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Gettysburg National Military Park’s 2020 Winter Lecture Series

This month kicks off the 2020 Winter Lecture Series at the Gettysburg National Military Park, with first up being Matt Atkinson speaking on Freemasonry at Gettysburg. Here’s the full lineup: Sat. January 11 – Ranger Matt Atkinson ~ Freemasonry at Gettysburg: Fraternal Bonds Tested by Battle Sun. January 12 – Ranger Bert Barnett ~ Gettysburg – Recovery, […]

1862 Battle of Antietam

Here’s my friend, Ranger Dan Vermilya, giving a great lecture on the Battle of Antietam. The video’s description reads, “Author Daniel Vermilya discussed the facts and myths surrounding the Civil War’s bloodiest day of battle. He drew on research from his book, That Field of Blood: The Battle of Antietam. The Pry House Field Hospital Museum, part of the […]

Seminary Ridge on July 3 – Gettysburg Battle Walk with Ranger Matt Atkinson

Here’s the fantastic Ranger Matt Atkinson delivering a characteristically excellent battle walk on the confederate line on July 3, 1863.

Is Civil War History Losing Ground?

This was a question Dana Shoaf, publisher of Civil War Times, consulting editor of America’s Civil War, and involved with other history-themed magazines, posed in this article to some well-known historians. He writes, “Yes, some aspects of Civil War culture appear to be on the wane, but others are thriving. I’ve experienced that surge of interest […]

The Battle of Cool Spring 155th Anniversary

On Saturday, July 20, 2019, I returned again to the Old Dominion to attend the 155th Anniversary Commemoration of the Battle of Cool Spring, the largest and bloodiest Civil War battle held in Clarke County, Virginia. I previously reported on the 153rd Anniversary Commemoration here. Not much has changed. The walking tour is still fantastic. […]

The Army of Northern Virginia After Gettysburg – Campfire Talk with Ranger Matt Atkinson

Here’s Matt Atkinson giving a terrific presentation on the Army of Northern Virginia after the Battle of Gettysburg in a campfire program.

Benning’s Brigade on July 2 – Anniversary Battle Walk with Ranger Matt Atkinson and Son

Here’s Matt Atkinson leading a battle walk on the 156th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. This was on the July 2 attack of Benning’s Brigade against Devil’s Den.

Geology and the Gettysburg Campaign

I attended this campfire lecture by Jeri Jones of Jones Geological Services at the Amphitheater at Gettysburg National Military Park. We started with a discussion of the rock cycle and geologic time. The rock cycle tells us how various rocks form. Magma in the earth forms igneous rocks. These rocks weather and erode, going to […]

Davis’ Brigade from Victory to Defeat – Gettysburg Battle Walk with Ranger Matt Atkinson

Here’s the incomparable Matt Atkinson giving a battle walk on Joseph Davis’s brigade during the Battle of Gettysburg. Joe Davis, of course, was Jefferson Davis’s nephew, and as Matt says, the “quintessential definition of the word nepotism.” It’s a shame it was a windy day.

Recovering the USS Cairo

Here is the indomitable Edwin C. Bearss at the 2019 Longwood University symposium discussing the recovery and raising of the U.S.S. Cairo. Ed was intimately involved in that operation, and he has several photos to add to his recollections and reflections. He delivers this talk as only Ed Bearss can deliver a talk. The video’s […]