in part because they never know what we’ll be doing that day!  1. Bring out the maps.…

On Civil War Memory

Originally posted on The Outlaw Historian:
One of the most pernicious lies that white supremacists spread in their effort to misrepresent American history is that the American Civil War was fought for some other reason than to protect the right of white people to own black people. Fortunately, we all have access to unlimited information…

Civil War Talk Radio Episode1606: Private Confederacies

Here’s a really good interview on “Civil War Talk Radio” between host Professor Gerald Prokopowicz of East Carolina University and guest Professor James Broomall of Shepherd University and the Director of the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War regarding Dr. Broomall’s latest book, Private Confederacies: The Emotional Worlds of Southern […]

Episode 52: History of the iPhone Generation

Originally posted on the way of improvement leads home:
Now that most everyone carries a search engine in their pocket, why do we still need to study history? Our present age demonstrates just how deceiving the internet can truly be. Host John Fea and producer Drew Dyrli Hermeling make the case that historical thinking is…

Was Ulysses S. Grant An Alcoholic? An Analysis of Claims Made by Ron Chernow

Originally posted on Exploring the Past:
Photo Credit: Library of Congress Ulysses S. Grant has often been portrayed in textbooks and popular histories as an alcoholic, a drunkard, or at the very least someone who enjoyed a good drink from time to time. It may be safe to say that there is no other figure…

How History and Memory Converge to Make Sense of The Past

Originally posted on Exploring the Past:
Photo Credit: History is the process by which individuals and societies make sense of the past. Although they are often used interchangeably, the terms “History” and “The Past” are not mutually exclusive. “The Past” is the verified, factual information we know about past events in human history. We…

John Hennessy on Town Talk-April 4

Here’s an interview with Chief Historian John Hennessy of the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania National Battlefield on Fredericksburg’s radio station, WFVA, and its show “Town Talk” with Ted Schubel. In this discussion, Ted and John talk about new programs at the battlefield, including fitness walks. It’s a good discussion. You can access it here.