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Civil War Soldiers’ Nutrition and Hygiene

Here’s a decent discussion on nutrition and hygiene among Civil War soldiers between Jake Wynn of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and John Heckman, aka “The Tattooed Historian.” The video’s description reads, “The National Museum of Civil War Medicine hosted an online discussion with John Heckman, known as ‘The Tattooed Historian,’ about Civil War soldiers’ nutrition and […]

The Purpose of the Past

This book by Professor Gordon S. Wood, published in 2008, is a compilation of several book reviews he wrote, primarily for The New York Review of Books. In his introduction he writes, “During the past several decades we have experienced the culmination of what began over forty years ago–what one historian has called ‘a historiographical […]

Confederate Heritage Update

It’s time to update the continued retreat of confederate heritage across the land. This article from Montgomery, Alabama tells us how the Alabama Archives is reckoning with a reputation it would like to shed. “Hundreds of memorials glorifying the Confederacy had been erected by the time Marie Bankhead Owen built what may have been the […]

History Tavern Podcast David T. Dixon-Radical Warrior: August Willich

Here’s a really good discussion between host Nick Thony and his guest, David Dixon, on Dave’s new book, Radical Warrior, which is a biography of General August Willich. You can access the podcast here.

Ruin Nation

This book by Dr. Megan Kate Nelson delves into various types of destruction done in the Civil War. In telling us about her project, she writes, “In this study, I conceive of the ‘ruin’ as a material whole that has violently broken into parts; enough of these parts must remain in situ, however, that the […]

1863 Richmond Bread Riots

This is Kelly Hancock, Director of Education and Programs for the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, Virginia, discussing the bread riots in Richmond in 1863. The video’s description reads, “Kelly Hancock of the American Civil War Museum talked about the 1863 Richmond bread riots. She described the inflation and scarcity of goods that led […]

Fort Monroe Casemate Museum

Here’s a good tour of the Fort Monroe Casemate Museum by Director Robin Reed. If you ever are in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, this is a great stop to make. The video’s description reads, “Fort Monroe Casemate Museum director Robin Reed gave a tour showcasing the coastal Virginia fort’s history from the colonial era through […]

Whitney Plantation Slavery Museum

This is a tour of the Whitney Plantation and Slavery Museum in Wallace, Louisiana. Ashley Rogers, the Director of Museum Operations, conducts our tour. The video’s description reads, “Ashley Rogers gave a tour of the Whitney Plantation, a Louisiana plantation that traces its history to 1752, when a German immigrant bought the land to grow indigo and […]

First Lady Eliza Johnson

This is the episode of C-SPAN’s First Ladies series covering Eliza Johnson, wife of Andrew Johnson. The video’s description reads, ” Jacqueline Berger and Kendra Hinkle talked about the life and influence of first lady Eliza Johnson and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. President Johnson, who served in a tumultuous time during Reconstruction and after President Lincoln’s […]

Politicians Want Propaganda

The Toddler-in-Chief, who couldn’t pass a middle school social studies test, has been doing his usual bloviating, this time trying to fire up his equally historically challenged base as we see in this article. The Toddler, who is a phony patriot, say he wants to implement “patriotic education.” In other words, he claims he just […]