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The Liberator Files

All the issues of William Lloyd Garrison’s abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator, are scanned and available for viewing here. This is a rich primary source of abolitionist thought.

Back to the Future (of Civil War History)

The June 2016 issue of the journal Civil War History is a special issue with articles that contain samples of the conversations held during the 2013 “Future of Civil War History” conference held in Gettysburg. I previously blogged about that conference here, here, here, here, here, and here. The articles also build on those conversations and […]

From the Organization of American Historians Archive

Hat tip to Kevin Levin.   Enjoy.

Lost Electoral Votes

More from Jamie Malanowski’s article in the new Civil War Times. In the 1860 election the Democrats split between Stephen A. Douglas and John C. Breckinridge.  Also entering the race ws Kentucky’s John Bell.  Breckinridge and Bell together sank Douglas’ hopes of winning the south.  What this meant was the only candidate who had a […]

An Ignored Warning

Here’s another of the instances identified by Jamie Malanowski in the current issue of Civil War Times as having the potential to avoid the Civil War had they been handled differently. Two months before the Harper’s Ferry Raid, John Brown was in Iowa talking about his planned attack.  A visiting New Yorker, David Gue, wrote […]

The Wrong Sword

Jamie Malanowski has an article in the latest issue of Civil War Times called, “Was War Inevitable?  How Six Men Might Have Saved the Lives of 650,000 Americans.” One of the people he highlights is Lieutenant Israel Greene, USMC.  Under the command of Lt. Colonel Robert E. Lee, a detachment of Marines stormed the engine […]

This Just In … The Civil War News

Yes, the Civil War has its own newspaper for us students, The Civil War News.  No, it’s not giving us long-delayed dispatches from the front that just made it to the newsroom.  This monthly paper gives us news about things happening surrounding the Civil War.  For example, the September issue has a story on Fort […]