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The Romance of the Reunion

This book by Professor Nina Silber derives from her dissertation. She tells us, “This book is about [the] conciliatory culture that blossomed in the late nineteenth century [between the sections of the country]. More specifically, it is about the idea of reunion as it was imagined, and occasionally acted upon, mostly by northerners and especially […]

Liberty is Sweet

Here’s a nice discussion between Professor Nicole Maskiell and Professor Woody Holton about Professor Holton’s book, Liberty is Sweet. The video’s description reads, “Historian Woody Holton looked beyond the Founding Fathers and explored the role of women, Native Americans, and African Americans during the American Revolution. This virtual program was hosted by the National Archives.”

A 1619 Project Update

The 1619 Project remains in the news, especially with the release of the book, The 1619 Project: A New Origins Story. The PBS News Hour did this story containing an interview with Nikole Hannah-Jones. Here are some excerpts: “There’s a essay by Dorothy Roberts on how race was constructed. I knew that Martha Jones, I […]

Arizona Republican Idiots Dream Up Their Own Racist Version of Reconstruction

A Twitter account calling itself “Republicans United of Arizona” shows its complete historical ignorance by creating a fabricated version of Reconstruction that also shows the account’s racism. It begins with this tweet: As longtime readers of this blog know, this rendition has no basis in fact when it makes the claim about what Reconstruction was; […]

The Week in Confederate Heritage

Our first stop in this week’s survey of the nationwide retreat of confederate heritage is Charleston, South Carolina and this article. “The City of Charleston’s Commission on History voted in favor of sending the John C. Calhoun statue that previously stood in Marion Square to be featured as part of an exhibit in a California […]

Republicans Still Using Critical Race Theory to Make War on Education

This story looks at the failure of journalists to competently report on CRT and the cynical, Fascist Republican ploy to keep Americans ignorant. “What the media have uniformly failed to do in Virginia, and nationwide as deep-pocketed, right-wing activists march on with their manufactured outrage over CRT, is forcefully point out that it’s not taught […]

Christian Nationalists Love To Distort Our History

I came across this blog post on how Christian Nationalists distort our history. “Many Christian nationalist leaders are keenly interested in U.S. history – more accurately, they’re interested in distorting U.S. history for political purposes. They know if they can teach a mythical version of our past, it will aid their efforts to base our laws today […]

How the Party of Lincoln Became the Party of Lee

I came across this article from Tim Galsworthy, a Ph.D. student in history at the University of Sussex. “On November 2, 2021, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted her support for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin. She encouraged Virginians to vote Republican and ‘Make General Lee proud.’ While Rogers’ instruction attracted media attention, it is […]

Defense One Radio, Ep. 82: “Robert E. Lee and Me”

Here’s a good interview with BG Ty Seidule. Here are some excerpts: “What I figured out was that history is dangerous, and because it goes after our myths and our identities. And when we figure that out, that the stories that we grew up with as children, that they either weren’t true, or that they […]

Confederate General Leonidas Polk

Here’s David Powell at an Emerging Civil War symposium on Fallen Leaders of the Civil War discussing confederate Leonidas Polk, one of the worst generals of the war. The video’s description reads, “Civil War author David Powell described the life and military career of Confederate General Leonidas Polk. Gen. Polk was killed by a cannonball during the June […]